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Fashion Colors That Help With The Heat

Summers are here and we’re attempting our best to stay cool with fashion colors! So with regards to our garments, we tend to incline more towards whites and other lighter hues. Notwithstanding, simply white can get somewhat dull. Things being what they are, what different hues would it be advisable for you to have in our closets this season? These rundown highlights 8 hues that are so hot right now, you certainly need to attempt them this late spring…
1. Pastel Greens

Pastel-green-dress-miranda-kerr-Fashion Colors That Help With The Heat

Pastels simply shout summer, isn’t that right? These cool pastel green culottes are an awesome decision this season. Not just are they tastefully satisfying they additionally keep you cool all as the day progressed. Match them with this gleaming beige top and a couple of comfortable wedge heels along with amazing beaded earrings to finish the look.
2. Brilliant Whites

Brilliant Whites-models-in-white-clothes-for-summer-Colors That Help With The Heat

It’s very difficult to envision experiencing summer without white outfits in our wardrobes! What’s more, with an outfit that is as wonderful as this white shirt dress, you can be rest guaranteed that you’re going to look and feel extraordinary. With its idiosyncratic print of kiwi cuts, this dress is anything but difficult to coordinate with straightforward plimsolls and beaded anklets for a laidback day!
3. Delicate Pinks

Delicate Pinks-dress-Fashion Colors That Help With The Heat

It might be a stereotypical articulation, however I’m simply going to say it in any case – young ladies LOVE pink! So for quite a long time when you’re feeling additional girly, pick this pink top with charming weaved patches. Match it with this white midi skirt with a fun vivid print and a couple of white or light hued trim up shoes. This look is certain to function admirably for a day in school.
4. A Touch of Greenish Blue

A Touch of Greenish Blue-Colors That Help With The Heat

Shades of green might just be the shades of the season! This beautiful greenish blue dress is the encapsulation of magnificence and solace. You can dress it up with heels and lovely hoops for a night out on the town. On the other hand you can likewise wear it with a couple of level pumps for a day of skipping with your besties. This would just pull off golden cuffs like they were meant to be soul mates.
5. Sea Green/Blue Soul

Sea Green-Blue Soul-Colors That Help With The Heat

Sea Green-Blue Soul-Colors That Help With The Heat

As opposed to prevalent thinking, the shading blue is definitely not tragic. Also, this super charming blue yield top with an ultra-tropical pineapple print is here to demonstrate me absolutely right! You can wear it with some child pink cotton pants and your favorite wedge heels for your next easygoing Friday at work.
6. Patterned Blacks

Patterned Blacks-Colors That Help With The Heat

Individuals have a tendency to abstain from wearing dark amid summer, however a few of us are totally committed to the shading and our dedication is unaltered by temperature or atmosphere! In the event that you resemble one of these individuals (liable!), then you can go for a shirt like this with intense strokes for a print. Match it with these awesome flared palazzos to keep you cool and upscale.
7. Kaleidoscopic Pieces

Kaleidoscopic Pieces-Colors That Help With The Heat

Diverse garments are somewhat dubious to combine with anything. It may get hard to know where to take a stand. This sleeveless logline coat has quite recently the perfect measure of hues, blended only the correct way! Wear it over an exemplary high contrast blend – white tank top and dark culottes – alongside dark heels for a chic search for work.
8. Sweet Oranges!

Sweet Oranges-Colors That Help With The Heat

Orange is one of the happiest hues out there! So you can include this sweet melon orange tee to your closet this year without a second thought. Match it with this delicate pink midi skirt with overstated green apple print. Toss in some pastel plimsolls for a fun day out with your lady friends.

Hollywood Celebrities ZODIAC Fashion Outfits Assistance

Hollywood Celebrities Red Carpet Oscar Award Group Photo Image

1. Chic Taurus : Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks, Dianna Agron

Taurus young ladies adore wearing great, well-made garments with novel itemizing. They love high caliber and costly garments, however are will hold up until an extraordinary deal comes around before they purchase anything. The Bull rules over the throat and neck, so young Hollywood Celebrities under this sign affection highlighting this zone with scarves and neckbands.


2. In Vogue Virgos : Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Nicole Richie

Virgos give careful consideration to detail and dependably attempt to look flawless and cleaned, even with the most easygoing outfits. Young ladies under this sign affection basic dress and could never wear anything excessively showy, too tight or excessively uncovering. Virgo young ladies will attempt new patterns, however for the most part select to match them with exemplary and ageless pieces.


