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How to Wear Different Rings Gracefully!

image001Rings symbolize grace and elegance, and woman love being graceful and elegant. There are different types of rings to enhance your personality and give you charming look instantly! Now days, market is flooded with different kind of rings and one has a lot of options to choose amongst the flooded collection of rings, but the confusion is how one has to wear the ring and how to carry it gracefully! From low cost rings to diamonds, the choices are endless.

Let’s explore the type of rings and how one can carry these types:

Stone ringsimage003

These maybe made of precious stones or synthetics, One can match up the rings with the different color costumes and look gorgeous instantly.

Cluster ringsimage005

Cluster rings are also made of semi precious stones, where we see group of stones which can be bigger and smaller or of all sizes and shapes. Looks beautiful when worn with an elegant gown or ethnic wear. Highlights your fingers

Beaded ringsimage006

Beaded rings as the name describes these rings are made of small beads with the same or different colors; traditionally inspired rings look charming with any attire.

Gold ringimage008

Gold ring look amazing instantly if you carry it for any function or social gathering. This can be a perfect ring to carry anywhere also one can wear it daily as many of us love wearing jewelry!

Cocktail ringimage010

Cocktail rings are the best worn with the gowns and saree especially when you are visiting a party band these type of rings are made of precious stones and studs.

Carry these kind of rings and notice the eyes turning around you everytime you walk in or out.

What Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo?

If you are a tattoo enthusiast like me, you are always looking for top new designs, ideas and new places to get one made, after you save loads of money.
It’s not always easy to figure out the perfect place, especially if it’s your first tattoo.

Don’t fret too much, first get the design sorted, then decide the place, don’t go the other way round, it makes absolutely no sense. Tattoos are all about the design, the making and the color, once you have that settled then go ahead and choose the body part. All those rings online can be bought and out you use if you get one on your fingers or wrists

Let us help you a little bit; here is a list of possible places where you can get that first tattoo after you have nailed the design –


1. Thigh Tattoo

This is an extremely convenient place, it hurts very less and your designs can be elaborate. If you are worried about a government job or a professional environment, this is the best hidden place, you never really shorts to work do you. This will allow you to relax, lie down and chill as it is being made. As the skin content is high on the thighs it hurts really less and you can easily work through it. If you have an extremely elaborate design and want it to be concealable, this is one of the best options.


2. Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Tattoo - What Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo

This is my personal favorite as my first tattoo was in my wrist. It’s perfect for small designs like scripts or symbols. It hurts a little more as its closer to the bones but since the space is less, it’s over quick. If you love scripts like me, wrist is the best option; they are sleek and look beautiful. But it is not concealable, so keep that in mind if it can later be a problem. You can buy rings online and wear them to compliment your wrist tattoo.


3. Bicep Tattoo

Bicep Tattoo - What Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo

This is an option that men go for more as they have more muscular and in shape biceps. This is another place to get elaborate designs on. You can cover a lot of ground in this position and you will be comfortable as it will hurt less. If you are a woman and choose to get one on the biceps pair it with arm bracelets or beaded bracelets.


4. Calves Tattoo

Calves Tattoo - What Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo

Another area to get elaborate designs on. Calves are muscular and you can show off that tattoo very easily. These can have any sort of designs. Just because I say it’s a convenient place to get elaborate designs, does not mean you have too, if you want you can get scripts or symbols anything you want. You can just lie down and go to sleep while the tattoo artist does his work in this case.


5. Spine or Back Tattoo

Spine or Back Tattoo - What Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo

This is a great place to get a tattoo. Yes, it will hurt but you will love it. You can go for scripts that vertical right in the middle, on your spine, or go for elaborate designs on your backs from wings to dragons or whatever you want. Back tattoos are sexy and look amazing


6. Ankle Tattoo

Ankle - What Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo

This is another place that a lot of girls opt for. It’s pretty and sophisticated. You can get tattoos around your ankle or going from your foot to the ankle. It will hurt more as the skin content is less and it will hurt to wear anything but slippers for some days, but all that aside these look very pretty and is a good place to get your first tattoo.

