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Jewellery Fashion Guide

Best Tips to Care for Jewellery

The admiration for jewellery keeps increasing as and when the new designs of it are accomplished. And the fondness as well as the excitement for wearing the new pieces in particular is more. We may not be purchasing jewelry every now and then but we definitely cannot do without it even a single day. And even if our earrings or bangles have become old, though we might not even wear them, we do not throw them away because we have always shared a deep relation with our ornaments. But the happy news is that the beauty and shine of these can be restored. Maintaining and caring for these pieces of jewellery can become very easy with simple tips. read more

Different Techniques to wear your layered Necklace like a Pro!

Layered necklaces are something that is trending amongst the woman. Woman already love to accessorize themselves and seeing these layered chains/necklaces almost more than half of the woman populations are into wearing these chains. Copying each other they just know one way of wearing such beautiful layered necklace but do we know there are many ways through which we can wear these pieces of jewelry. If you are not quite sure as how to wear and with what to wear such pieces of art, then you can simply go on reading and I would explain you the different techniques through which you can style up your look and pop out to be a star amongst everyone.
I am sure you look beautiful but there are certain different techniques on wearing these necklaces, which can make you look just perfect! Keep scrolling down to know more about the different techniques. read more

Things every shopaholic is secretly guilty about!

Women are peculiar creature on earth, not in a negative way! But yes, in all the positive ways, we love shopping, talking especially gossiping, wearing makeup, etc; primarily we love getting dressed with all the branded cloths and jewelry. No one would ever realize how happy she is, once she buys here favorite branded cloths or accessories. The fastest way to reach a woman’s heart is to take her for shopping or gift her, her favorite cloths, bags, makeup, shoes, ballerinas, etc. The list goes on and on, this list is never ending. It is always with a woman that whatever she has is never enough for her! She always wants to buy more and more. Moreover if she comes across “sale season”, then no one can stop her from buying something which she already might have but still she would buy the same things again because of the sale, and it is not always with woman even men do the same thing, people! read more

How to add some edge to your outfit and stand out fashionable!

Every girl wants to look sizzling and amazing while she walks down the street. Every lady has a different taste when she carries the cloth she wears and buys. So, Even if you prefer a conservative and classic look, we all want to embrace our inner star once in a while and spike up our outfits. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to add some hip, edgy vibes to even the most preppy style. So, we all can always look out for a change and pamper ourselves with some distinct outfits. All you need to do is stock up some of these rocker chic accessories to unleash your bad girl self. read more

A Gift Guide – Find a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Celebrating and greeting people with “Happy New Year” wishes is something we love to do but selecting a perfect New Year gift for our special one is the major concern that creates a lot of confusion. As we all want to load them with all the luck and happiness. So, let us check out some idea on how and what we can gift to our special ones this new year! read more

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Every Indian Groom Who Would Love!

Who says only woman loves jewelry! The statement is totally wrong even man loves to dress up well and wear his favorite accessory. But yes, we have to agree that that jewelry is more common among woman than man. Which creates confusion when it comes to gifting it to the groom; we often think which jewelry to choose for gifting. But there are a lot of jewelries which a groom can adorn on wedding function or any other function! read more

Things You Must Know About Floral Jewelry!

Flower jewelry is mostly seen on mehendi function where brides wear charming floral jewelry while getting there mehendi made! Now day’s floral jewelry has gone to a whole new level, we see a lot of bride to be wearing such jewelries on their mehendi functions. Basically this floral jewelry started from white flowers but now there is different color flowers used in the making of the jewelry. Some floral jewelry is made for a day which is made out of other flowers and some jewelry are made to wear for a longer period of time which is made out of flowers which stay for longer time. read more

5 Sparkling Designs Kamarband Designs For any Occasion

Kamarband is tied around the waist with the ethnic wear and this is one of the stylish and exclusive accessories. Woman love to carry this alluring designs around there waist specially on their wedding day, tying a glamorous and  delicious Kamarband around the waists looks amazing and also gives a cheeky and charming look to your personality instantly. They are also known as saree belt or belly chains by different people. The best part is this can be matched with your ethnic attire and make it look different instantly. read more