3. Trendy Capricorns : Zooey Deschanel, Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth

Capricorns tend to stay with an impartial shading palette and like vintage-roused pieces. This sign likes no nonsense closet and is about pieces that are both agreeable and practical. Capricorn young ladies like basic outlines and a look that radiates downplayed style.Buy statement pearl necklace at Bling station, you taureans.


4. Elegant Aquarians : Lauren Conrad, Mischa Barton, Alicia Keys

Aquarians have a novel feeling of style that is best depicted as eccentric and design forward. They are typically the first to shake another pattern and wouldn’t fret breaking style “rules” the length of they stay consistent with themselves. They also adore splendid hues and attempt to join them into each outfit- – regardless of the possibility that it’s only a little pop of shading. Buy colorful fashion jewellery online to add to your aquarian closet at Bling station.


5. Funky Gemini : Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Zoe Saldana, Natalie Portman

Gemini’s grasp young, varied and loco styles. Like their image proposes, Twins have double identities with regards to dress. Anything runs with them; however they particularly cherish blending easygoing fundamentals with strong and stand-out pieces. Young ladies under this sign like outfits that are fun loving and coquettish yet still look set up together.


6. Fun Libras : Hilary Duff, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Trachtenberg

Libras have a female, sentimental style and affection for all things rich. They are exceptionally mold cognizant and dependably attempt to look great, however could never be gotten dead looking excessively garish or pompous. This sign endeavors to locate the ideal harmony in the middle of easygoing and impressive, without using up every last cent.


7. Popular Aries : Leighton Meester, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart

This sign likes a more manly or energetic look with bunches of organized pieces. They additionally cherish agreeable and easygoing nuts and bolts. Aries like standard over the head, so they like wearing belts, headbands and different frill that attract consideration regarding the head and face. Buy fashionable belts online at Bling station. Aries are design pioneers and aren’t hesitant to wear super-intense or brave pieces.


8. Classic Leos : Taylor Momsen, Anna Kendrick, Demi Lovato

Leos adore all things sumptuous and are captivated by uncommon, selective or architect pieces. Enormous gems, intense examples and sequins are all on this present sign’s must-have list. They are likewise immense fanatics of creature print. This sign uses style to convey what needs be and impart their disposition.


9. Stylish Sagittarians : Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens

This sign loves to go wherever the wind takes them, so they like wearing agreeable and flexible dress. Sagittarians are prone to explore different avenues regarding a wide range of various patterns and styles. Bowmen are dependably watchful for interesting and unique pieces to wear with essentials.


10. Pastel Pisces : Whitney Port, Ashley Greene, Rihanna

Pisces are genuine sentimental people, which make them attracted to flowy, female and sensitive styles. Fish young ladies grasp innovativeness and are continually scanning for interesting and educated adornments. Pisces rules over the feet, so young ladies under this sign affection wearing impressive shoes.


11. Fashionable Cancers : Jessica Simpson, Selena Gomez

Cancerians typically dress as indicated by their mind-set, so their style is always showing signs of change, and could be totally not the same as one day to the following. They are extremely wistful, so they search for garments that have a story to them. Young ladies under this sign are likewise huge aficionados of vintage apparel and frill. This sign loves to wear dress that is both customary and female with loads of delicate points of interest.


12. Elegant Scorpios : Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway

Scorpios are attracted to serious, rich hues, however as a rule have a storeroom loaded with dull hued garments. This sign loves to draw in consideration with their attire, however dependably leaves a bit of something to the creative energy. A Scorpion likes straightforward garments with an edge and an indication of sex offer.


Yes, it,s that time of the year again when we can gush about the red carpet looks of our favorite international celebs! They all looked so gorgeous, but of course there were some that we just won’t ever forget.

So, here are our favorite looks from the 88th Academy Awards!

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

Call us biased if you like, but we think PC looks like a million bucks in that white strapless Zuhair Murad gown. We can’t take our eyes off her, seriously!!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

All that delicate black lace and fringe have Jennifer Lawrence coming in a very close second in our eyes! It seems like she can do no wrong when it comes to dressing for the Oscars. We just love this Dior gown on her.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

Brie Larson already looked like a winner in a gorgeous lapis blue gown by Gucci. But of course, she looked even better (if that’s possible!) with that Oscar for an accessory!

