Choose a Hat according to your face shape!

In this scorching heat, we all love to wear glares, hats, scarf and etc. These accessories do look classy on each one of us without a doubt. We all want to look upscale and enthralling, but very few of us know how to look distinct and amazing in a jiffy. Also Traveling with a hat is the hardest thing to accomplish. The hat virtually needs its own suitcase. When traveling it is probably better to choose a hat that travels well and can be squished or folded in a suitcase without getting ruined, so it is quite important to keep certain things in mind before choosing a hat for oneself and look out for all the aspects, if they are being fulfilled or not. So, let us check out the different face shape and how well it seems to suit on that face type. Check it out:

Diamond face cut

The heart and diamond shaped faces have very narrow jaw lines so avoid any shape that is too wide at the forehead, this will only make your jaw and chin look more narrow. Instead choose a style that has a bit more of a narrower brim, and sits closer to the head.
Round Shape

A round-face is often short and wide; therefore, it is wise to choose a hat with a high crown, this way the hat will add height, therefore balancing out your face shape. Look for a hat with certain height to look outstanding.
Square Shape

The square-shaped face is short and angular with usually a very wide jaw-line. Choose irregular-shaped-brims to narrow your face. Cock your hat at an angle to offset your angles. Choose any shape or brim with irregular shape and this would go with your face.

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