How to wear: Chandelier Earrings?

Chandelier earrings are long earrings that look like chandelier hanging freely in a cascading shape. I like to call them ‘dressy earrings’ because it gives a whole ‘red-carpet’ look once worn to the right places. Yes, there are right and wrong places to wear them. Chandelier earrings do not look as good with business suits. So keep them aside for dinner dates or when you’re going out partying!

Chandelier Earrings

In this article, I’ve listed out 3 pointers to keep in mind when styling them. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Know your face shape- If you have a round face, cheat your way to a slimmer face by wearing longer chandelier earrings as they’ll elongate your face. This will draw attention to your neck and shoulders. Women with a slimmer face can wear broader earrings and create the illusion of a fuller face. Opt for pendant like chandeliers if you’ve got a heart-shaped face. The thing is when you wear chandeliers with wider bottom, it balances out the narrow face. Have a look at how our Bollywood beauties style them:

Fashion earrings

Did you see how our dimple diva Preity Zinta wore the long chandeliers and concealed her chubby cheeks? This is the power of selecting the right shape of earrings according to your face.

Go solo- Unless you want to look like the saas of hindi soaps (who is decked up even when she goes to bed), do not team chandelier earrings with a statement necklace. This will make the area around your neck look too busy. If at all you feel like accessorizing a bit more, go for minimal rings or Studded Clutches.

Length matters- One thumb rule of wearing chandelier earrings is- the longer, the better. But make sure that it does not go past your jaw line. As these earrings are long, they can get tangled when you keep your hair down. Wear your hair up and flash those flashy earrings just right. Women with bobs, pixie cuts or shorter hair can easily style these earrings.

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