How to Style: Cocktail Rings

Gone are the days when rings were the most ignored piece of jewelry. Rings are now slowly taking the center stage when it comes to accessorizing. Huge and colorful cocktail rings are the preferred choice; they leave a lasting impression at any and every event. The cocktail ring is a large ring, usually with a main stone of more than three carats. Costume cocktail rings are usually inexpensive and can be used to style up any outfit instantly. There was a time when cocktail rings were worn only for special occasions; modern cocktail rings are worn everyday with the jeans-and-tee look or the formal wear.

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The huge variety in which the cocktail rings available, usually makes it difficult to choose one of them. Though, it can be easier if you choose the ring according to your look and occasion:

Lunch Out with Friends: If you’re looking to wear a cocktail ring in the daytime, try out something fun. Statement rings in various animal motifs are a good choice for the daytime look. The creatures you can opt for are snakes, octopus and owls. Also, don’t forget the colors. For the summers, turquoise and coral are perfect. Be creative! Experiment with various colors and shapes. Sometimes, even a simple oversized circle or triangle can add a visual appeal to your look.

Date Night: If you’re looking to wear a cocktail ring for the night time, try out something that’s more classic. Wear a ring that features a stone that is at least eight carats. You have to wear only one ring, so, make sure it’s the best. The little black dress with a huge cocktail ring would form the perfect date night outfit.
Avoid wearing a lot of other jewelry to let the ring be the focus of your look.

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