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Different Techniques to wear your layered Necklace like a Pro!

Layered necklaces are something that is trending amongst the woman. Woman already love to accessorize themselves and seeing these layered chains/necklaces almost more than half of the woman populations are into wearing these chains. Copying each other they just know one way of wearing such beautiful layered necklace but do we know there are many ways through which we can wear these pieces of jewelry. If you are not quite sure as how to wear and with what to wear such pieces of art, then you can simply go on reading and I would explain you the different techniques through which you can style up your look and pop out to be a star amongst everyone.
I am sure you look beautiful but there are certain different techniques on wearing these necklaces, which can make you look just perfect! Keep scrolling down to know more about the different techniques.

You can always combine your different layered necklace with the body chains to make it look distinctive. Body chains are something which looks stylish and fashionable at the same time! So, come out of your comfort zone and wear these alluring chains and look unique.
One can always wear a choker and then team up these layered chains with them to make them look more pleasing and classy at the same time. A choker would add over a touch of class to the necklace and makes it look flawless at the same time. That would definitely be unique and I am sure this technique can let you flooded with compliments.
Bring your front to back creativity. Now you use a technique and wear your layered necklace backward. I know you would be thinking what do I mean by that? I mean that your long layered necklaces could beautifully decorate your naked back if you have an open back top. Also it looks creative, artsy and open backs are so feminine and also tempting to a lot of men.
Wearing a layered necklace you can always combine your new necklaces with the old necklaces. So, pair it with an amazing old chain or a necklace to get a perfect look which you always wanted. Ready to be copied!
Also you can choose Boho-style necklaces and pair all of them together, this would a unique way of wearing such neckpieces. You can also match the color which you want with the outfit look charming at the same time! Make sure to focus on earthy and natural tones when choosing your layered necklace because these colors are very typical of the boho hippie inspired fashion style.
You can team up the layered one with the pearls; as everyone knows pearl necklaces are something which is just a flawless piece of art. And pairing up this piece of art with the layered necklace can make your look wanting by the others in the crowd. Also you can style your pearls to go to a special event where you can simply stick to the all times classic style. People prefer to wear them for weddings, operas, theater, special occasions, red carpet events or any place where you can show off your passion for the classic pieces.
I hope this these techniques would help you somewhere in life and inspire you because in few seconds you can create, design or inspire others simply by combining a couple of your favorite necklaces! Also, master the world of the layering necklaces like a pro with these distinct designed. Look classy and get ready to be copied now.

Things every shopaholic is secretly guilty about!

Women are peculiar creature on earth, not in a negative way! But yes, in all the positive ways, we love shopping, talking especially gossiping, wearing makeup, etc; primarily we love getting dressed with all the branded cloths and jewelry. No one would ever realize how happy she is, once she buys here favorite branded cloths or accessories. The fastest way to reach a woman’s heart is to take her for shopping or gift her, her favorite cloths, bags, makeup, shoes, ballerinas, etc. The list goes on and on, this list is never ending. It is always with a woman that whatever she has is never enough for her! She always wants to buy more and more. Moreover if she comes across “sale season”, then no one can stop her from buying something which she already might have but still she would buy the same things again because of the sale, and it is not always with woman even men do the same thing, people!

It is not that shopaholics never feel guilty about what they buy everytime, they do! But the only thing is they won’t accept it. Well who accepts his/her mistake? The things which a shopaholic is secretly guilty about but won’t admit are listed below. Scroll to find which one make you feel secretly guilty.
They would never want to buy the same thing as someone else’s. They always look out for different things, which is completely distinguish and unique from rest of the people. Even if they find that piece amazing and also if it is giving them a perfect fit but just because someone already have that, a shopaholic won’t buy that. Yes, we feel guilty about this!

They keep scrolling shopping apps more than there social media timeline. They want to be in trend always and do not want to get missed with the latest jewelry, cloths or shoes/sandals. They have all the shopping apps in their latest gadgets where they keep want to scroll more and more. Also they are always updated about the sales! Well, a true shopaholic but yes, this is something they feel guilty about at times.

When you want to buy something on which someone already has an eye on. If you belong to the tribe of shopaholics, you will know that buying an item someone else has their eye on is a sin of the highest degree and goes against our moral code.

We are always concerned about the sales season more than we are concerned about our deadlines at offices or anything else. So they often feel guilty about these things as they are always waiting for the season for shopping. Only a shopaholic would understand these things and how much these deadlines matter.

One might take a day off just for his/her shopping because the sale might end the next day and they badly want to go and gift themselves amazing clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry etc.
These are the few things only a person who is a shopaholic would understand and relate to better. We do feel guilty secretly but, wow! We have awesome collection in front of us, and after seeing such collection the secret guilt vanishes altogether.