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

Kate Winslet looks absolutely stunning in a black strapless gown. The silk lamé hugs each and every curve just right! She looks bold and beautiful and we LOVE it!

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

Saoirse Ronan is honoring her Irish pride in a gorgeous green number. It’s a color she’s worn at the Oscars before and why not?! It definitely works wonders for her!

Tina Fey

Tina Fey-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN


Tina Fey looks flawless in her strapless gown. The rich color suits her better than we could have ever imagined, but then again, she always manages to take us by surprise, one way or another

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN


This woman can do no wrong on the red carpet. No matter what she wears, she manages to stun us without fail every time! Just like she did in the custom Marchesa gown at the Oscars 2016.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

Chrissy Teigen’s look at the Oscars is probably one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen all day! Her dress is complimenting her baby bump just perfectly, and her glowing skin is finishing up her super-stunning look!

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

Naomi Watts is a vision in this gown that we bet we’ll be dreaming of for at least the next month. The sapphire blue and vibrant purple combination is absolutely to die for!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga-Oscars-2016 BEST DRESSED WOMEN

It’s a gown and a suit and of course it’s absolutely gorgeous on Lady Gaga! She looks striking in this outfit and we didn’t expect anything less from her.

6 Times We LOVE LOVE LOVED Demi Lavato’s Style – Hollywood Fashion Hacks

Okay, we’ll admit it; we kind of have a full-fledged girl crush on Demi Lavato. She’s given us plenty of power packed performances and not to mention she’s absolutely gorgeous, plus her style is absolutely on point. When we aren’t oohing and aahing over adorable pics of her and her memorable LET IT GO song, we’re constantly getting inspired with her sartorial choices. From her lust-worthy metal rings online collection to her ability to make even leather outfits look glam, here are 6 times Demi gave us some serious envy.


The Drop Waist

Demi-Lovato-The Drop Waist-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

Pulling off this drop waist crop dress is no easy feat, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the tight fit but Demi wears it with flair. We’re totally loving those black metal rings she paired it with aren’t you?


Doing Denim

Demi-Lovato-Doing Denim-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

Trust D to make blue denim jackets, super pink hair highlights loaded with golden metal rings and bracelets to look fab. Of course if only we all could own a flamboyant smile like hers to add a touch of high fashion to our distressed days.



Demi-Lovato-Stripe-A-Delic-Demi Lavato's Style - Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India-American-Music-Awards

Rocking black and grey stripes from head-to-toe may make anyone else feel like a outcast but not this stunner. She worked her gothic look with a bob hair do, a dark maroon pout and loads of metal rings.


PINK Story

Demi-Lovato-PINK Story-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

She shone on the red carpet in a PINK hot crop top and matching skirt ensemble. With her hair pulled on one side with vibrant lush green highlights, wearing gorgeous black metal rings, Demi was the epitome of chick glam and grace at the big event.


All White Errthing!

Demi-Lovato-All White Errthing-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

This white low cut top with high waist skirt has been one of our favorite looks of the actress in recent times. She kept the look sleek, stylish and undeniably fierce. We love the center parted hair with this outfit as well. The best part is she went minimal with accessories. Apart from the white metal ring it was all charm and confidence that accompanied her.



Demi-Lovato-FROZEN Style-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

You don’t get more vogue than this FROZEN look. Working every inch of her high notes in the forever hit song LET IT GO from FROZEN; we stole this picture from her album. Demi flaunted some major style envy. Don’t miss the black net outfit paired with the metal rings giving a complete fierce look. We’re dying of envy!

Let’s stop beating around the bush and give you the link for those cool metal rings. Just go at BLING STATION’S metal rings online store and you are sorted.

5 Amazing looks with Metal Bracelets by EMMA WATSON – Style Check

Dressing for different events comes with its own set of challenges for any woman, from intern to CEOYes, we totally get you! Just because we walk shoulder to shoulder with our male colleagues doesn’t mean we need to dress like them. So, for us, the eternal question is: “How do I look like our favorite celebrity?”

It’s actually quite simple. That’s why we’ve trawled the depths of the Internet to find you looks of EMMA WATSON that are simply perfect. Whether it is a high-powered NIGHT OUT or a casual Friday, with this fab list, we’ve got you covered!


