How to wear Tibetan Beaded Jewelry?

Tibetan Beaded Jewelry

The culture of making and wearing the jewelry is ages old in Tibet. The art of crafting the jewelry usually runs in the family. Tibetan people use various auspicious beads to craft the jewelry, they believe that the beads symbolize health, luck, and fortune.Artisans who reside in Tibet are highly skilled and have practiced the jewelry making techniques for generations to create the most alluring pieces of jewelry. Tibetan artists incorporate Buddhist designs and symbols in their work and creations.Following are some tips that may help you to buy and wear Tibetan beaded jewelry in a better way : Tibetan Beaded Necklaces are made of a variety beads usually strung in layers. They are statement necklaces for girls, avoid wearing any other piece of jewelry when wearing a Tibetan beaded necklace.

Tibetan Beaded Jewelry

When wearing a Tibetan necklace, try to keep your clothes simple and of solid colors. Pairing them with elaborate prints will just take the attention away from those gorgeous beads.All the pieces of Tibetan jewelry are handcrafted so each piece is unique in itself. Even the beads used in the jewelry are handcrafted.In Tibetan, jewelry is also worn as amulets, that means the jewelry protects the wearer from evil and negative powers.The beautiful handcrafted bracelets can range from dainty to statementy, you can wear these on their own or even pair them with other bracelets.You can get these amazing jewelry pieces from various designer jewelry online shopping stores in India. Don’t let any tips stop you, experiment with a variety of style and beads to develop your very own, unique look.

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