How to add some edge to your outfit and stand out fashionable!

Every girl wants to look sizzling and amazing while she walks down the street. Every lady has a different taste when she carries the cloth she wears and buys. So, Even if you prefer a conservative and classic look, we all want to embrace our inner star once in a while and spike up our outfits. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to add some hip, edgy vibes to even the most preppy style. So, we all can always look out for a change and pamper ourselves with some distinct outfits. All you need to do is stock up some of these rocker chic accessories to unleash your bad girl self.

So, let us scroll down and find some amazing tips or you can say advice on how we can add some edge to our outfits and wear a simple outfit also in a matter that they stand out in crowd and our look, looks the most desirable of all present in there.

Now, you can start off from a bold haircut.  Now flaunt you bold haircut which you just got and to give an edgy look to your attire a haircut is really important. So, do not forget to get the haircut which gives you an edgy look while makes you look bold and beautiful at the same time. I assure getting a hair cut done would make you look much more attractive than before and everything which you wear would suit you instantly!

Get yourself a Personality glasses. These won’t necessarily be flattering or attractive, but they will make an impact on the people looking at you. So, grab a pair of sunglasses and have the dark lenses changed to clear lenses; also consider checking out the men’s section.  Even getting a classic pair of sunglasses, like the Ray Ban, Wayfarers, converted into eyeglasses can make a big impact; choosing an unusual color can also be an easy way to make your look edgier. Get ready to walk out in style wearing such glasses this time.

Study your wardrobe as in what colors you have in bulk, like in case you are a black color lover like every second person on this planet then you need to change your wardrobe collection lady!  The easy advice here is to switch to some other color instantly and check for some amazing and different color which suits you, because if you will not start wearing different colors then you will not realize how that color suits you!

Go for a look with impact makeup look, like stop doing your usual thing like you were doing. Which might be that you have to stop putting a lot of make up or if you do not put any sort of makeup start putting some just to highlight you check bone or your eyes or maybe your lips with that amazing lip shades.
So, whenever you move out keep in mind these things and walk out in style with everyone rolling their eyes around you. Make people jealous with your edgy look and outfit.

A Gift Guide – Find a perfect gift for your loved ones!

73607149_nCelebrating and greeting people with “Happy New Year” wishes is something we love to do but selecting a perfect New Year gift for our special one is the major concern that creates a lot of confusion. As we all want to load them with all the luck and happiness. So, let us check out some idea on how and what we can gift to our special ones this new year!

Picture Collage:
Start the New year with all the memories you spend last year and with a note that these memories will be cherishes in future as well and nothing can change the bond between you and your loved one. That can be the most special gift one can receive.

Table Calendars:
One of the best and most preferred New Year gift option can be a Calendar. You can get a table calendar personalized with any picture, photo, quote, name or anything you wish to print. Again that would be a reminder for them that you keep them in your heart.

Basket of Chocolates with Greeting Card:
Starting New Year 2017 with a sweet note is great which can happen for your loved ones if you choose a Basket of Chocolates and a Greeting Card to gift them as New Year Present.

Bunch of Flowers and New Year Cake:
Now this is something very common but you can always opt for something unique and go for a customized cake and a bunch of amazing flowers. A bunch of flowers with a New Year Cake will blossom the home as well as let you relishing moments over delicious New Year cake together.

Gift your loved one there favorite jewelry this year, it can be a Stud, bracelet, bangle, ring or necklace! For girls you can choose any of these and for boys you can go for ear studs or ring or bracelet.

Hope these few things might help while you are confused scrolling in the website for the perfect gift, keep in mind whatever you gift that is not just a gift but your whole feelings are attached to it and I hope the person whom you are gifting also understands the same and values what you are gifting him. Wish this New Year brings all the happiness in your life!

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Every Indian Groom Who Would Love!

image001Who says only woman loves jewelry! The statement is totally wrong even man loves to dress up well and wear his favorite accessory. But yes, we have to agree that that jewelry is more common among woman than man. Which creates confusion when it comes to gifting it to the groom; we often think which jewelry to choose for gifting. But there are a lot of jewelries which a groom can adorn on wedding function or any other function!

Here are some jewelries from which one can choose for his loved one and gift him:


Bracelets are a unique accessory for men and women both, remember while choosing bracelets for men keep in mind that the bracelet should be thick and the one which matches with the class.


Look for a classy watch for your loved one; men love watches this accessory is something that makes them look more classy and elegant!


If you man wear a stud then it one of the best jewelry you can gift him, one can buy a diamond or a gold stud and gift him. I am sure he would love it!


