Evolution of Silver Jewelry….


Semi-precious element jewelry that appeals a specific set of people because of its antique and graceful look. Silver jewelry is something that can compliment any look, be it Indian, Western or Bohemian, it has this universal quality to add beauty to any piece of dress as it can be made in various forms.

Silver jewelry got its importance from the time Gold became non affordable to certain people and it acted as a major substitute for many, as 1. Its semi-precious 2. It gave almost the same amount of beauty that Gold could give

Unlike Fashion Jewelry if you tend to repeat Silver jewelry, it won’t come in one’s notice(because of its neutral color) how amazing is that?! You can wear it with almost everything and its timeless; it does not go out of fashion. Even if trends change Silver will always have its presence in the market. And the most amusing part is that Silver jewelry has such appealing gracefully done designs that just one piece can do the talking for your look.

Although, once it was considered to be the ugly cousin of Gold, but it revived its stature with time and today is the cool contemporary icon in its own way. Perceiving the relative prices of an ounce of gold, one may wonder how it even makes sense to compare the two metals as the difference is vast. Certainly, by all means it will always be way inferior to Gold in terms of monetary value, but it sure has justified its importance to today’s jewelry craftsmen.

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