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Trending Winter Hats all set to welcome winters 2016-17!

Our favorite season is here ‘winters’, we all love winter season and specially women because they are all ready to wear their dearest jackets with the matching jewelry. Choosing the right cloths we generally forget to choose the right hat with the attire. Grabbing the right accessory is very important with the outfit, further it is also fundamental to be in trend. But the thing is not only buying the coolest or funkiest hat but also about appropriate styling. Here are some of the trend setter hats which are a must for this season.
Floppy Hatsimage001

These hats wide brimmed hat are something that is must for the season and which is always trending, if you feel like adding a little edge to your outfit these wide brimmed floppy hats are a must. Also you can team up with cool pendant jewelry and wear these hats on a day out or for a night party; it will suit on every occasion.

Knitted Beaniesimage002

Knitted beanies never fall off trend; girls with long hair wearing beanies look effortlessly beautiful. Beanies are must for winters and like the last season they are again trending this season. Adding, wear a choker with beanies and look charming!

Cloche Hatsimage003

Cloche hats are back in trend again, team these cute hats with a girly outfit and matching accessory and you will be surely turning many heads around while walking the streets.

image004Cossack Hats

These hats are just so beautiful and soft hats; this can be a guaranteed head turning reaction. I think personally one should invest in this type of hat and note the reaction of the people who are around.

Turban Hatimage005

As the name suggests Turban, this kind of hat is one of the charming hats and looks alluring once worn by a woman. Also it is inspired by exotic India, next time step out with this one and scan the changes.

These were the few types which are a must for the season and you just cannot miss any of these. Don’t forget to pair these with the matching jewelry, especially handmade jewelry which will enhance its look better or you can also try a choker as well.

Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

During summers, our most favorite spot to be at is the beach. The sun, the sand and the sea are the perfect trio. We love to hang out at the beach with our friends and just relax as we get that beautiful tan we desire.
Before you head out to the beach, it is important to carry the necessary items, so that you don’t return wet, sandy and sun burnt or destroy our silver jewelry. Beaches can be fun but if you are not careful, the fun turns into a disaster real quick.

So here is a thought out list of beach essentials:

1. Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must. Your other foot wear will get spoiled if you put them in contact with water. Flip flops are water resistant, easy to clean and will not get full of sand. Don’t go to the beach barefooted, the sand can be hot and there can be shells and stuff that can hurt your feet as well.

2. Beach Towel

Beach Towel - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

A towel is very important when going to the beach even if you don’t plan to go into the water. A towel will help you clean up after you are done lazing around in the sand, it can be used as a mat as well. It will definitely dry you up after a swim.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

We all know how important sunscreen is when you head out in the summers and it does not even have to be the beach. In the summers there is a massive risk of getting overly tanned or worse sun burnt. So apply a nice thick coating of sunscreen on all the open areas before you step out and do a recoating after a few hours.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

If you are heading to the beach, leave all you jewelry back at home. Most of the jewelry gets oxidized faster when they come in contact with water or harsh sunlight. Artificial jewelry still works as the material like beads and plastic doesn’t really corrode much, but leave all your silver jewelry at home as they will get very easily corroded, plus you can always lose them in the water or sand. It’s a mess to handle all that as well.


5. A Water Resistant Beach Bag

A Water Resistant Beach Bag - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

It is obvious that you need to carry a bag when you head out with all your essentials. It is important that the bag is spacious, water proof and can be cleaned easily. You will have to carry your towel, sunscreen, phone, book, water bottle, probably a portable charger whatever you like. So make sure it’s spacious and trendy as well.


6. An Easy, Lightweight Cover Up

An Easy Lightweight Cover Up Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

If you feel like you can just walk out of your house in your swimsuit to the beach which makes sense, carry a light cover up, like a sarong or a wrap which you can tie around your waist or carry a light halter dress. This will make it easy for you to head out for lunch after the swim as well.


7. Detangler

Detangler - Cracking The Beach Necessities Code

This is something that we think will help solve your problems when it comes to your hair. A detangler, as the name suggests will help detangle your beautiful strands and take out the sand from your hair after a swim or lying around the beach.

If you are heading out for a bite carry a volumising spray with you as well to help you look a little upbeat after a hard day at the beach.

Apart from all these things you can carry a waterproof sound system to make the experience a bit more lively and fun.

