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All You Need to Know about Latest Diwali Fashion

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The biggest Indian festival is just round the corner and the convivial spirit of Diwali has already started to mix in the air. The preparations for parties have begun but have you decided which traditional costume to wear for making a grand entry? It is time to start planning for your mesmerizing festive look because the sooner you plan the more alluring will you appear.

Check out the most trendsetting outfits for this season of diyas:

1. Draping a trendy saree

One of the hottest Indian attires, the beauty of this long garment is just incomparable to any other dress. A saree comes in just one size and that fits every woman. No perfect body shapes or slender figures are required for draping sarees. Appealing Kaanjeevaram sarees, classic Sambalpuri sarees, intricately designed kalamkari sarees, etc., will definitely make you steal the show.

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2. Dressing up in fashionable suits

For enthusiastic ethnic lovers, fashionable suits will not only seem enchanting but they will also be comfortable for wearing the entire day. Classy palazzo suits, fabulous anarkalis, fancy suits with full lengths and trendy shararas never go wrong with body type of any kind.

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3. Lehengas for ethnic divas

And off course, we cannot miss to count the most favourite traditional costume! Lehenga-choli has been an ideal attire for Indian women since so many years. While so many fashionable varieties exists, the best picks among these are designer mermaid or fishtail lehengas, beautifully embroidered flared lehengas and the exquisite sharara-cut lehengas.

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4. Mixing up traditional and contemporary

For ladies who want to try out something different, long skirts would form the best attires. Ethnic long skirts with huge borders and multiple flares customized with classic crop tops would make up an enthralling look!


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5. Attiring with stunning ethnic maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are one of the trendiest garments which women can wear for a stylish feel and the ethnic ones will be just too perfect for this Diwali. Maxi dresses portray women to look influential as well as slim and slender. That is why these can be worn by women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

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But however grand your costume may be, one thing you are forgetting. The sparkle to dresses will only come with matching jewellery and since this is the festival of utmost importance to Indians, traditional Indian jewellery would be the best to complete the look. Chandbali and jhumka earrings, dazzling anklets, necklaces with traditional motifs, glittering bangles, etc., would make you turn all eyes around.


Diwali: Five Reasons to Celebrate

One of India’s popular as well as major festivals, Diwali fills the atmosphere with joy and happiness. It is celebrated by millions of Indians with great enthusiasm and fervour. They worship the lords for their blessings, light up the diyas to triumph every segment of darkness, relish themselves with sweets to forget the bitter, decorate every corner of their homes to cherish what they have and make rangolis to revive colors in their lives. While there are many holy reasons to celebrate, let us read further to know those five major ones which make this festival so special and auspicious.

1. Birthday of Goddess Lakshmi:

It is believed that Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and fortune, incarnated from the waters of boundless ocean on the day of Amavasya. One of the episodes of Hindu mythology reveals that the gods and demons were perishable at one point of time. To gain deathless condition, they churned the ocean to make nectar of immortality, also known as amrita. This lead to the emergence of Goddess Lakshmi who was later married to Lord Vishnu on the darkest night of Kartik month. The sacred day was marked with bright lamps.

2. The epic tale of King Mahabali:

The religious text of Bhagvata Purana describes a tale when, on a Diwali day, King Mahabali captured Goddess Lakshmi in his prison during the Treta Yuga. The invincible demon king ruled the earth with his powers and no God could defeat him. Lord Vishnu disguised as a short Brahmin tricked him to give up his state as well as wealth. And hence, Lakshmi, being the Goddess of wealth, was rescued by Lord Vishnu.

3. The killing of Narakasura:

Narakasura was a demon king with great powers. He had conquered not only the earth but heavens as well. He had even imprisoned 16, 000 women in his palace. When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Krishna during the Dwapara Yuga, he killed Narakasura on the day before Diwali. Before dying, Narakasura realized his evil deeds and requested for a boon that everyone will celebrate his death with colorful lights on Naraka Chaturdasi.

4. The victory of Lord Rama:

Ramayana, the ancient Sanskrit epic, tells us that Lord Rama along with his consort Sita and his brother Lakshmana went into the forests for fourteen years in exile. During this period, Ravana, the great King of Lanka, captured Sita. To avenge the dishonor of Sita, Lord Rama killed Ravana and conquered his Lanka. On the new moon day of Kartik month, Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya. The people of Ayodhya decorated their houses with lighted diyas.

