Dressing too Casual for Casual Fridays?

Dressing too Casual for Casual Fridays Simple Metal Cuffs

The term casual Fridays came in the professional world when companies wanted to give its employees a day to dress down. Allowing employees to dress casually for a day boosts their morale and give them an opportunity to express themselves. Also, casuals make everyone happy and happy people work better and more effectively. True.. Isn’t it?

But…when is casual too casual?

Sometimes, people tend to go overboard with this concept of ‘Casual’. We get it, it’s just one day when you can put aside your pant suits and wear the rest of your wardrobe but it’s still your workplace right? Stick to dark flared denims and capris. Ripped jeans, slouchy pants, anything that screams ‘Thank God it’s Friday, I can just roll out of the bed and go to work’ should be avoided. Don’t wear your sweatpants, rompers, short shorts and tight skirts. They are just unflattering. Let me say hugely unflattering. If you cannot decide what outfit to go for, just think about this- casual Friday might last a day but one wrong outfit is enough for people to form opinions about you. Flimsy tops and plunging necklines should be reserved to wear anywhere but office. They might make you look like you’re desperately begging for attention. However, when conversing with an expert, she said, “Wearing formals on casual Fridays can make you come across as uptight and someone who’s insecure to shed off her personality even for a day.” These Fridays are so tricky I tell you.

For something that looks appropriate for work, remember one rule. It is okay to be overdressed than to be under dressed. Imagine your mentor shows up wearing jog pants and a tank top one Friday. Can you ever look at her as someone with leadership qualities on the rest of the days?

What about jewelry?

A quick peek of our collection:

Dressing too Casual for Casual Fridays Simple Metal Cuffs

Do you know you might have certain pieces of jewelry that have cost you a fortune but still looks cheap? Some of the reasons might be that the metal used in it is shiny or the enameling done on it is a bit sloppy. Avoid cutesy charms like hearts and butterflies and get rid of those animal pendants this very minute. They would have been appropriate if you were entering high school. Opt for layered Necklaces or necklaces that don’t have a lot of flashy colors. Wearing something glittery or that has too much bling looks over the top for office. If you want to wear something different apart from what bracelets you usually wear, you can try ditching your ordinary bracelet for a gold Metallic Cuff or a filigree silver bracelet. We at BlingStation have a variety of fashion cuffs that are work appropriate.

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