How To Clean Jewellery At Home

It is really difficult and time consuming when you have to give your jewellery to the jeweler for cleaning. cleaning-stuff
They charge a lot and take a lot of time as well. So the best way to do that is to clean it at home so that you do not have to spend anything and it is safe at home with you. How to clean jewellery at home is a very common question asked. The answer is as simple.

All you need are basic ingredients that you have available at home all the time.

1. Aluminum Foil

This is the most common daily use element in our kitchens. What you need to do is to line a small bowl with foil and fill it with hot water. Then mix in one tablespoon of bleach free powder laundry detergent. Put your jewellery in it and let it soak for a minute. Rinse them well and leave them to air dry. This can be used on silver ware as well.

2. Ammonia

You can simply brighten up your jewelry by using ammonia. Just soak all your gold and silver ornaments in a solution of ½ cup clear ammonia mixed in a cup of warm water for 10 minutes. Wipe out with a soft cloth and let it dry. Please do not use this on jewellery with pearls in it, they will get completely destroyed. This way you can clean your jewellery at home without any problems.

3. Baking Soda

We use this in almost everything we bake and is an essential item in our kitchens.  Use it to remove tarnish from your silver jewelry by making a thick paste with 1/4th cup baking soda and two teaspoons of water. Apply it on the piece with a damp sponge and rub gently, rinse it and dry it. If you want to clean your gold jewellery then cover it in the paste and pour vinegar over it and them just rinse it. Do not use it on gem stones as it could loosen them and ruin their finishing.

4. Beer

When we think about cleaning jewellery at home, we will never think about using beer. Well it works wonders to bring the shine back in gold. So just pour any beer except for dark ale on a soft cloth and rub it gently, then use another cloth to dry it. While you do that keep taking a few sips as well.

5. Club Soda

You can easily soak your diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds in club soda to give them a bright shine. Just simply place them in a glass full of club soda and simply let them soak overnight.

6. Denture Tablets

If you want to bring back the original shine of your diamonds, just drop a denture tablet into a glass containing a cup of water and put you diamond jewellery in it. Remove your jewelry and rinse and clean your jewellery simply at home.

7. Ketchup

If your ring, bracelet, or earring has a smooth surface, then put it in a small bowl of ketchup for a few minutes. If it has a detailed surface, use an old toothbrush to put ketchup into the crevices. To avoid damaging the silver, don’t leave the ketchup on any longer than necessary. Rinse your jewelry and dry it.

8. Toothpaste

Simply put a little toothpaste on an old toothbrush and use it to make your jewellery sparkle and become tarnish free as well. Clean off the residue using a damp cloth.

9. Vinegar

Make your silverware, pure silver bracelets and rings shine by soaking them in a mixture of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda for two to three hours. Rinse them under cold water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. This is the simplest clean your jewellery at home method.

10. Vodka

Just soak a napkin in vodka and use it to clean your jewellery and bring the shine back. You can drop your diamond jewellery in a glass filled with vodka for a few minutes and just clean it up to get the sparkle back. Avoid getting alcohol on any gemstone that’s not a crystal. Only diamonds, emeralds, and the like will benefit from vodka.

11. Window Cleaner

Use window cleaner to spruce up jewelry that is all metal or has crystalline gemstones, such as diamonds or rubies. Spray on the cleaner and use an old toothbrush for cleaning. But don’t do this if the piece has opaque stones such as opal or turquoise or organic gems such as coral or pearl. The ammonia and detergents in the cleaner can discolor them.

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