Different type of necklaces, you must know!

A necklace is nothing but an accessory or ornament that fashionable woman wear around her neck, there are different type of necklaces formed by chains, beads, metal, etc. A woman has a lot of options for wearing necklaces in different styles. We all need a style booster to add charms to our outfit and look distinct at times from our daily wear. If we talk about necklaces, they come in different styles and length. Also it is hard for many of us to decide which length would suit us with the particular outfit! For any occasion or outing a necklace can add wonders to the outfit or I should say a necklace chain is a must to add that elegant touch to your outfit. There is nothing as beautiful as necklace chain with a pendant to offer you a delightful look! We already know that woman loves accessories and jewelries. Also she must have some necklaces in her wardrobe for sure which suits all her outfit. Do you know there are a lot of different types of necklaces around us, which we might not be aware of? You might be carrying one but have no idea about the name of the necklace! So, here is a short guide to take you through the different type of necklaces.

Choker Necklace
First let us discuss about the most “talked about” necklace nowadays, that is choker. This is a type of necklace is generally made of a lot of variety materials, specially velvet, golden, silver or ribbons. They look classy and charming at the same time, also suits your outfit. The average length of the choker is sixteen inches and this sits high on neck or rests on collar bone.

Collar Necklace
Collar necklace are also popularly known as crewneck. They are trending nowadays just like choker but many tend to get confused between the collar necklace and choker necklace. So, these are around twelve to fourteen inches long and are basically worn in halfway up of the neck. These are best suited with a boat neck or round neck dresses. Collar necklaces sit flush against the skin and rest directly above the collar bone.

Princess Necklace
These necklaces hang under the collar bone. This one is quite inspiration and woman prefer these necklaces for their social affairs, also this can be worn with any dress or top having collar either below the neckline or above, also looks good with polo or turtle neck. The length is around eighteen inches which is the most universal and flattering length.

Matinee Necklace
These are one of the most adaptable necklaces. These can be worn with both formal and informal dresses/outfits. They are mid length and stays on the trunk. They are around twenty two inches long, and sits above or in the centre of the bust. This will looks amazing and delightful if worn with casual wear.

Opera Necklace
These necklaces are long and versatile and look immensely beautiful once worn with the correct outfit. These kinds of necklaces look more graceful with casual or traditional wear. The length of this necklace is around thirty inches but some longer opera length necklaces may even reach the bellybutton.

These are few types and I would say these are few you must own this season and have in your wardrobe. You can always mix and match these necklaces to add some layer to your outfit. So in order to grab these you can quickly register on the website that is https://www.blingstation.com/ and get alluring designs instantly.

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