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Infinity Jewellery: A Latest Trend that We cannot Miss

We are so fond of wearing jewellery. The outfit does not seem complete to us without the glitter of it. We are also passionate about following the latest styles of accessorizing. One of the hottest trends of 2017, the infinity pendants, rings and bracelets are increasingly being adopted by women of all age groups with their everyday clothes. The little jewelry motif has become a big fashion statement in less time. read more

How to Wear Different Rings Gracefully!

Rings symbolize grace and elegance, and woman love being graceful and elegant. There are different types of rings to enhance your personality and give you charming look instantly! Now days, market is flooded with different kind of rings and one has a lot of options to choose amongst the flooded collection of rings, but the confusion is how one has to wear the ring and how to carry it gracefully! From low cost rings to diamonds, the choices are endless. read more

6 Times We LOVE LOVE LOVED Demi Lavato’s Style – Hollywood Fashion Hacks

Okay, we’ll admit it; we kind of have a full-fledged girl crush on Demi Lavato. She’s given us plenty of power packed performances and not to mention she’s absolutely gorgeous, plus her style is absolutely on point. When we aren’t oohing and aahing over adorable pics of her and her memorable LET IT GO song, we’re constantly getting inspired with her sartorial choices. From her lust-worthy metal rings online collection to her ability to make even leather outfits look glam, here are 6 times Demi gave us some serious envy. read more

Jewelry – Handmade or Machine made?

Handmade jewelry has got its own charm and gleam.It shows concentration, time, skill, dedication and creativity. Handmade jewelry has that rawness about it. Machine made jewelry on the other hand looks uniform and identical because there is constant repetition of patterns and designs and every piece is too perfect. When machine made jewelry is manufactured, it is made with profit being the sole aim. read more

Bling it on : Cocktail Rings !

Cocktail rings are super sized, dramatic rings. They are pieces of jewelry that scream ‘classy as heck’. Cocktail rings can be easily categorized from the rest. They usually have a large stone in the center. They are unconventional and are perfect to add that extra doze of glamour to your look. read more

Going back to the Roots : Tibetan Jewelry

Being so culturally and traditionally rich, Tibet has always fascinated me. It is like when the whole world is busy commercializing and westernizing, Tibet is happy just the way it is. Apart from being the most preferred tourist destinations, it is very well known for its artistry. In Tibet, there’s art in everything and you’ll agree with me on this once you visit. I took my trip last year and it was one of the best places I have ever been to. read more