6 Times We LOVE LOVE LOVED Demi Lavato’s Style – Hollywood Fashion Hacks

Okay, we’ll admit it; we kind of have a full-fledged girl crush on Demi Lavato. She’s given us plenty of power packed performances and not to mention she’s absolutely gorgeous, plus her style is absolutely on point. When we aren’t oohing and aahing over adorable pics of her and her memorable LET IT GO song, we’re constantly getting inspired with her sartorial choices. From her lust-worthy metal rings online collection to her ability to make even leather outfits look glam, here are 6 times Demi gave us some serious envy.


The Drop Waist

Demi-Lovato-The Drop Waist-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

Pulling off this drop waist crop dress is no easy feat, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the tight fit but Demi wears it with flair. We’re totally loving those black metal rings she paired it with aren’t you?


Doing Denim

Demi-Lovato-Doing Denim-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

Trust D to make blue denim jackets, super pink hair highlights loaded with golden metal rings and bracelets to look fab. Of course if only we all could own a flamboyant smile like hers to add a touch of high fashion to our distressed days.



Demi-Lovato-Stripe-A-Delic-Demi Lavato's Style - Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India-American-Music-Awards

Rocking black and grey stripes from head-to-toe may make anyone else feel like a outcast but not this stunner. She worked her gothic look with a bob hair do, a dark maroon pout and loads of metal rings.


PINK Story

Demi-Lovato-PINK Story-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

She shone on the red carpet in a PINK hot crop top and matching skirt ensemble. With her hair pulled on one side with vibrant lush green highlights, wearing gorgeous black metal rings, Demi was the epitome of chick glam and grace at the big event.


All White Errthing!

Demi-Lovato-All White Errthing-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

This white low cut top with high waist skirt has been one of our favorite looks of the actress in recent times. She kept the look sleek, stylish and undeniably fierce. We love the center parted hair with this outfit as well. The best part is she went minimal with accessories. Apart from the white metal ring it was all charm and confidence that accompanied her.



Demi-Lovato-FROZEN Style-Demi Lavato's Style - Hollywood-Celebrity Fashion Hacks-Online Shopping Store India

You don’t get more vogue than this FROZEN look. Working every inch of her high notes in the forever hit song LET IT GO from FROZEN; we stole this picture from her album. Demi flaunted some major style envy. Don’t miss the black net outfit paired with the metal rings giving a complete fierce look. We’re dying of envy!

Let’s stop beating around the bush and give you the link for those cool metal rings. Just go at BLING STATION’S metal rings online store and you are sorted.

Jewelry – Handmade or Machine made?

Handmade jewelry has got its own charm and gleam.It shows concentration, time, skill, dedication and creativity. Handmade jewelry has that rawness about it. Machine made jewelry on the other hand looks uniform and identical because there is constant repetition of patterns and designs and every piece is too perfect. When machine made jewelry is manufactured, it is made with profit being the sole aim.

Handmade Necklace Jewellery online Store

When handmade jewelry is made, craftsmanship and details is its hallmark. Though Handmade Jewelry costs more than machine jewelry, be assured that it is value for money. Here is why- When you pay for jewelry made by hand, you only pay for the creativity and the craftsmanship. Whereas while buying machine made jewelry, you pay for a lot of other expenses as well. Those other expenses being the store’s rent, salary of the employees working there and of course the profit of the brand. So you decide, do you want to spend on these expenses or only for the artisan for his immense creativity?

More over, handmade jewelry makes you feel loved as the piece is wholly made for you. Machine made jewelry doesn’t have that exclusivity because it is produced in bulk and millions of people are wearing the same design. Whereas handmade jewelry is something that only you own. Even if there are ten Handmade Necklaces, every piece would have a touch of uniqueness.

