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Silver Jewelry

Evolution of Silver Jewelry….

Semi-precious element jewelry that appeals a specific set of people because of its antique and graceful look. Silver jewelry is something that can compliment any look, be it Indian, Western or Bohemian, it has this universal quality to add beauty to any piece of dress as it can be made in various forms. read more

Jewelry Trend | Layer your Necklaces!

A necklace, whether statement or dainty, has the potential to lift up your look in a jiffy. You can wear and style the necklaces in a huge variety of ways. You can buy great designs from various Designer Jewelry Shopping Stores in India. If you are the one who has never gone beyond a pretty pair of earrings, then this post is for you. Layered jewelry always looks good, be it necklaces, bangles or rings. You just have to get some basics right to make it look. Following are some such points that may help you layer the necklaces perfectly: read more

Everyday Fashion Jewelry

Is there anything more annoying than wasting precious minutes while getting ready in the morning, thinking over the perfect pair of earrings to wear when you’re already in a  rush.Why not make it simple? Create a separate wardrobe for simple, dainty and everyday earrings which you can simply grab, every time you’re in a rush. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to work or you’re out for a stroll or you’re going to meet a friend for a quick cup of coffee, look your best with the elegant and sophisticated everyday jewelry that you can pair with absolutely anything, anywhere! The understated colors and charm of everyday jewelry make it a perfect choice to complement any outfit you choose and blend in with anywhere you go. read more

Are you still matching your jewellery to your dresses?

Gone are the days when people were all dressed up in a single color from head-to-toe. In this era of color blocked dresses and jewelry, are you still matching your jewelry to your clothes? Then, let me tell you, it’s a major faux pas that you’re committing. Let your jewelry stand out and speak for itself, don’t hide it by matching it’s color to your dress. Wear jewelry in contrasting colors to create a pleasing and trendy color blocked look. read more

Silver Jewelry Care 101

Genuine pieces of silver jewelry provide lasting memories and symbolize the unforgettable moments in your life. Since, silver is prone to oxidization, it tarnishes over time. Therefore, it needs some maintenance and care. read more

Wear that Jewelry!

So, you have a wardrobe full of jewelry and still have nothing to wear when it comes to accessories? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to just the right place. First of all, you have to remember that looking good in something is a matter of style not fashion or trends. The problem that most of the girls face while wearing jewelry is pairing the jewelry with other accessories in such a manner, so that they look in sync with each other. As I always say, experiment is the key to creating a look that is new and stylish. read more