Common skin care mistakes we tend to make!

Let us admit that we all do mistakes and we are quite afraid to admit those mistakes too. Skin care is quite confusing. Take a look down the beauty and skin care aisle at any drugstore, and you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. The same holds true for the rows upon rows of glittering counters in department stores with their beautiful, expensive bottles. They all sound amazing. They all tout their incredible benefits to make your skin smooth, blemish free, taut, and ageless. Of course, when it comes down to it, these miracles in a bottle are often not all they are hyped up to be. Realize it or not, there is a lot that you do throughout your day that impacts the look and feel of your skin. In any event, here are some of the more common skin care mistakes that you yourself may just be guilty of!

  • While the makeup in your cabinet probably won’t land you in the emergency room, it can still harm your skin if you forget to remove it every night. For one thing, makeup can trap dirt and oil, holding it against the skin overnight and clogging pores. So, removing makeup is the first step toward cleaning your skin, which is vital to maintaining a healthy complexion. Of course, when it comes to cleaning, there can be too much of a good thing.
  • As we get older, I am a firm believer that skin treatments can be very beneficial for keeping a youthful glow. A regular facial to remove dead skin cells and hydrate skin works wonders. Micro-needling treatments, especially when combined with hydrating agents such as hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants can really boost skin glow. The key is to meet with a skin care specialist and plan a treatment programme that includes the best possible skin care regime for your skin.
  • Skin is the body’s largest organ and it craves moisture. Hydrated skin is healthier, fuller, smoother, and younger in overall appearance. This is just one of the many reasons that regular and ample water intake is so important for the body. So too, is moisturizing. Even oily skin requires the right formulation of moisturizer applied regularly. In fact, it may benefit even more, as skin will compensate for lack of proper moisture by producing even more oil.
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