How to get ready within a snap of your finger!!


Sure it must have happened in-numerous times, that you are running out of time and need to dress up asap for that important event! Trust me, it is POSSIBLE, to look your best even when in a time crunch. Here are some fantastic tips on how to dress up in a jiffy and still look Wow!!

1.  Stack up on some basic solids. They can conveniently be matched, layered, mixed and accessorized to bring about multiple stunning attires.

2.  Add some embellished tops or pieces with small details, to your wardrobe, and save the time that you would spend seeking for extra things to glamorize your look.

3.  Putting on some lipstick is the best cheat for getting all ready, in times of rush. So better keep one handy always.

4.  Another really useful ditch with the lipstick is to take some and rub it on both your cheeks to get that natural blush. Although, older women can put it on the cheekbones, to get a more lifted face.

5.  Indian women look best with kohl/kajal in their eyes. Go for a waterproof pencil to prevent smudging and always experiment with different colors to play with different moods.

6.  Also, you may apply tad bit white eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes, this will open up your eyes and make you look fresh, bright and awake.

7.  Wearing your favorite fragrance is like a finishing touch to your look. Its an immensely great source of making people notice you. And, as it is, who would want to show up stinky in public?!

8.  Statement accessories are “the thing” you need to completely transform a simple outfit to a pretty dressier one. You can go for metallic hues for evenings and beady or stones for the day time.
Statement accessories are just what you need to transform a plain outfit into a dressier one. Choose metallic ones for evening and leather or beads for the day.

9.  Stick to a “patent” trustee pair of shoes that never let you down, with any dress you wear. Going with a neutral color certainly pays off as it has the universal effect on most dresses; nevertheless, do not refrain from picking flamboyant shoes for those night outs.

10.  Invest in a nice good-looking bag that portrays your personality, just right!! That will make you look chic and organized at the same time.

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