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Remember when losing an earring used to give us minor panic attacks? Who knew that wearing earring only on one ear will become such a huge trend. Now people are intentionally leaving the other piece home. Fashion has undergone a lot of changes since the time people have given importance to it.

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Going solo with the single earring doesn’t mean wearing any earring. One way to make a statement is to go bold. Wearing diamond stud on one ear is of no use and is negligible as it will make people give you ‘I think you have lost an earring’ stares. So save yourself form that and remember the key is to go bold. However a Statement Earring on one ear and simple studs or small hoops on the other can make your look more well thought and planned.

Choose your vibe. What is the look that you want to sport? Do you wish to go boho, minimal or classy? Then accordingly choose your piece.

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A classic solitaire ear cuff  is perfect for formal events. Two on both the ears looks overdone. They are made to wear solo. Sweep you hair to one side to make your earring more prominent or have a neat low ponytail.

A feather dream catcher earring looks boho. You can make tiny braids here and there to exude a bohemian vibe.

A minimal earring like the one in the third image is a versatile item and can be worn anywhere. Looks perfect with formal outfits and adds that extra something to your casual outfits.

Let your earring be the center of attraction and keep your other Accessories simple.

So get out there and create some commotion. Tell the world you are a free spirited woman. Edgy and brave.

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