DIY Tricks to get more Organized

Did you like everyone else made a resolution this year to be more organized and couldn’t keep it? Well it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. We have super quick and smooth organizing tricks for your fashion jewelry and make up items. Pick one that suits you the most and you will be the first one in your group to actually make good on your resolution.

1. Rotatable Stationary Stand

It is and quick solution for all those girls who won’t leave the room without the color on their lips. All you have to do is use a big stationary stand and place your daily use make up in them. Put stuff shaped like pencil in that box like a lipstick, mascara, kohl, eyebrow pencil, lip liner. Furthermore use a single box just for your brushes. Divide places based on eyes, cheeks and lips. This easy smart solution will reduce your dressing table mess and you don’t have to fiddle with your make-up drawer or a single box anymore.


Rotatable stationary stand - DIY tricks to get more organized


2. Adjoined Jars

Make up is a girl’s best friend and if you have a lot of brushes to be in correct terms with your BFF then we have got the right thing for you. Save yourself time for all the early morning meetings by setting all the brushes in order. All you have to do is by matching jars or use those old coffee tins to set it up. Put some fancy chart paper on them and label them with eyes, lips, face. You are all set for the year.


Adjoined Jars - Simplistic-Makeup-Brush-Storage-DIY tricks to get more organized


3. Magnet Mirror

This one is little tricky but super amazing. It is the best way to decorate your room and also make something useful out of it. So bring out your creative side along with few other things.

  • Big hard cardboard
  • Pretty wall matching chart paper (as you are going to hang this one)
  • Lots of magnet pieces
  • Glue and double sided tape
  • A pair of scissors

Magnet Mirror - DIY tricks to get more organized

Let’s start by putting chart paper on that cardboard. Now place your entire daily routine make up articles on it for a general view. Try putting it in the order you use them for instance or just anyway you like. Mark those points with a pen where you have placed your item. Take magnets and stick them with double sided tape on those points. Now take the back side of your cosmetic and put magnets on them too with double sided tape, glue some chart paper on the magnets of the cosmetics. Stick on the materials and you are all set.

4. Simple tricks to protect your precious fashion jewellery

If you really confused what to do about those green emerging lines on your fashion rings, earrings or necklaces, I have a simple and best solution for you. All you need is a clear nail paint bottle and a fine painting brush. Paint all your jewelry with this clear nail paint. Remember to put two thin coats and not just one thick coat for best effects.

If your chains have habit of tangling themselves behind your back and you often break them in hurry when you have to wear them, then no more of that mess anymore. There is no problem which baby powder can’t solve. Put good amount of baby powder in that chain and that smoothly untangle them.

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clear-glass-bottle-w-cap-and-brush-Simple tricks to protect your precious fashion jewellery - DIY tricks to get more organized


So, what are you waiting for go and settle your fashion life now. Be the queen of organization with these simple tricks.

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