When handmade jewelry is made the aim is not to produce certain quantities in a time frame and cost cutting but providing quality and only quality products. When an artisan makes a piece, he is not working for some brand or profit, rather he is working for his own name. So using inferior quality raw materials and cheap tools is out of question.

So next time when you are out shopping, decide for yourself whether you want to look exclusive or just like any other from the crowd?

5 Rules for Mixing Metals

Mixing metals in jewelry

Gold and silver- ‘Never the twain shall meet’ is something that is long gone and a lot has changed in fashion since then. Mixing metals in jewelry means mixing two or more distinct and contrasting metals together. Here are a few guidelines that will help you mix metals:

  • Silver-gold combined jewelry – This is an easy way to start wearing mixed metals. Find a combination piece that has both gold and silver like the necklace in the picture below. You can then work around by either wearing a gold bracelet and a silver handbag.

Fashion jewelry Silver-gold combined jewelry Designer necklace

  • Start with delicate rings and necklaces- You are a novice at mixing metals but you really want to try this out. Then all you need to do is start with delicate rings. Stack your Rings – midi rings, above the knuckle rings in various tones and sport an edgy look. Another way is to layer Necklaces. Dainty necklaces of different lengths and metals when worn together simply looks high fashion.

delicate rings stacking rings

  • Keep the ratio in mind – Wearing a silver Bracelet and adding multiple gold bracelets will be of no use as the mess of gold will hide that dainty little bracelet. The ratio is important while stacking.
  • Texture and tones – A perfectly hammered gold bracelet with two or three twisted silver bracelets looks ultimately chic. In the picture given below, you can see how the wearer has mixed gold, silver and rose gold together. Since she has worn three different metals together, she has worn all the bracelets in one texture.

silver and gold bangles Texture and tones metal bangles

  • Have a type – When you are mixing metals, remember to have a type. If you are planning to go boho, then wearing a timeless bracelet would look out of place. Or wearing a classy watch and adding multiple hammered bracelets would just break the look. Stick to a type and accordingly select the pieces you want to mix.

rings Have a type stacking jewelry trend

Black outfit is a good option because black matches with both gold and silver. When you are wearing a gold necklace, black dress or pants and silver bracelet, both gold and silver looks fabulous with black. Black and gold is a classy combination in itself and silver and black is another great combination. You just mixed both the metals by bringing in a third color. No one has ever gone wrong with this.

Bling it on : Cocktail Rings !

Cocktail rings are super sized, dramatic rings. They are pieces of jewelry that scream ‘classy as heck’. Cocktail rings can be easily categorized from the rest. They usually have a large stone in the center. They are unconventional and are perfect to add that extra doze of glamour to your look.

Cocktail Rings

Do you know there’s an interesting history behind how it got its name? Cocktail rings came into existence in that era when alcohol and cocktail parties were illegal. Women in order to rebel, wore these flashy rings to draw attention to the cocktail in their hands. Not only did they rebel against the law, but they did that in style.

Stacked rings, midi rings- all these trends may come and go, but cocktail rings are something that is going to stay trendy all the time. They are not just fashion accessories, they are essentials. Every woman should have at least one in her collection. If you’re shopping for your first cocktail ring and you’re a little clueless about the color or stone, buy one in a versatile color. Versatile rings can be worn with almost all outfits and any time of the day. Cocktail rings can make or break an outfit. So be careful while buying one. Don’t go around buying just any over-sized ring. At, we have a magnificent collection of cocktail rings. Blingstation is an online shopping website from where you can buy handmade Jewelry and fashion accessories.

Cocktail Rings can be worn to a number of events. They are ideal for brunch, red carpets, and semi-formal events. Yes, they are that versatile! They have their own charm and gleam. They are very rightly called bling rings. They are enough if you’re looking to make a dramatic entrance to any event. Manicured nails, an exclusive cocktail ring and you’re good to go!

