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Do you know the unknown and Mind-boggling facts about Roses?

Roses, whenever we hear this word all we can think about is the red color, relationships or gifts. Rose day also has its own significance in the valentine’s week. Roses have always been everyone’s favorite, they are not just beautiful but also there is much other significance of roses. These facts can always light up your mind and you may feel amused after hearing such facts. There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars of roses. They vary in color, shape and size and all but one rose species have 5 petals. Cultivation of roses started 500 years BC and resulted in creation of 13,000 varieties of roses. Wild roses can survive in various habitats, except those associated with extremely cold winters. Also instantly after seeing flowers specially roses can make anyone feel happy about them and there is no doubt that a rose is the most luxurious flower. There are many facts which are unknown to us about roses yet. So, let us now discuss the amazing facts about flowers specially rose. read more

Ubtans/Face packs for Brides to get that radiant skin naturally!

Every bride want to looks stunningly pretty and best on this day so that she is the Center of attraction of all the guests and the groom of course which is for sure she will be as she is the bride and all eyes are stuck on her wedding lehanga, jewelry and of course her face and makeup. Marriage or wedding is a day which is the most cherished and special day in every girl’s life. A smooth and glowing face is what many brides and her family members want so that they look good in the photographs and cherish the occasion throughout the life. read more

Which Jewelry Suits the best for this “Republic Day” outfit?

Republic day is one of the supreme days for our nation, India! This was the day when our constitution came into force which was on the same date 26-January-1950. This is a declared holiday for the whole nation, where they can spend the day at the national capital of India, New Delhi at Rajpath before the President of India. Now, you that have a holiday on the particular day, you might want to spend the time with your friends and family but the major concern drops in is what to wear and which jewelry would match our outfit for the special occasion. Now, if you are going for a social gathering on Republic day which is specially organized for the day then you have to be in a specific dress code which also enlightens your personality instantly! read more

A Gift Guide – Find a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Celebrating and greeting people with “Happy New Year” wishes is something we love to do but selecting a perfect New Year gift for our special one is the major concern that creates a lot of confusion. As we all want to load them with all the luck and happiness. So, let us check out some idea on how and what we can gift to our special ones this new year! read more

Maliaka Says Bye-Bye 2016 in style with her alluring jewelry!

Malaika Arora Khan one of the sizzling and hot face of film industry is often seen all dressed up well with her tantalizing jewelry. She is also one of the steaming actresses in Bollywood. Ladies often follow her for her styling and clothing. Recently she is in the limelight due to some other reason, both Malaika and Arbaaz made it to the courtroom drama of their divorce getting uglier which made the headlines. As they have mutually decided they do not want to further continue their marriage. They are splitting off. read more

Pleasing jewelry for Lohri festival!

Lohri is a festival of joy and celebration. This is one of the popular Punjabi festivals, especially for newly brides. One celebrates this festival wearing bright cloths and put on the high volume of bangra songs and does gidda to the beats of dhol! One can see the charm of this festival on the face of the newly bride, she will just get enlighten once she knows that this festival is coming around. The only thing she gets confused about is the jewelry and cloths which would suit her best or if we talk about any female, she would want to look her best on the specially the married ones. read more

Alluring Maang tikka to wear this season!

Maang tikka is something which enhances the look of the outfit which you wear, so choosing one is a tricky task. Matching it with the attire is something which you have to concentrate on. Wedding jewelry is something which is incomplete without maang tikka. It is an essential part of the bridal look, and is something which can make her look remarkable and amazingly beautiful. read more