How to wear Fashion Bracelets?


Bracelets can be fun, simple and exciting. They have graced the slender wrists of women for ages. They’re all about adding that glam factor. Wear it one at a time or wear a stack full of these bracelets; wear a wide cuff, or pick one filled with trinkets, they give your style a personality. They are a great choice since they give the look of a bangle stack, but are much more comfortable and versatile. From tough and sturdy to girly and glam, there’s a bracelet for everyone.
When it comes to bracelets, Best Jewellery Website for Online your options are endless. So much can be done with these bracelets. Following are some points to keep in mind while styling bracelets:

  • Stacked bracelets, especially the mixed tone ones with various sizes, add a worldly spin to your style. Add a watch to the mix to take the look one notch up. The watch makes the look chic and sophisticated.
  • Don’t forget to roll up for your sleeves or wear shorter sleeves when wearing multiple bracelets, let your arm candy do the talking.
  • One wide cuff or an arm full of stack bracelets makes an impression. So, try to keep all the other jewelry understated.
  • If you’re not comfortable with mixing colors, start with a few pieces with similar color. You can also opt for a black and white stack that goes well with most of the colors.
  • Once you’re comfortable with monotone stacks, experiment with mixing colors and metal tones, mix gold and silver, mix bangles and bracelets.


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