Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

During summers, our most favorite spot to be at is the beach. The sun, the sand and the sea are the perfect trio. We love to hang out at the beach with our friends and just relax as we get that beautiful tan we desire.
Before you head out to the beach, it is important to carry the necessary items, so that you don’t return wet, sandy and sun burnt or destroy our silver jewelry. Beaches can be fun but if you are not careful, the fun turns into a disaster real quick.

So here is a thought out list of beach essentials:

1. Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must. Your other foot wear will get spoiled if you put them in contact with water. Flip flops are water resistant, easy to clean and will not get full of sand. Don’t go to the beach barefooted, the sand can be hot and there can be shells and stuff that can hurt your feet as well.

2. Beach Towel

Beach Towel - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

A towel is very important when going to the beach even if you don’t plan to go into the water. A towel will help you clean up after you are done lazing around in the sand, it can be used as a mat as well. It will definitely dry you up after a swim.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

We all know how important sunscreen is when you head out in the summers and it does not even have to be the beach. In the summers there is a massive risk of getting overly tanned or worse sun burnt. So apply a nice thick coating of sunscreen on all the open areas before you step out and do a recoating after a few hours.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

If you are heading to the beach, leave all you jewelry back at home. Most of the jewelry gets oxidized faster when they come in contact with water or harsh sunlight. Artificial jewelry still works as the material like beads and plastic doesn’t really corrode much, but leave all your silver jewelry at home as they will get very easily corroded, plus you can always lose them in the water or sand. It’s a mess to handle all that as well.


5. A Water Resistant Beach Bag

A Water Resistant Beach Bag - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

It is obvious that you need to carry a bag when you head out with all your essentials. It is important that the bag is spacious, water proof and can be cleaned easily. You will have to carry your towel, sunscreen, phone, book, water bottle, probably a portable charger whatever you like. So make sure it’s spacious and trendy as well.


6. An Easy, Lightweight Cover Up

An Easy Lightweight Cover Up Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

If you feel like you can just walk out of your house in your swimsuit to the beach which makes sense, carry a light cover up, like a sarong or a wrap which you can tie around your waist or carry a light halter dress. This will make it easy for you to head out for lunch after the swim as well.


7. Detangler

Detangler - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

This is something that we think will help solve your problems when it comes to your hair. A detangler, as the name suggests will help detangle your beautiful strands and take out the sand from your hair after a swim or lying around the beach.

If you are heading out for a bite carry a volumising spray with you as well to help you look a little upbeat after a hard day at the beach.

Apart from all these things you can carry a waterproof sound system to make the experience a bit more lively and fun.

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