5. The return of the Pandavas:

One of the episodes of the ancient Indian epic, Mahabharata, states that the Pandavas were banished into the forests for a period of twelve years. On the day of Kartik Amavasya, they returned after completing the long period of expulsion to fight the battle with Kauravas. The victory of Pandavas was celebrated with diyas by their supporters.

Natural ways to remove Holi colors from your skin!

Holi, a beautiful festival of colors. I know we all love playing with color but when the day ends and we all done with playing with color. We are just worried about one specific thing,”How do I get rid of this color now?” but now you can get rid of these colors at home with very basic and natural ways. I hope you have not played with chemical colors. Holi without colors, water balloons, pichkari, etc., is just no fun. You may buy natural and herbal colors, but other people around you may not be so conscious about the quality of colors they use. Synthetic colors can cause rashes, itchy patches and dryness. Holi has its repercussions also on the skin and hair. Not only does it rob away all the moisture from your skin but also due to the damaging effect of the strong sun and chemical colors your skin may start peeling off. It may feel stretched and you may experience extreme dryness. The underlying secret of a post-Holi bath is to nourish and moisturize the body and what better way to do it than to adopt natural ingredients and the goodness of Mother Nature. Here are wonderful and natural scrubs/mask that will help you remove the remnants of the nasty Holi colors as well as nourishes. So, while you have fun with the colors we have already found these mask/scrubs to protect your skin. Check this out:


Now, Banana is supposed to be as one of the best homemade or natural ingredient in order to remove those colors from your skin. You can simply mash a banana in a bowl and add two spoons of milk and honey into it and mix them well. Apply the pack everywhere there is color on the skin and allow it to dry. After around 45 minutes, scrub the pack off with the help of mildly warm water. Since the pack is home-made and natural, you can apply it as couple of times more until the color is gone.

Aloe Vera

This is something miracle, trust me! Aloevera already bring in a lot of properties by itself. It will help you in glowing skin. So, you can simply wash your face with water. After washing, apply lemon juice and Aloevera on cotton and wipe it on your face. This solution will help you get rid of dry colors on the skin. To remove paint from the skin, soak cotton in coconut oil and wipe it all over your face. Wash if you feel excessively greasy or oily on the face.

For washing the color off your hair, use a mild herbal shampoo or a homemade one. Soak shikakai, reetha and amla or Indian gooseberry overnight, boil and strain it in the morning and you have a very good shampoo ready. If you had already applied oil on your hair before playing with colors, it would not be too difficult to wash the colors off.

One important thing is, you should never use cold water to remove the Holi colors. If you do so then you will simply end up being in trouble as the color will remain on your skin it would be quite difficult for you to remove the color. This might take 1-2 days to complete remove those colors.

What and how to throw fun party for this exciting festival? Confused!

Finally March is here and our favorite festival is around the corner, HOLI! Yes, I know you love colors and so do I. This is the time for us to play with those vibrant colors and make this Holi as a remarkable one, so tighten your shoes and get started we do not have much time for the festival to knock on our door, this festival is basically all about colors. It is the right time to convey the message of love, trust and brotherhood and at the same time, the time for strengthening the bond of love & friendship. People say that on Holi we should forget fighting and get along the people we think are our enemies! Wow that is a big word though but yes, people do have jealousy over something and are angry over something so this is the time that you forget about these things and learn to celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm and charm. If you are planning to play host this Holi, there is no need for stress. Well, it is a good option to host a party rather than sitting at home and watching television, we do it quite often so try something different this time so all you need is a little planning and a few easy tips to ensure your guests and you have a great time together. Check out how you can have a great time together!

Add some exciting food menu to your party! After playing Holi for hours, one works up a huge appetite. Keep the theme Indian, because let us face it; people would not be keen on navigating through a bowl of pasta after celebrating a quintessentially Indian festival! Biryani, chole bhature, pav bhaji, chaat and paneer tikka would definitely make people drool! Keep serving finger food throughout the party. Hire a caterer and ask him to serve food that can be easily eaten with a tooth pick.

