How a piece of Jewelry is made at BlingStation?

Ever wondered how a piece of jewelry is made at the Blingstation Studio? Below is a quick peek into the making of the beautiful jewelry pieces!


A lot of effort and hard work goes into crafting every single piece of jewelry at All the pieces in our online store are intricately handcrafted keeping in mind the quality and finesse of each piece.

The design process starts with brainstorming the latest trends, which is done by our team of highly qualified designers. All the research, coupled with the creativity of our designers, is converted into sketches.

Thereupon, we source and manufacture the finest of raw materials that are individually tested for their quality. Our experienced artisans then craft the jewelry pieces out of these raw materials with the magic of their bare hands. The finished pieces, then go through an intensive quality test.

That’s how each piece is created at! We hope you appreciate the entire effort that goes into every single piece of jewelry just to bring a smile and a sense of pride to our valued customers like you.

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Team Blingstation

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