Summer Outfits Outlook – Fashion Guide

It’s a year-round test to locate the absolute best outfit for summer that keeps you cool as well as can rise above and be spruced up or down, however you see fit! Group BlingStation is extremely amped up for its most loved jewelries being accessible online and can’t resist the urge to yearn for the gathering! So we worked together so find out and to present to you our most loved picks for some significant summer style motivation!
Stay on to check the outfits and the matching fashion jewellery that will accompany them.
1. Jean Therapy Summer Outfits Outlook-Fashion Guide
“Thin pants are my record-breaking top pick! They help me complement my long legs. These marginally tore Aeropostale pants are particularly ideal for summers. Pair them with a great denim shirt, a silver necklace and a tank top and you are good to go for that Sunday informal breakfast with the young ladies. It just helps that denim-on-denim is absolutely slanting nowadays.”

2. Bearing Fruits

Bearing Fruits -Summer Outfits Outlook-Fashion Guide

“I cherish pastels for summer. There’s something quintessentially summer about them, particularly on the off chance that they arrive in a fun print. This pineapple print polo shirt from Aeropostale is flawless to combine with a short and fun A-line skirt. To add a touch of characteristic to my look, I tossed on this patch-print shirt with beaded bracelet. This look runs impeccably with a couple of espadrilles for a date.”

3. Laidback Maiden

Laidback Maiden-Summer Outfits Outlook-Fashion Guide

“I adore wearing track jeans and shirts in summer. It resembles wearing a redesigned form of loungewear and I just never need to escape them. The track jeans and sweatshirt is so agreeable and the fabric so delicate that I can wear it throughout the day. I match them with a shirt for the exercise center!”

4. Dim’s Anatomy

Dims Anatomy-Summer Outfits Outlook-Fashion Guide

“I cherish going easygoing on generally days. A free shirt with a tank best and bothered thin pants are my unsurpassed top picks! This checked shirt from Aeropostale runs consummately with a plain dark tank and the fabric is light and gives your body a chance to relax. Bling station has not just made shopping simple for accessories but also amplified up its blogs to give the perfect combination. It has made looking for my most loved brand a pleasure.”

5. Bamboozled

Bamboozled-Summer Outfits Outlook-Fashion Guide

“Any individual who knows me realizes that I cherish wearing dark! It’s my go-to shading! Also, this adorable racer back tank top is an outright top pick. They blend well with these cotton shorts from Aeropostale. Add on this a cool blue shirt (with the catches open, obviously!) and wear your most loved pair of white trim ups for a comfortable throughout the day look. The shirt additionally keeps the destructive beams of the sun under control.”

You can learn about the latest trends in fashion, but style is something much more personal- something that defines who you are and something that is eternal. So you shouldn’t stick strictly to the given tips. You can miss and merge your own ideas and lift the style into something which is more you. Because you are awesome as you are.

Summer Hair Woes Solution – Beauty Guide

Stuck in a hair trench and looking for Summer Hair Woes Solution? Out of charming approaches to do your hair? All things considered, we give you a month of great new thoughts to style your hair in an unexpected way, each and every day. Perused on for some super crisp tips and styles! Disregard cheerful hair days, we guarantee you have an upbeat hair month!
Summer Hair Woes Solution

1. Begin With A Trim

In the first place things to start with, begin the month on a solid note by hacking off dry, harmed closes. It’s the best way to give you more beneficial strands that look way fuller. Trust us, you’ll feel better as well!


2. Bloom Power

Pursue away those Monday soul by adding a dash of lovely to your mane. Straightforward stick all your hair to the other side and include a splendid bloom above one ear. Wear silver jewellery along it truly will help you feel female and entirely throughout the day, while noticing quite new.


3. The Voluminous Updo

Give your chaotic bun an alluring turn by forgetting the crown while gathering whatever is left of your hair up. Presently tease the crown area for that bouffant-esque knock on top and utilize bobby pins to stick the segment set up. Put on some beaded necklace to set the perfect boho vibe.


4. Pin It Back

Need to beat the warmth, however tired of the standard pig tail? Attempt this basic haircut rather; simply ensure you have a heap of bobby pins helpful. Essentially get slim bits of hair on the front and side and stick them to the back indiscriminately. Do this till the vast majority of your hair is stuck back. Try not to stress; it looks super chic with Bling station’s feather earrings and not as erratic as it sounds. Furthermore it’s equitable so natural!


