How to wear Fashion Jewelry with your Everyday Outfits

Fashion Jewelry with Everyday Outfits

Fashion Jewelry is probably the easiest way to spice up your everyday look.

Whether it’s a dainty pair of earrings, a sleek necklace or a skinny bracelet, a piece of jewelry adds a little something to your overall look. You can dress up your everyday outfits with just a piece of jewelry. It’s a boon for women on the move.

Following are some tips that’ll help you wear fashion jewelry with your everyday outfits:

  • Start Small: If wearing attention getting jewelry is not your thing, then a pair of earrings would be the perfect start. You can also opt for Y necklaces, long necklaces that usually feature a small pendant or charm dangling from a chain. They add a fascinating allure to your look, without being harsh on the eye.

Earrings Jewelry Guide

  • Silver is the New Black: If you’re not sure about whether to match your jewelry with your outfit or wear contrasting colors, opt for silver. Silver jewelry gets along with a huge variety of colors without creating clashes. So, silver is the safest option in such a case.

Necklace Jewelry Guide

  • One Piece at a Time: A common faux pas committed by a lot of people is wearing too much jewelry. The rule of the thumb is to wear only one attention grabbing piece at a time to avoid the clash.

Last but not the least, develop your signature style. Your personal style should not be anything but you.

Don’t let the trends overpower your unique sense of style!

Keep it Blingy!

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