Holi is the festival of colors but make sure to use organic colors that don’t ruin the skin. In order to do so take care enough for your dear ones, please let them enjoy the colors of Holi with nontoxic, natural Colors made from rice flour with natural ingredients which are completely biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic, allergy-free and provide the maximum color brilliance. Some of the available colors which are like, Blue Lagoon, Pink Bikini, Sunrise Yellow, Violet Secre Juicy Orange or Green Planet looks astounding while playing.
Holi without “Bhang”? Not possible. So, unless you have had at least a glass of bhang-laced thandai, you have not really enjoyed Holi in its true spirit. For those who would rather stay away, keep circulating glasses of virgin thandai, mocktails, lemonade and soft drinks through the party. Be in the true spirit of Holi!

Don’t forget to grove on a peppy music; Add a karaoke machine to your music system. Why just listen to Holi songs, when you can sing them as well? After all, we all know their lyrics far too well, don’t we?

Astounding Ads that outline Feminism perfectly!

Woman plays a major role in our society; many of our goddess is Women. In India if you had enough of your television teaching you how to be a ‘woman’ and get it right? Do stereotypical ads make you cringe before they even begin? While Indian ads have continuously missed the mark on being progressive and sensitive, there have been those few which have given us the gift of sensitivity and sensibility. Yes, some of the ads are so sensible and on point that you would love to replay it again and again. This ad also teaches people to respect woman and not to take her behavior and her presence for granted. But it is sad at times that very few of us take in things and understand the real meaning behind the ads which are shown to us. Rather disrespecting women we all should respect her for who she is, and many of our Indian advertisements teaches us the same. If you have not noticed this yet then this is the time for you to notice these things and appreciate not only your woman but each woman you meet or greet. Check out these interesting ads from our Indian television.

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil

Beautifully depicted this advertisement is a thumb up for our society and specially people who are struggling from cancer, a horrible disease and for the survivors from this disease.


Titan Raga

Titan raga “woman of today” is a short story depicting a woman meeting her old lover. So, this also depicts how today’s woman are empowering the society and changing the thinking of the people around the world.

Havells Appliances Coffee maker

An interesting short ad which depicts that one cannot compare woman with a materialistic thing like coffee maker. So, time for the mothers to wake up and learn that the woman which would be marrying their daughter is not a non-living object. Respect women!


Havells Fans

This advertisement has a clear message for us as how we all need to change and stand for our woman and respect her completely.



Watch this magnificent ad which gives us a beautiful message on how we need a change in our society and woman also have equal right in the society.



Pregnancy does not make a woman handicapped and she can still do her duties, then why is that it becomes an obstacle in her career. This ad is one bold woman’s response to an issue that many Indian women face at their workplace.



This ad is just so inspirational for the men and women out there who think that getting married to a divorcee is completely wrong.

What is the significance of Valentine day?

We all know that Valentine’s week has started, and are excited and have a lot of plans on how to celebrate this day. All we know about Valentine’s Day is red color, love, flowers, candles and etc. But do we really know the significance of the day? What is the origin of Valentine’s Day customs and symbols? Valentine’s Day which is also called as also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Though hearts and roses are red, retailers and business owners see the green of MONEY when it comes to celebrating the holiday. But all of us forget about the real reason behind the day and also forget about the facts about this supreme day! All we know is Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. It is the day on which lovers express their love for their companion through chocolates, flowers, gifts, cards and etc. Whenever we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of red roses, chocolates in heart- shaped boxes, and Cupid flying around shooting arrows at dreamy-eyed lovers. But there are very few who know how the Day originated but today after the completion of the article you would know the real reason behind the same.

This day actually originated, as the credit for the link between Valentine’s Day and lovers goes to Geoffrey Chaucer.  Chaucer is  known as the architect of Saint Valentine’s Day. The earliest description of the tradition occurs in his “Parliament of Fouls” which was composed around 1380 and is considered as the finest occasional poem in the English language. Since then St. Valentine’s Day has been associated with love. While in prison, for refusing to give up Christianity, Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter who visited him during his confinement. Before being led out to his execution, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, signing it ‘From your Valentine,’ an expression that is still in use. Gradually, February 14 became the date for exchanging love messages and St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers. At many places Valentine’s day is considered to be a holiday. Christians were happier with the idea of a holiday (Valentine’s) honoring the saint of romantic causes than with one recognizing a pagan festival. The true origin of Valentine’s Day and its symbols are not rooted in the worship of god so it has no Biblical basis though. But this day will always be cherished by the people in love and will be celebrated with the utmost joy and dedication of the day to their loved ones like always.

