Trend of the Season – Feathers

At first I did not get why people would wear this at all. I used to think how one could not feel ticklish when these feathers swish and brush on the shoulders!? To be honest, all these were signs of my apprehensions of whether I’ll be able to pull this off or not. I had seen a lot of people trying out this trend and they have looked absolutely gorgeous adorned in these feather earrings. Somewhere deep down, I knew I want to try this once.

Feather Earrings Trend of the Season - Feathers

And since then, I have fallen in love with these feather beauties. Feathers are whimsical. They are unconventional and gives a whole bohemian vibe to any ordinary outfit. Here are a few inspirational tips on how to style this trend:

One fabulous way is to wear this only on one ear. Part your hair onto one side (use discreet bobby pins to hold it secure). Wear a tube top or one shoulder dress and with this, wear a long feather earring. The feather will draw attention to your slender neck and bare shoulder and that looks…wait for it…. breathtaking!

Another way is to team this up with a summer dress and style your hair in loose waves. Long feather earrings with flowy maxi dresses look stunning. Period. They make you look Coachella ready in a minute.

Feather earrings can take your casual outfits a notch up. Pair a simple shirt dress with vibrant feathers and you’re ready to sport a fun, playful look. Avoid wearing necklaces or feather head gears as they’ll only make you look unnecessary.

How to take care of Feather Earrings

Feather earrings require a little more care than your other Earrings. Keep it separately because when kept with other pieces can get beat up badly. Keep away from hair products, perfumes and lotion. Spritz feathers gently with cool water if the feathers are very dirty.

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