Colours that suit all skin tone!

We all are blessed with different kind of skin tone and there are particular colours that suits best on our skin tone. Agreed! Like if we talk about a girl with a fair complexion, there are certain colours that match their skin tone. This is not totally right, but partially yes there are only certain colors that suits your skin tone the most. But undoubtedly there are some colours that look best on all skin type, yes? Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and you will find yourself look quite amazing in such colours. This would be quite helpful for you to know the colours that suit your skin tone or are the ones that suit on every skin tone. Well, this can help you in your shopping too and now you know the color you need to pick for yourself. Isn’t it amazing? So, let me insinuate you some colours suiting all skin type or skin tone. So, tighten your belt and shoes and get ready to go out and shop for your favourite colour in a jiffy! Check this out:


This is a unique colour, leaving a vibrant effect on you! This colour not only suits dusky skin but is best suited for all skin tone. You can buy a beautiful dress of the same colour or wear a tank top over denim of the same colour! This colour is also used in jewelry as well.


This is a vibrant colour that suits almost all skin tones; we used to think it only suits women with fair complexion. But no it suits on Wheatish or dusky complexion too! This is a combination of primary colours red and blue, so looks good on all skin tones.


Maroon is not a bright colour; it gives more of a matte look on the person. Also this colour looks outstanding on all the skin tone, coming from red colour family this colour is completely adorable and will suit you the best in every way!


This colour might seem dull to a lot of us, Mixture of black and white. This colour is unique in itself and makes you look charming and definitely suit you irrespective of your skin tone. This colour looks best if worn as a high neck top or a crop with your favourite denim or jeggings.


This colour looks distinct and instantly attractive to anyone; also emerald colour gemstone is used in jewelry as well. So, this colour is quite unique and classy in itself. You might look like a dream in this colour. Next time you head out, try and buy a dress or top with this colour and I am sure you will notice that you look amazing in the colour!

These few colours would suit any or all skin tones and undoubtedly you will look astounding in these colours. You might want to choose colour that suit your skin tone but these are the colours that suits all skin tone. So stay in stylish with these alluring colour dresses and top!

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