How to choose the right Necklace Length?

It becomes very important to the right length for your necklace as it frames your face and therefore, highlights some of your best features. A vital point to consider while you buy a necklace is where it falls on your body. It’s very important to buy the necklaces online according to the shape of your face, height, and body type. A necklace length that does not suit your frame can either make you look short or broad. The typical necklace lengths are between 10 to 48 inches. The following image shows some of the standard  necklace lengths:

Necklaces Length Types How to chose Online Store

Collar Necklace (14 inches): If you have the perfect collar bones, the ones which demand attention, you can highlight them with a collar necklace. It sits close to your neck and cuffs the neck for a typical collar fit.

Choker Necklace (16 inches): If the thought of a collar necklace seems uncomfortable, opt for a choker instead. It highlights your collar area without smothering you and complements regular round necklines to the T.

Princess Necklace (18 inches): Princess necklace is about 18 inches in length. The length of this necklace makes it get along with most necklines.

Matinee Necklace (24 inches): If you’re going for Indian wear, the matinee necklace which is about 24 inches long is a perfect choice.

Opera Necklace (30 inches): Opera necklace is just the right choice to add some visual elongation to your frame. It is about 30 inches long.

Rope Necklace (33 inches): Rope Necklace is about 33 inches long. It is just the right piece to add length to your upper body.

No matter what is your type of jewellery, be it Handmade jewellery, Antique jewellery or Designer jewellery, choose your necklace length wisely, it can make or brake your outfit.

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