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Astounding Ads that outline Feminism perfectly!

Woman plays a major role in our society; many of our goddess is Women. In India if you had enough of your television teaching you how to be a ‘woman’ and get it right? Do stereotypical ads make you cringe before they even begin? While Indian ads have continuously missed the mark on being progressive

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What is the significance of Valentine day?

We all know that Valentine’s week has started, and are excited and have a lot of plans on how to celebrate this day. All we know about Valentine’s Day is red color, love, flowers, candles and etc. But do we really know the significance of the day? What is the origin of Valentine?s Day customs

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How to look distinctive this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s week has started, so wake up all you ladies and tighten your belts and I know that you have already started searching for the best dress and matching jewelry and also have almost decided the plan about the Valentine’s Day or how special it would be or where you would want to go on

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