Eye Rolling Facts, you did not know about Diamonds!

Women loves diamonds, well not only woman but kids, men and each one of us gets gratified with the beauty of diamonds. They are the perfect combination of bling, sophistication and panache. Even though we all love wearing diamonds there are certain things about these bling and flashy stone that we have no idea about. It is an aspect of fine jewelry that we all love and want, it is expensive but it has its reasons to be that expensive, the designs and variety is huge. As we move ahead “solitaires” are the new thing in the bag and each of us are dying to own one.
The earliest use of diamonds

Did you know the majority of diamonds mined today are used for industrial purposes? From special blades and drills to polishing tools. Diamonds have been used in jewelry for many years now but before jewelers realized how precious diamond really is, they basically used it as a tool, to cut and engrave other gems!

Diamonds are not the hardest substance on earth

Diamonds are not the hardest substance on Earth. Even though diamonds are the hardest natural mineral substance, they are not the hardest substance. Aggregated Diamond Nanorods also known also known as hyper-diamond is approximately 11% harder than a diamond.

Weighing Diamonds
A diamond carat is hugely different from a gold carat. One diamond carat is 200 milligrams (0.007055 oz). The current fine jewellery trend is working on the idea of carats, the more the diamond weighs, and more expensive it is. The current engagement ring trend is also focused on this and since solitaires are single piece diamonds, the carat of that matters.

Diamond Colors

Not all diamonds are white as impurities give diamonds different shades of blue, red, orange, yellow, green and even black. In the world of colors, vivid blue, green and pink diamonds are the rarest. The most famous are the white diamonds as they are full of luster and shine beautifully as compared to other diamonds. Black diamonds are the new trend in the market and are picking up demand given that there are no other black stones as precious and unique as black diamonds.

Diamonds are not really that rare

Generally we are told that diamonds take a lot of time to make. It takes a whole lot of years for the carbon to solidify and then to excavate and polish them is another tale all together. But what we don’t know the quantity excavated is huge and the parts sold are small, which means that diamonds are around for a long time. The market already has a huge amount of diamonds that are being polished and put to use, since a piece of jewelry can only have so much diamond, the quantity is not depleting as such.

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