An Imperfect Guide to Mixing Prints

Patterns An Imperfect Guide to Mixing Prints

There are no 10 commandments when it comes to fashion. Like I always say, fashion is all about creating. Expressing oneself. This is the reason why the headline reads ‘Imperfect Guide’. This post will only outline the basics of mixing prints. It is always fun to create a trend and not follow one, right?

Primary Prints- Stripes, Polka and Plaid.

  • Stripes + Polka/Plaid

Stripes + Polka/Plaid Outfits Fashion Latest Trends

Stripes and Polka is a classy combination and one can never go wrong with this pairing. These two combine well as they both are thick prints and complement each other. Keep in mind that if you are petite, you should opt for petite dots and if you are long and lean then you can keep the dots bigger. If you are a little skeptical and worry that the stripes can make you look wider, then you can opt for pinstripes. They work just like solid.

Stripes and Plaid are two strong prints. Gone are those days when wearing these two prints together was a faux pas. If you are not that confident about mixing these two prints, then you can start with a scarf. Team a striped shirt with a plaid scarf. Looks on point.


  • Plaid + Polka/Floral

Plaid + Polka / Floral Outfits Fashion Latest Trends

Plaid and Polka A gingham shirt when combined with large polka dots look like the ultimate outfit when you want to look chic and adorable.

Plaid and Floral Team a floral skirt with a plaid shirt and add a feminine touch to your other boyish look.

Secondary Prints – Herringbone, Paisley, Houndstooth and Animal

  • Herringbone + Plaid

Herringbone and Plaid when combined together looks strong. Both are well defined prints and are sophisticated. Herringbone is one of the modest and traditional prints and is usually used on woollen clothes. If the herringbone has closely knit lines, then it can be mixed with big prints, strong colors and animal prints.

Herringbone + Plaid Herringbone and Plaid Fashion Latest Trends

  • Houndstooth + Animal Print/ Houndstooth

Houndstooth + Animal Print Fashion Latest Trends

Houndstooth and Animal Print Houndstooth is a timeless print. For maximum cohesion, keep the size of your animal print close to the size of the houndstooth.

Houndstooth and Houndstooth looks chic. Period. A good way to add contrast is to wear different sized houndstooth together. Like the outfit given below is a simple monochrome outfit but different sizes make it look edgy.


  • Paisley + Solids

Paisley is a busy print in itself. Tone it down with solid. A paisley kimono like this is a good way to accent any ordinary outfit.

Paisley Fashion Latest Trends


One more tip to conclude- Pick out a softer color from the hue and match it the loudest color.When in doubt, wear black and white. Get a black and white printed shirt and combine it with another black and white print. If it looks good, then go ahead and try these prints in colors.

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