How to look distinctive this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s week has started, so wake up all you ladies and tighten your belts and I know that you have already started searching for the best dress and matching jewelry and also have almost decided the plan about the Valentine’s Day or how special it would be or where you would want to go on this particular day! All we want to do this day is plan out a romantic date which could be lunch date or dinner date, also look our best and wear something that suits the best on us. Whether we are shot by cupid’s arrow or not, we all have the opportunity to break out our all black clothing and look out for something colorful this day. And why not? It is Valentine’s Day honey! So, here you can find some tips on how you can look distinctive this day and it is not important to wear only red this Valentine’s, C’mon! You have a lot darker shades and amazing bright colors. So, red could be one but it could just not be the only one! Scroll down and see what all I have in bag for you, and thank me later.

In order to look amazingly beautiful and completely different, we have to choose colors other than RED. I know this is a color which gives the perfect feel for Valentine’s day but we can just add little bit of red to the outfit but not completely red. Or else how would you look different?

If you are going for a casual meet and like a normal day out with your loved one, you need to look unique for a casual meet also. C’mon it is your day. So, do not hesitate to wear something classy yet casual, maybe something like this!
If you are going out on a lunch date or you know already that he has planned something special for you and you have to walk down to his expectation then don’t worry. Wear a classy dress for the night or lunch with the pointed heels “matching” and do not forget to carry a clutch which suits everything.

If you are going on a beach party with your loved one on this Valentine’s, do not forget you can still look pretty and amazing that time also. There are dresses for every occasion though. Do not forget to carry your makeup just in case you need it and matching accessories are a must. Like these ones:

If you have decided to stay at home with your loved one getting cozy! It can be good idea though. So, do not forget to look classy at home also. You might try some of these dresses like casual clothes for the room date. Check it out!

So, look classy this valentine and do not worry to wear that “only red” color this time. You can look amazing without that red color as well. Let your loved one adore you the whole day/night, so make the most of it!

Adorbs teddy to make your teddy day a remarkable one!

Teddy day, one of the favorite days of ladies who just love these adorable pieces on earth. As valentine’s week has a special theme, each day for all of us! There are a lot of things in the bag for this valentine week. But today as we are celebrating teddy day, so we will just focus on how you can make this day a remarkable one for your loved one. Let us first know little bit about the teddy day as the word teddy bear was coined after former US president Theodore Roosevelt who was commonly addressed as ‘Teddy’! Yes, but it was only after a bear hunting incident in 1902 that the word became popular among the masses. Several cartoons appeared in the Washington Post following the incident were a black bear was hunted down and Roosevelt was asked to shoot it, which he declined. And with each cartoon, the bear got cuter and smaller. Morris Michtom and his wife saw these cartoons and invented the teddy bear soft toy we see today. They sent one to Roosevelt to seek permission to use his name and after getting an approval, put it up for sale as Teddy Bears. And these Teddy bear never goes out of fashion special on teddy day, this is the most supreme thing on the day and also the sale prices just rises a bit. So, keep a check on your pocket. Guys! Now, let me just offer you some options in teddy bear which your loved one would completely adore! Have a look:

A small teddy, which he/she can keep with himself/herself all the time and cherish it lifelong. This could be the most adorable one where you do not have to think a lot and who does not like these small cute stuffs. Plus it will be with you maybe like a key chain or in your bag, and you can always carry it wherever you want and whenever you miss him/her, you can take this cutie out and look at it hundred times.

Teddy on which he/she can sleep over, gift him/her a big teddy bear which he/she completely adores. Special woman, they love these cute stuffed toys which are big in sizes. Which she can hug when she misses you, kiss when she wants to cuddle a little. Like real Big! Just like these ones:

Also, you can look out for Panda Teddy bear, Yes! Panda glances teddy bear are so in trend now days that girls and boys completely love these panda teddies. As pandas and teddy bear both are the most adorable things on this planet. Well, if you do not know then let me tell you panda’s are cute animal look alike teddy bears just like “bear”! Well, yes! Have a look on these panda teddies, giving you Goosebumps.

You just cannot miss these teddy bears as they are completely adorable and are specially chosen for Valentine’s week for you so that you can show your loved one how cute and adorable they are for you and how much you love them. And I’m sure there is no other way you can express these things to them. So, start looking out for one before it is out of stock from everywhere.