Rings are very common and every guy wears a ring, so even if you want to go and gift your guy a classy and alluring ring you can go ahead with that.

These few option you can consider while choosing a gift for your lover or loved one! Well, anything you gift him he would genuinely love it because at the end of the day it is love that matters the most and rest of the things comes later on.

Things You Must Know About Floral Jewelry!

image001Flower jewelry is mostly seen on mehendi function where brides wear charming floral jewelry while getting there mehendi made! Now day’s floral jewelry has gone to a whole new level, we see a lot of bride to be wearing such jewelries on their mehendi functions. Basically this floral jewelry started from white flowers but now there is different color flowers used in the making of the jewelry. Some floral jewelry is made for a day which is made out of other flowers and some jewelry are made to wear for a longer period of time which is made out of flowers which stay for longer time.

These jewelries are also seen in haldi functions where bride to be always flaunts these jewelries with her haldi face! Things you must keep in mind about floral jewelry.

Add a pop of Contrast to your outfitimage003

Floral jewelry should be one which adds the contrast to your attire and make your outfit look more suitable. Always keep in mind that it should give a pop to your attire rather than matching.

Many options available in floral jewelryimage005

There are different types from which you can choose your favorite one and wear it amazingly! One can choose from orchids, rose, tuberose (rajnigandha), jasmine flower and etc.

Flowers used to make such jewelryimage007

Different types of flowers are made to make such jewelries. The type of flowers used completely depends on your choice. There are many types of flowers used to make such jewelry, like rose, orchid, jasmine and the list goes on!

Life of such jewelriesimage009

Lives of such jewelries are not just for few hours, they will stay fresh throughout the day. Even if you put such flower jewelry in refrigerator they will stay fresh for three days!

5 Sparkling Designs Kamarband Designs For any Occasion

kamarbandKamarband is tied around the waist with the ethnic wear and this is one of the stylish and exclusive accessories. Woman love to carry this alluring designs around there waist specially on their wedding day, tying a glamorous and  delicious Kamarband around the waists looks amazing and also gives a cheeky and charming look to your personality instantly. They are also known as saree belt or belly chains by different people. The best part is this can be matched with your ethnic attire and make it look different instantly.

Let us explore those different types of Kamarband which may help you to look flawless on your next function:

Pearl Kamarbandimage001


Pearl Kamarband looks elegant and classy at the same time, wearing one can make you look effortlessly beautiful!

Key Chain Designimage003


These alluring key chain designs can make you stand out in the crowd and pairing it with saree can make you look stunning!

Dangling Chain image005


These dangled chains on the side of your waist would highlight your figure and give you a slimmer.

Single Chain image007


Single chains designed Kamarband also looks alluring at times and gives you a classy look instantly.

Gold Kamarbandimage009


Gold Kamarband designs have always been a big factor for woman in flaunting there prides and royalty.

These few designs are good to go with you ethnic wear and you can pick the right one and match with your attire and look gorgeous at the same time because just like earrings, necklace or any other jewelry is important for a function. This is also one of the important accessories! So, don’t miss it.

Outfits for Short Girls to look tall with Right Accessories!

crop-topsMost of us are embarrassed of our body shape and size. Yes! We are but very few of us agree on that. We keep looking for tips on how we can look taller or slimmer; we ask people if we look fat or short in a particular outfit. Most of us, “Indian woman” fall under the petite group that is woman having height shorter than 5’4’’. The average height of a woman is 5’6” but most of us are fall under the same group and does not have that perfect height! But, I don’t think this is something we should be sad about.

There are some surprising fashion tips which will create an illusion of you being taller and you won’t be embarrassed anymore of your size. Also would look fashionable at the same time!

Scroll down to check these tips:
High Waist Flared Jeanimage002

Yes, these high waist bottoms looks stunning on woman and gives the viewer an illusion of long legs. If you are someone who goes for tights or jeggings, I would suggest you can pick one of these and notice the difference.

Turtle Neck Dressesimage004

These turtle neck dresses would instantly give you a longer frame , these type of turtle neck gives your overall silhouette look taller. Team up with a charming handmade fashion jewelry and you would be good to go for you day!

Small Sized Bagsimage006

Don’t go the huge size of the bag because they just hide your height from the onlookers. Small-sized cross-body bags and medium size bags can work well with your look.

Tight it upimage008

Wear tight cloths if you are losing up so that it gives an illusion of longer body frame. But remember do not over do it by wearing a really tight dress or top which does not look pleasing.

Light accessoriesimage009

Do not go for heavy jewelry, pick up a light weighted and always be careful about the design which you are choosing. A light weighted pendant or choker would be best for you ladies!

These are few tips on how you can create an illusion to people about your personality without wearing heals.