Find the Perfect Lehanga suiting your body type!

We often land up being in cryptic when it comes to choosing lehanga for ourselves, be it for our friend’s marriage or even when it is time to choose lehanga for our own wedding, which is quite a big decision after all! When it comes to choosing lehanga on your day then it is quite important for you to keep a lot of things in mind so in case you are one of those bride to be’s then this articles can be a boon to you and it’s very important for the bride to pick up a lehanga style according to her body style or type. So whether you have an hourglass, rectangle, pear or an apple, choose the right lehanga style that flatters your body type will add oodles of style miles to your personality! In order to know the type of lehanga you want to choose, you should know your body type too. This is one of the basic points which have to be noted, choose wisely your shape and work on it too. There are different shapes and sizes all over so let us start helping you find the body type you have and lehanga that would suit on you completely. Let us explore more out of this:
Apple Shape


In case you have broad shoulders and bulky bust then you have a heavy top or an apple shaped body. Now in this case you should choose a lehanga top where you can show off your shoulders but double cover or restrict the bust area. And you do not have to worry as many people have this kind of shape; just know it right how to flaunt the right part. This apple shape body is unique in its own self just know the right things to flaunt your style.

Oval Shape

A type of straight body, but the person is hea

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