Eat to Smile!

Did you know that the most interesting fact about smiling is that it not only brightens up the face, but it also helps in connecting with the people in a more pleasing manner? Smiling is one such universal thing we all are blessed with. However, while smiling is contagious, healthy habits may or may not be. Believe it or not but eating healthy can actually help you in maintaining your smile, and not just maintain it, healthy bites can even make your smile more beautiful. Let us uncover some of the healthiest as well tastiest foods for a nutritious living.

Almonds and Raisins:

Surprisingly, almonds and raisins are the best sources for massively delivering nutrients to the body. Eating almonds on a regular basis can help in increasing the good cholesterol levels, thereby, lowering the bad cholesterol levels by at least 4 per cent. A handful of raisins is a tasty way of consuming a snack rich in vitamin B, iron and potassium.

Veggies and fruits:

Eating green vegetables in their raw form may not really be a treat to many of us. But a high intake of kale, spinach, cabbage and lettuce lowers the risk of developing dangerous diseases, such as, cancer and type 2 diabetes, while heart diseases and the chances of developing kidney stones can be reduced with the consumption of nutritious fruits.

Boiled Eggs:

Quite interestingly, boiled eggs are extensively rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E as well as zinc and calcium. It is, therefore, called as the perfect food which comes loaded with nutrients of all kinds. Also, for those who are willing to lose weight, eggs increase the feeling of fullness, thereby, lowering the possibility of calorie intake.

Dark Chocolate:

Behind every good skin is a lot of dark chocolate. It may come as a surprise but yet the most amusing and sweetest way of attaining a healthy skin is eating dark chocolates which are packed with lots of cocoa flavanols. The darker the chocolates are, the brighter and healthier will be the skin. Besides the skin, it also boosts the volume of hair.

While we all have a crazy tongue for cheese burgers, chicken sandwiches, brownies dripping with chocolate and pizzas loaded with mozzarella and all kinds of sauces, these may not really improve our performance or functioning. Eat right is not just about shedding the additional amount of pounds that one has gained. It is more about taking care of the body which will in turn benefit the soul.

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