Filigree : Artistic Twinings

Filigree is a delicate form of artwork, usually done in gold or silver. It has been around since the days of antiquity and is one of the most beautiful art forms. Filigree originated in Greece but India also has a rich tradition in it, probably because of the Greeks who migrated to the East and settled there. In India, silver filigree has been very popular in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. In Cuttack, silver filigree is called ‘Tarakasi’ and is commonly known as ‘Jali work’ in other parts of India. This tradition has passed on from ages and is advancing.

Filigree jewelry Online Shopping Store in India

Filigree is one art form that is totally hand crafted and requires a lot of patience and hours of concentration. This technique requires precision and tremendous detailing. The metal is first smelted and then cooled down immediately to ensure consolidation of the structure. The metal is again heated and twisted to form the required pattern. The metal threads are soldered and intricately crafted together. The precious metal threads are carved and formed into patterns which give it a lace-like appeal. In Bengal, you can see a huge showcase of filigree during Durga puja. A lot of idols of Ma Durga are made of filigree. Filigree Jewelry is delicate, lightweight and has a feminine touch to it. is one fashion jewelry website, where we give you a variety of jewelry to choose from. Each of them is absolutely flawless. We have a wide assortment of filigree jewelry, Beaded Jewelry and much more.

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