Grab a perfect prep-school look!

This look seems to be in fashion this year, with a lot of things hitting the ramps, this is another look that has made a drastic comeback this year and created a shock wave in the entire fashion industry. A prep school look is basically a uniformed look that has been featured in many shows and films and become a huge trend back in the 90’s.

Mix and match opposites
When you are done with that plaid mini-skirt uniform then just move one to a knee-length wrap version that comes with a stripped hem. Pair them up with tassel loafers, high heeled preferably. You can make it non-fussy with sporty stuff like baseball caps, letterman sweatshirts and jackets. The idea is to keep it classic and simple, do not go over the top. You can scrunch up your sleeves for a more school swag look.

Layer it up
You can prep up you fit and flare dress very easily and look stylish. So just pick a printed button down shirt and wear in under the dress and cuff it up high. You can pump it up with some fashion jewelry or a skinny belt or some ultra cute specs as well and get that prep school look nailed to detail. It’s the best way to not go out spending money to buy new designs and just work with what you have in your wardrobe.

Be picky about the details
It is very important to be absolutely finicky about the details in this trend because that is the key. So just step up your game girl. Add some perfectly opaque tights with your cuffed pleated shorts and make the look even more sophisticated with a collared blouse and studded brogues. Make sure your tights are bright and chic and fashionable so that look is just out of the world and ramp worthy. You can amp up the look by adding an ultra chic tote bags to carry your stuff around.

Perfect pairings is just your thing
The perfect combination is the ideal teacher’s pet look. It sounds like a role-play and in some ways it is, but then the idea is to bring back the prep school girl in you. The ideal outfit is to a tuck a varsity V-neck sweater into a perfectly pleated knee-length skirt. You can add dotted socks, a chic backpack purse and a perfect pair of two-tone oxfords. The perfect combination of these things and voila you are back to being the good-looking teacher’s pet in prep school.

Plaid is your answer to every doubt
Whenever you are stuck and in a fix about how to go about this look, the answer is simple, plaid. Anything in plaid will work, from bow tie blouses to skirts to collared shirts. Just add them up with some skinny trousers or plain shirts and patent loafers. Loafers are the key part of your prep school look. Any other footwear just takes the whole look away and there is no authenticity left. So stick to the essentials, you can experiment with it but do not take it too far also like by adding fashion jewelry when not needed or adding extra elements.

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