Going back to the Roots : Tibetan Jewelry

Being so culturally and traditionally rich, Tibet has always fascinated me. It is like when the whole world is busy commercializing and westernizing, Tibet is happy just the way it is. Apart from being the most preferred tourist destinations, it is very well known for its artistry. In Tibet, there’s art in everything and you’ll agree with me on this once you visit. I took my trip last year and it was one of the best places I have ever been to.

Undoubtedly, Tibet has the finest jewelry in the world. Tibetans adorned jewelry not only to beautify themselves but to indicate their social status. Most of their jewelry served as amulets. They still believe that certain pieces of jewelry were to guard against evil spirit. Tibetan men believed that if their ears are not pierced, they might be born as donkeys in their next birth. So they wore little turquoise studs to avoid the risk. Turquoise Beads were also believed to draw out illness from the body.  Coral, turquoise and Mila amber are the three stones that are most used in their jewelry. But, Coral is the most important of them all. It symbolizes long life, flexibility and flow. The Tibetan artisans are skilled and whatever knowledge they have, that has been passed on to them from their great grandfathers. Boudha, just outside Kathmandu, is the place where most of the Tibetans lived as refugees when China took over Tibet. The Tibetan beads are made there.

Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan Jewelry is a rage now. Many online websites too are incorporating jewelry from Tibet into their collection. Blingstation has a wide range of Tibetan and  Nepalese Jewelry.

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