A Hint of Peekaboo

A Hint of Peekaboo-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

A great pick, this one! With the dark tank top, and a puffy bun, you’re sure to look slimmer and taller. And did you notice the low cut along with the gold metal bracelet? We love a bit of peek-a-boo. The casual look is perfect when you don’t need to go through any big event… Understated yet modern and edgy, we likey!


Gothic in White

 Gothic in White-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com (2)

Bang on for casual Fridays, this white T-Shirt and leather blue jacket is chic, comfy and elegant. Add some subtle colors with metal bracelets. We’re totally digging this gothic hairstyle, minty blue at the mo! Cool as a cucumber this summer, eh?


Do the Black

Do the Black-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

While this dress is particularly easy on the pocket, it’s so versatile and wearable that you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Wear it by itself, and add a belt, or a printed scarf, or a jacket, and you’ll have a whole new look each time. Plus don’t forget to put on that glamorous golden metal bracelet. For us, just that hue of black makes it worth the dough! We recommend pairing this stunner of a dress with black-and-white duo-tone heels and handbag – a slightly more fun take than plain black or safe-as-ever nude.


On DATE NIGHTS, We Wear Pink!

On DATE NIGHTS, We Wear Pink-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

As long as you’re in for frills and satin bows, pink is a great color for the date nights. Feminine and stylish, but not fussy and dramatic, this dress ticks all the boxes for a perfect date outfit. Team it with a golden metal bracelet online to set off the accent at the toned arms. Nude pumps and a textured leather sling bag complement the dress perfectly.


Wrap the BIG NIGHT

Wrap the BIG NIGHT-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

Aah, well, what can we say about MEXI dresses? Incredibly flattering and supremely stylish, let’s just call this the Lady Di of dresses, shall we? This white beauty clings in the just right places and camouflages all the possible problem areas with ease. And you can take this dress from day to night in a jiffy with a quick change in accessories. Tan and black metal bracelets are just the thing to add some va-va-voom to the dress.

Raid Selena Gomez Accessories with BlingStation

It’s not just your wardrobe that needs some basic must-haves to ensure you always put together a fabulous look; your jewellery collection is no exception. We all have dreamt to follow our celebrity style icon and when it comes to Hollywood we would even break some vaults to get the same designs and style as them. Well no need to break your piggy banks just yet. As BlingStation bring you the amazing styles of SELENA GOMEZ in its NEW ARRIVALS JEWELRY ONLINE section. Check it out…


Swag in Silver

Nothing speaks Casual rock chick style like silver – put on that tights and tank lots of mascara along with and you are good to go like none other than SELENA GOMEZ. Get those swag bracelet and earrings online at BLING STATION.

Swag in Silver SELENA GOMEZ Jewellery Jewelry Online Shopping Store

Elegance and Fashion at Peak

Golden Cuff and earrings are all the sparkle you need to shine bright at that sexy night out. They bring a refined touch to bright color jumpsuits. Besides the fact Selena embraced this style a simple stylish golden cuff can take you through a lifetime of fashion.

Selena-gomez-designer-jewelry-accessories-Elegance and Fashion at Peak Jewellery Online Shopping Store


Every lady needs at least one delicate necklace to bring her some girly chic. Just like Selena here in her semi formal outfit, which you can also wear over just about everything. You can slip on a pretty necklace everyday to elevate even a simple white tee or to bring some sparkle to a gorgeous evening dress. It will be your go-to for any occasion and can help make you feel special.

Selena-Gomez-LOOK FOR LESS-Jewellery Jewelry Online Shopping Store

Statement Jewelry

No jewellery collection is complete without that wow-factor, and a stunning silver cuff can do just that. Gorgeous cuffs are a must when you go traditional. They can add a pop of oomph to elevate a drab outfit or just to add an extra fashionable dose to your favorite LBD. The best part about them is that they add the right amount of fabulous drama so you don’t need to wear any other accessories to ramp up your look.

Selena-Gomez-Casual-Outfits-Statement Jewelry-Jewellery Online Shopping Store India

The Sunny Bead out

Perfect for any sunny day occasion, eye-catching beaded accessories with those graphic Tees and shorts can complete your whole look. It brings the right amount of glamorous flamboyance to your style. Just make sure to pair it with matching color of outfits of course. You can’t put brown beads with purple dress.

