Different Symptoms of Husband/Boyfriend which Every Wife/Girlfriend can relate to!

Our Husbands or boyfriends can be the most caring and loving person on this planet but there are some symptoms which are just so annoying about them that we can’t handle their presence at times! Boys can never change some of their habits for you. Trust me! Even if they say that yes, my love I will change. Remember that is just for saying, they won’t! They just won’t change their bad habits at all. We Indians have some habits which are sure that we do not want to and nor we will change specially men. Like we always hear, Men will be men! It’s us, the wives who have to bear them with the habits. Though no doubt they flourish and make up to their mistake which they make every-time, which is a cute part of them no doubt and which is the reason there wives/girlfriends loves them equally.

Let us not waste time, rather look into the symptoms and find out how many of these are in our husband/boyfriend. Scroll it down:

They are typical foodie; always want to eat something delicious and when there is a holiday they just can’t wait to ask you to make something delicious. Like they haven’t eaten anything good since ages.

The most common of all is that they forget their cloths and wet towel on the bed or lying down the floor; despite of several reminders they do not keep their things at place. Which make every woman frustrated and irritated and leads to fight!

They never get ready on time, If you ask them that you need to go out in half an hour, they would start getting ready five minutes before the time and then crib that it would take them five more minutes which eventually becomes half an hour.

Whenever you start an argument, they start in the beginning then keep mum in the middle and till you speak they keep it mum without saying a word as if you are speaking something which makes no sense. And when you ask them again that why aren’t they speaking or something they keep “mum” again!

If anyone would ask them their favorite place I doubt they would answer anything else than “Washroom”, this is one of their favorite place and they can spend hours in the washroom or even whole day in the washroom.

They are never able to find anything at home, even if the thing which they are searching for is right in front of them. They keep cribbing like a baby as if they have lost their most important thing in life, ex: tie, watch, etc.

Getting involved with your in laws or friends would be a big “NO”, from there end. They would rather start making excuses when it comes to meet your in laws or friends. They might not show you these things but they are highly disinterested in meeting them! Trust me.

So, all you ladies if your man does the same thing then don’t worry because he is not the only one doing such things with you. There are almost all the guys on the planet that does such things. I feel somehow these are the symptoms of almost each “men” around.

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