Going back to the Roots : Tibetan Jewelry

Being so culturally and traditionally rich, Tibet has always fascinated me. It is like when the whole world is busy commercializing and westernizing, Tibet is happy just the way it is. Apart from being the most preferred tourist destinations, it is very well known for its artistry. In Tibet, there’s art in everything and you’ll agree with me on this once you visit. I took my trip last year and it was one of the best places I have ever been to.

Undoubtedly, Tibet has the finest jewelry in the world. Tibetans adorned jewelry not only to beautify themselves but to indicate their social status. Most of their jewelry served as amulets. They still believe that certain pieces of jewelry were to guard against evil spirit. Tibetan men believed that if their ears are not pierced, they might be born as donkeys in their next birth. So they wore little turquoise studs to avoid the risk. Turquoise Beads were also believed to draw out illness from the body.  Coral, turquoise and Mila amber are the three stones that are most used in their jewelry. But, Coral is the most important of them all. It symbolizes long life, flexibility and flow. The Tibetan artisans are skilled and whatever knowledge they have, that has been passed on to them from their great grandfathers. Boudha, just outside Kathmandu, is the place where most of the Tibetans lived as refugees when China took over Tibet. The Tibetan beads are made there.

Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan Jewelry is a rage now. Many online websites too are incorporating jewelry from Tibet into their collection. Blingstation has a wide range of Tibetan and  Nepalese Jewelry.

Everyday Fashion Jewelry

Is there anything more annoying than wasting precious minutes while getting ready in the morning, thinking over the perfect pair of earrings to wear when you’re already in a  rush.Why not make it simple? Create a separate wardrobe for simple, dainty and everyday earrings which you can simply grab, every time you’re in a rush. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to work or you’re out for a stroll or you’re going to meet a friend for a quick cup of coffee, look your best with the elegant and sophisticated everyday jewelry that you can pair with absolutely anything, anywhere! The understated colors and charm of everyday jewelry make it a perfect choice to complement any outfit you choose and blend in with anywhere you go.

Fashion Jewelry Online Shopping Store

Everyday fashion jewelry is jewelry that is worn with effortless styling, you can pair it with almost anything without thinking too much. Add a bit of glamour to your outfit everyday with subtle and dainty fashion jewelry. Knowing what to wear and how to wear is not enough, you also need to know how to buy the right piece of jewelry. Not much thinking is required when it comes to everyday fashion jewelry, but various Fashion Jewelry Online Store create a chic range of fashion jewelry which makes them a suitable source to buy wholesale fashion jewelry. Never be afraid to wear what your heart says, when it comes to fashion jewelry. Why always match the jewelry with your outfits? Wear them with contrasting colors to take the look one notch up.

Earrings Online Shopping Store

Following are some additional tips on incorporating everyday fashion jewelry into your outfits effortlessly:

  1. Do you wear the brooch occasionally on only your coats and jackets? You can wear them everyday by pinning them to your scarfs and hats. It lends a chic look to your ensemble yet keeping the whole look understated.
  2. Another creative way to wear the brooch is pin it to your plain and simple handbag for an instant uplift, it also adds a dash of sparkle and color to your old handbag.
  3. You can also wear the pins as necklaces by attaching them to chains or other simple necklaces. You can wear it long or short, depending upon the look you’re trying to create.
  4. Bored of wearing necklaces as just the necklace? Now, you can wear them as bracelets, wrap them twice or thrice around your wrist for a fascinating look. This trick will allow you to wear the necklace in more than one way.
  5. You can even wear the necklace as an anklet by wrapping the necklace around your ankle. If possible, opt for necklaces with charms as it will look more visually appealing.
  6. Do you have a fascinating collection of rings? Great! Wear your rings in a chain to form a unique and interesting necklace. Start by stringing your favorite rings to form an alluring and personalized necklace.
  7. Stacking your bracelets and bangles also provides a fun look for everyday wear. It’s a fun way to wear your bangles and bracelets in a new way every time. It gives you a great chance to achieve unique looks with the similar set of bangles and bracelets.

Bangles Online Shopping Store