The Future Trend : Jute

It’s so good to see that more and more people are becoming aware of the damage that we have been causing to the environment and are now making a conscious effort to protect it. One such way is using the products that don’t harm the environment. Opting for jute products is a step towards progress.

Jute is a biodegradable and a renewable resource. Being eco-friendly and 100% compostable, it can be used as planter bags. It does not disturb the roots and help in quick growth as they compost in the soil. The remains of jute after it is cultivated mix with the soil and act as manure. This improves the fertility and texture of the soil. Jute does not emit any harmful gases when burnt and is therefore known as ‘earthy fiber’. It has high tensile strength and low extensibility. Having so many features, jute is used to make garments, Bags, footwear, coasters, rugs, lamp shades and stationery items like folders and organizers. There are endless ways of how jute is innovatively used!  They have an aesthetic appeal and give a whole earthy feel.

Jute Bags Online Shopping Store in India

Bags made from jute are a huge hit! Many people are now seen sporting these bags with elan. Jute Bags can be easily dyed and printed. It can be personalized with mirrors and fancy motifs. Talking of how jute bags are in trend, you can find a plethora of jute products on

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Wash care instructions:

To remove dirt from jute, sponge it gently and blot out the stains. If it gives out foul odour then immerse it in cold water and mild detergent for approximately 3-4 minutes. Don’t keep it dipped in water for long as it will cause the fabric to unravel. Always allow it to dry naturally. Also, keep it away from direct flame as it is a combustible product.

Jute has numerous benefits and is now seen as the ‘future fiber’. What is your take on that?

Do you pledge to go jute?

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