Bling it on : Cocktail Rings !

Cocktail rings are super sized, dramatic rings. They are pieces of jewelry that scream ‘classy as heck’. Cocktail rings can be easily categorized from the rest. They usually have a large stone in the center. They are unconventional and are perfect to add that extra doze of glamour to your look.

Cocktail Rings

Do you know there’s an interesting history behind how it got its name? Cocktail rings came into existence in that era when alcohol and cocktail parties were illegal. Women in order to rebel, wore these flashy rings to draw attention to the cocktail in their hands. Not only did they rebel against the law, but they did that in style.

Stacked rings, midi rings- all these trends may come and go, but cocktail rings are something that is going to stay trendy all the time. They are not just fashion accessories, they are essentials. Every woman should have at least one in her collection. If you’re shopping for your first cocktail ring and you’re a little clueless about the color or stone, buy one in a versatile color. Versatile rings can be worn with almost all outfits and any time of the day. Cocktail rings can make or break an outfit. So be careful while buying one. Don’t go around buying just any over-sized ring. At, we have a magnificent collection of cocktail rings. Blingstation is an online shopping website from where you can buy handmade Jewelry and fashion accessories.

Cocktail Rings can be worn to a number of events. They are ideal for brunch, red carpets, and semi-formal events. Yes, they are that versatile! They have their own charm and gleam. They are very rightly called bling rings. They are enough if you’re looking to make a dramatic entrance to any event. Manicured nails, an exclusive cocktail ring and you’re good to go!

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