5. The Faux Fishtail

That midweek hair will undoubtedly set in; however getting them to look amazing helps any of us feel better. You’re going to love this perfect false fishtail that is so natural and will barely take you 2 minutes. Essentially present to all your hair to the other side, hold every last bit of it with one hand and with the other hand stick 2 fingers through and pull all your hair through this gap you made. Do likewise a couple of more times, somewhat separated from every gap you make, and draw your hair through for your summer hair woes solution. Secure with a versatile toward the end. Watch the instructional exercise here.


6. Wake Up To Waves

Rest in interlaces to wake up to attractive, tousled waves. Keep in mind to make 2 meshes around evening time or additionally, contingent upon how tight you need your waves. It works far and away superior if your hair is soggy when you interlace it.


7. Meshed Halo

This one will get your blasts out of your eyes and looks extraordinarily charming. Make plaits on either side of your separating, convey them to the back of your head and secure with bobby pins.


8. Move Up

Attempt this 1960s motivated look by making a profound side part; now accumulate all your hair at the scruff and move it upwards and pin it at the scalp. Swipe on some red lipstick and inspire prepared to channel your internal flapper young lady.


9. Bejeweled Headband

Convey some bling to your style by including a beautiful, adorned headband to your hair and wear it out or in a cool updo. We adore this staggering one.


10. The Fake-Intricate Braid

Attempt this super simple method that looks so many-sided, and like you spent ages on it, when it really takes 5 minutes. Make 2 normal interlaces and stick them together firmly with the assistance of bobby pins – the finished result is that it would seem that a solitary delightful, complex plait.

Get Rid of That Sun Tan at Home – Beauty Guide

As much as we adore the summers, it’s tan we fear the most! Particularly that an uneven tan or one that leaves stripes on our skin and takes ages to blur. What’s more, trust us women, isn’t no one got the ideal opportunity for that! In the event that you need to dispose of it rapidly, you’ve gone to the opportune spot. Here’s the means by which to manage a late spring tan like a star!
Get Rid of That Sun Tan at Home

1. Crude Potatoes to the salvage!

Crude potatoes to the salvage-Get Rid of That Sun Tan at Home

Potatoes contain vitamin C and they are an extremely famous marvel fixing with regards to lighting up skin appearance. They mitigate the skin, as well as work as a characteristic dye.

Step 1 – Slice a crude potato into half.

Step 2 – Rub the cut half on to the tanned region of your skin.

Step 3 – Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4 – Wash with tepid a great many.

PS – Do this 4-5 times each month for positive results. And wear fashion cuffs to hide that uneven tan between wrists and hand.


2. Do you know how to make a Sugar Scour?

Do you know how to make a sugar scour-Get Rid of That Sun Tan at Home

You will require three key elements for this one – olive oil, sugar and lime juice. While lime juice helps skin, olive oil includes dampness and sugar evacuates dead skin cells. It’s the ideal skincare cure and will leave your skin feeling child delicate!

Step 1 – Add 2 tablespoons of sugar in a dish.

Step 2 – Add 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 2 and a half tablespoons of lime juice.

Step 3 – Using a spoon, blend every one of the fixings well.

Step 4 – Apply the glue utilizing your fingertips and abandon it to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Step 5 – Wash it off with cool water.


3. Shed Sweat


On the off chance that you need to dispose of that bothersome tan, dependably shed! By expelling layers of dead skin cells, it additionally blurs the suntan. Once per week, shed in the shower utilizing a body scour and a loofah. You can likewise utilize soggy material absorbed warm water and back rub the skin where the suntan is generally unmistakable. Your new glowing skin will allure the sooth of silver jewelry online at Bling station.


4. Basically Conceal


The best and most little demanding approach to spare you from the beams of the sun is to just conceal. The more you cover your skin, the less are the odds of getting a tan. Stick to cotton garments, scarves, belts and caps for the midyear. Buy belts online at BlingStation.


5. Utilize your Sun Block EVERYDAY!

Utilize your sun block EVERYDAY-Get Rid of That Sun Tan at Home

This may not help you dispose of the tan, but rather will unquestionably keep you from getting one. Before you venture out, ensure you’ve connected a decent measure of sunscreen with SPF. Attempt to not utilize the same sunscreen that you use on your body over your face. Pick a different one that is named “non-come do gene,” which implies that it won’t stop up your pores and will be light on your skin.


