Inappropriate accessories to wear for work!

There are some accessories that can be worn with formals, but some accessories are a big “no” to be worn to office. Women very well know there are some accessories that are completely unfitting to the place where they are heading but still they wear such accessories to look beautiful. But not always, there is always a right place and time to wear certain accessories. One needs to understand this thing before heading out or deciding the cloths which needs to be worn at the current place. For example you cannot wear a skin tight skirt in the office, or big danglers or scintillating jewelries to office, you might wear these things at different places or occasion but this completely does not match your work place. Wearing proper accessories gives you a feeling of being more confident about yourself and keeps you alive in the environment. Apparently a proper outfit if worn to office makes you look classy and positive. Sometimes your effulgent neckpiece might create awkwardness in the stern situation. Ladies, I know you want to look pretty and charming but wearing something completely unusual to your work place might make you look awful. I have a list of people which are completely inappropriate for you to wear with your office wear, scroll down!

Over sized Earrings

You are going for your work and not for any classy affair right?  that you need to wear those over sized earrings, you can look for cute statement earrings instead and wearing those over sized earrings might affect your work as well because at some point you might feel irritated with those earrings because of their heaviness and shining effect. Avoid earrings that are large in size because they are too distracting and large.

Flip Flops

Who wears flip flops to the office, be it very classy or high quality. Flip flops are completely a big no for anyone to wear in office. Office is a place to work and not a place to wear flip flips and feel like a beach side party. Also they make such distracting flipping and flopping noise.

Body piercing

Well, I know many of us have body piercings but wearing those rings and studs at awkward places that too in the offices might make people feel that you are brash behavior or unfriendly. I know nose piercing might seem amusing and adorable but piercing on some other places beyond nose that is eyebrows or chin or lips might end you in a fashion faux pas according to office attire.

Scintillating Jewelry

Well, no you do not have to wear that effulgent or shiny jewelry in the office. Not only you will get distracted but you might be the hot topic of discussion in the office but apparently not for your work. People might insinuate about you, or laughing. Also this might distract you from you work too.

Super High heels

Modest platforms in sensible work shoes are okay for the office.  However anything over 1/2″-3/4″ platform should be avoided.  Shoes like this should be reserved for nights out and formal events.  It’s hard to take anyone seriously who is teetering around in shoes that look like something lady Gaga would wear on stage.   Stripper shoes are not okay for work, unless you are a stripper.

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