Creating a Signature LOOK

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Adopting a signature look or as some people call it ‘uniform’ signifies self-knowledge. You know what you are, what you like and what suits you. There is a certain kind of authenticity. Signature look just exudes confidence and awareness.

Excited about developing a signature look? Read on :

What is your style concept?

Do you have a particular type of item that occupies the maximum space in your wardrobe? It is probably there because you love that type and you buy it more often. So why not fill your wardrobe with all the things you love? What type of clothes you find yourself drooling over? What does your pinterest fashion board look like? Pick a color palette. Find out which color flatters you. Then you can could build your wardrobe around that color.

Become familiar with your comfort zone.

What makes you feel good and what is that particular piece in your wardrobe that you can wear almost every time and still can’t get enough of it? Signature look doesn’t mean wearing the exact same outfit everyday but having that look you go back to every time you open your closet.


Accept that not everything you like will look great on you.

One such thing was crop top for me. I love this trend. But I know it is something that will make me conscious all the time. And no one has ever looked fashionable when uncomfortable.

Signature look is something that people identify you with. It doesn’t have to be related to clothing but one can have signature make-up, hair or accessory anything that is your own.

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