6. Chill in the Steam Room

Chill in the steam room-Get Rid of That Sun Tan at Home

You can either visit a steam room or utilize a revealed hot utensil for this one. Take steam in for a decent 15-20 minutes. The thought is to give the steam a chance to open your pores and permit them to relax. While this happens, it additionally expels poisons and tan from your skin. Doing this twice every month is all that could possibly be needed.


7. Drink a lot of Water


The more hydrated you keep your skin, the more risks you offer it to revive itself. Likewise improve your eating regimen. Eat light. Nourishments like vegetables, organic products, and incline meat ought to do useful for evacuating your tan. Additionally, keep in mind to saturate your skin each day to blur the tan away.

BlingStation Tip For Blackhead Drama

Treating blackheads is something we girls leave to the salons to take care of. Little did we know that we could be doing a far better job at home. Yes ladies, with the a few secret ingredients from your kitchen, you too can banish those pesky blackheads from your flawless skin for good!


Bling station is not just a fashion blog and best jewellery website it is also the resource for you to get the best beauty tip online. We not only sell affordable premium jewelry but also give away the affordable beauty tips to be followed by you. Let’s get started on our fight against Blackheads.


1. Grainy Oatmeal


Oatmeal is so much more than a regular breakfast cereal, it’s used as a beauty ingredient as well! When it comes to using it to remove annoying blackheads, it acts as a natural product. It scrubs dead skin cells away, and removes bacteria and oil.

Step 1 – Put ¼ cup of oats into a bowl.

Step 2 – Add 1 teaspoon of honey, lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of yoghurt.

Step 3 – Using a wooden spoon, mix all the ingredients well.

Step 4 – Apply it on your face and leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Step 5 – Wash it off with cold water.


2. Powdery Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a not just a fabulous spice in the kitchen, it’s also an excellent product that’s used to treat blackheads. It does two things for your skin – removes dead skin cells, and moisturizes it after.

Step 1 – Into a bowl, add a tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

Step 2 – Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and turmeric powder to the mix.

Step 3 – Mix all the ingredients well, and gently apply it to your skin using your fingertips.

Step 4 – Let it rest on your face for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5 – Wash it off with lukewarm water.


3. Gooey Honey


Honey is not just yummy for your tummy, it’s also yummy for your skin! It has antibiotic properties that pulls dirt and bacteria from pores. This helps to unclog them. For a clearer and healthier complexion, it hydrates, moisturizes and tightens skin’s pores.

Step 1 – Take an apple, peel its skin, and chop it into tiny pieces.

Step 2 –  Add all the pieces into a blender for it to turn into paste.

Step 3 – Throw a couple of chopped mint leaves into the paste and a tablespoon of honey.

Step 4 – Mix all the ingredients well, and apply to your skin.

Step 5 – Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with chilled water.


4. Healthy Green Tea


For years together, green tea is known for its antioxidant properties. When it comes to banishing those black heads, it does a fabulous job! It helps reduce oil, inflammation and keeps the bacteria at bay.

Step 1 – Boil some water in a steel container.

Step 2 – Remove the container from the stove and drop 2 green bags into it.

Step 3 – Let the bags sit in the hot water for an hour.

Step 4  – Remove the bags and toss them out after the liquid has turned green.

Step 5 – Transfer the green tea liquid into a mug and place in the fridge.

Step 6 – After half an hour, take the chilled liquid out and dip a cotton ball into it.

Step 7 – Dab the wet cotton ball over the blackheads and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Step 8 – Wash it off with lukewarm water.


Once you have a blemish free face and neck it is time to check pendants online at Bling Station for that pretty neck.


All good things come at a price, and beauty is no exception to that, girls. Although we have a number of aroma-filled facemasks flying off the shelves at general stores, there’s nothing better than using fresh foods from your kitchen. These might be smelly and make you feel a bit irked out as you consume them or apply them to your skin/ hair, but rest assured that the results will be fabulous! Presenting some of the best beauty products that make us go “Ewww!” Take it from us, your hair and skin will never have looked THIS fabulous!

1. Eggs-Attack!


This one’s a “multitasker’. Eggs tackle pores on your skin and double up as a hair conditioner too. It’s also believed that applying egg on your face slows down ageing of skin by tightening the skin and keeping it firm. A bit smelly, but goody, we say!

2. Wondrous Skin Care

2-Wondrous Wheatgrass-Juice-Go ALL ORGANIC FOR YOUR SKIN

This detox potion is among the healthiest things in your kitchen. Packed with antioxidants, wheatgrass juice not only helps those with acne prone skin, but also treats blemishes and scars. Add one glass of this juice to the water with which you bathe and soak yourself in it for 15-20 minutes – this helps with thorough cleansing and fights body odor too.