The Sunny Bead out- Jewelery Online Shopping Store India


RED Fashion FEVER – Bollywood & Hollywood

Red dress and elegant earrings is all you need to sweep and surprise your Valentine this year. As conventional as red dress sounds it really still beats your little black dress on this event. So twist your look with some fashion earrings this time. You have to go minimal on all the other areas because we don’t want you to look like Santa Clause on Christmas. Here are the five best red dress looks you can opt for this Valentines.


The classic Lacey show and hide Dress

If you already shopped for that classy red dress like a sensible budget girl then you can twist it up with a totally contrasting earrings and a sexy hair do. Go minimal on makeup and slap that red lipstick fuller on the lips. He is gonna go all AMAZE BALLS on you.

Deepika-Padukones-The classic Lacey show and hide Dress-Red-Fashion-Fever


Ethnic like Aish

What better way to get that open mouth looks than ditching that dress and going all Indian on him? Trust me nothing works the magic more than that backless blouse and translucent navel. Put on just the right earrings and avoid any other accessory to avoid the aunty look.

Aishwarya-Rai-Ethnic like Aish-Red-Fashion-Fever Online Shopping Store india

Stripe those curves

Flaunt those curves all the while hiding those love handles. Stripes are the stylish thumbs up section for you. Try draping your dress like ALIA to make it look different and achieving the agenda. You don’t have to go minimal on this one. You can wear your biggest statement jewelry to compliment those cheeks and compliment your whole attire with few bangles or a watch. We suggest BLING STATION if you are looking to buy earrings online or bracelets too.

Alia-Bhatt-Stripe those curves-Red Fashion fever- Online Shopping Store


Cute CROP tops

If you have just started dating and you don’t want to go all over the top on him then this is the perfect outfit for you. It is right amount of sexy and cutesy. While you are mixing the best of both worlds don’t forget the hoop earrings. They will match perfectly with your all day date.



Shorts and Sweaters

The shifting global warming climate is the perfect excuse to pair those matching boots and sweater/blazer with your red shorts. Since all of your body parts are almost covered so don’t forget those studs earrings with that blow dry hair do. This look will surely turn more than one head that day.

Shorts and Sweaters-Red-Fashion-Fever-Rachel Bilson in Red Shorts Out in Shopping in Santa Monica-Online-Shopping-Store-india


Bracelets Styles For WOMAN

Bracelets have been around for more than a decade, but they are more fun and versatile than ever right now.  Indian Bracelets are common.  You can find designer bracelets everywhere from the mall jewelry shops e-commerce websites like BLING STATION.  These pretty bracelets are great for little girls, but, hey, we’re women. We need something that distinguishes us in our day to day lives. Here are 5 designer bracelets that will whoop your dreams into reality.


Shine in Bollywood Light

None other than bold fashion icon shows us how to rule the evening gown with bracelets. It is simple gold metallic design that empowers your look without going over the board blingiee.

Shine in Bollywood Light Kriti-Sanon-Bollywood-Actress-beautiful-red-dress-hd-pics-Bracelets Online Store

Match it with colors

Put your favorite color in your daily bracelet binge. To add a spice to it you can get a matching ring. It is a super glamorous everyday office look. And when somebody asks you about your little fashion secret don’t forget to point them to us.


Jewels-Match it with colors-Bracelets online Store India


Large Coral Bracelets

If you are one of those who are always on the look for some statement jewelry then this is the next piece you will shop for. It is pretty and bold at the same time. It gives the feminist vibes by its coral design and the giant wrap on represents your “I OWN YOU” attitude.  To buy such bracelets online you can surf on BLING STATION.



Own Neon like a Boss

There is no need to nod sheepishly if you wanted to wear neon in your next office event. NYC Fashion Week and no other than Dakota Johnson showed us how to put that neon on its place without looking like a straight out of hipster gang. So, you are all free to raid your collection with little neon colored bracelets.

Paris Fashion Week


You can go all the way with this look and still won’t look like a cheeky college girl. The secret is to keep the same tone of color. Nothing should be too bright or heavy. So the next time you are wearing a tank top on the beach and you don’t want to flash that bare wrist you know what bracelets to pick and go.

Save yourself the havoc of bargaining and traffic and try online shopping. We suggest BLING STATION to be your bracelet online store as they are punctual with their delivery and are a quality product provider.