How to Use Jewelry in Home Accents ?

Jewelry as Accents in Home

Why should you keep your beautiful jewelry locked away in boxes? Let these charming pieces see the daylight, set them out of the cage and display them on your walls, the tables and even the lamp shades. If you ask me, the possibilities are endless, it all depends on your imagination. So, set your imagination free! Decorate your home with the trinkets.

Following are the ideas to get you started:

Decor on the wall: You can use decorative door knobs or even simple hooks to hang your beautiful statement necklaces. Just make sure you dust them off regularly to avoid damaging the pieces.

Jewelry Decor on the wall

Curtain Ties: Use those dainty little necklaces to tie your curtains. If the necklaces are short, you can tie ribbons at the ends to use them as curtain ties.

Jewelry as decor Curtain Ties

Wooden Cutlery Tray turned into a Beautiful Piece of Art: You can even paint or texturize the tray to give it a more artistic look.

Jewelry Wooden Cutlery Tray turned into a Beautiful Piece of Art Home Decor

Frames Embellished with Vintage Brooches: You can cut out the pins of the brooches and paste them on the frame using a glue gun. You can use as many as you like or use them sparingly.

Frames Embellished with Vintage Brooches Jewelry

Framed Pieces of Art: Another piece with brooch. Decorate your walls with these beauties. You can even keep some at the tables beside your bed.

Framed Pieces of Ar

Decorating Lamp Shades: You can use a variety of jewels for this project, stud earrings, collar chains (used in the image below) and even necklaces.

Decorating Lamp Shades

Stacked Away in a Corner: I, personally, love this piece as it has two of my favorite things, books and jewelry. A very creative and artistic focus piece.

Stacked Away in a Corner


Images via ( Pinterest )

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