3. Oh Onions!


The overwhelming smell of this vegetable can bring you to tears, quite literally! But all those with dandruff problems – onions are there to the rescue. Applying onion juice on your scalp daily before a head-wash can zap away your dandruff like never before. 

4. Azadirachta leaves / Neem To The Rescue

4-Azadirachta leaves-Neem To The Rescue-Go ALL ORGANIC FOR YOUR SKIN

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of this bitter leaf are a boon for those with acne issues. Application of this leads to clear, glowing skin. Fancy shower gels aside, bring on those cakes of neem soap, ladies!

5. Chicken Bone Marrow

5-Chicken Bone Marrow-Bone-Marrow-Go ALL ORGANIC FOR YOUR SKIN

Chicken crunch and butter chicken get us salivating, but can you picture applying bone broth or marrow to your face? Topically applying these leads to healthy hair and skin and nails, believe it or not! Doesn’t sound like a bad proposition now, does it?

6. Milk Magic


Many queens in history, who had luscious hair and glowing skin, had their beauty regimes in place. One of them is bathing in raw milk. It’s not pleasant to smell, but the benefits make it worth it. It can be used as a cleansing agent, a moisturizer, and it’s AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid) content makes is an effective scrub as well. Throw in some honey into that raw milk, and make it into a facemask that you can swear by.

7. Papaya Palooza


That’s probably the last fruit you’ll pick from the fruits section in your refrigerator. However, that shouldn’t be the case anymore. Papaya flakes on the face leave the skin well hydrated and even toned thanks to the enzymes present in the fruit, leaving you with a brighter glow. It also clears dandruff and acts as a natural conditioner for your hair.

8. Go Garlic!


It tastes great, no denying that – but the overbearing smell of this vegetable… Well, let’s say we love our garlic breads, but if we were to smear this all over our face and hair? That’s hard to digest! The allicin present in garlic has antifungal properties, which can treat those pimples that give you sleepless nights. Applying garlic juice on your face can even prevent acne altogether. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, a facemask with garlic, honey, lemon and oatmeal helps in blackhead and whitehead removal too.


Once your face is all glowing like a newly wedded bride, show the glow with vibrant beaded hooped earrings. You can buy jewelry online at Bling Station. It’s an online jewellery hub for modern day women.

4 Tips for Buying Jewelry Online

Buying Jewelry OnlineSummary : Get to know about the 4 tips to consider while shopping online for jewelry. Gone are those days when shopping was restricted only to malls and stores. Internet has made life so easy that shopping that seem like a task at times, can be done at the comfort of your home.

Though jewelry online shopping can be fun-filled and exciting, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when shopping for jewelry online:

  • Reliable website– There are a whole lot of websites out there and selecting one can be a bit of a hassle with every website looking so promising. But you need to be wise and keep your mind from getting distracted by fancy websites. The thing that you need to go through first is the return policy. This is the most basic and the most important thing that you ask for even when you are shopping at offline store. Most of the shopping websites have a 30 day return policy or in some cases more than that. There is no point in wasting time on websites that do not have a clear and convenient return policy. Also, check if the mode of payment is secured. Never ever save your card details when shopping online.


  • Quality goods- Online stores struggle a lot in order to draw traffic to their website. When you have a physical store, people passing by do enter once in a while. Even if they don’t buy but they do check out. Whereas in the case of online stores, where every little store is struggling to get on top, creating your own presence can be very tough. There are websites that have the same products but at a lower price. Never get tempted by the prices instead always go for websites that are reliable and will offer quality products.


  • Discounts and other benefits- Look for websites that are offering discounts. The online stores are in constant competition with each other so look for websites that are offering decent discounts and other benefits. Compare the prices and look for websites that does not compromise on the quality.


  • Know your fit- Since you are shopping online, you should be prepared with details like what size you wear. Know your ring size and your bracelet size so that you get the proper order right at the very first time and you save the hassle of getting the product replaced.


When you buy jewelry online, you save a whole lot of time and you can shop at whatever time you want. You are busy the entire week and the only time you get for yourself is a Sunday and the only thing you want to do is lie on your bed and watch TV, then that is when online shopping comes in as a savior. Also, you save yourself from the frustrating traffic and salesman pressure at the physical stores. That is another plus point.