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Alluring Maang tikka to wear this season!

maang tikkaMaang tikka is something which enhances the look of the outfit which you wear, so choosing one is a tricky task. Matching it with the attire is something which you have to concentrate on. Wedding jewelry is something which is incomplete without maang tikka. It is an essential part of the bridal look, and is something which can make her look remarkable and amazingly beautiful.

Nowadays maang tikas are of different type and different style, which has created excited amongst ‘bride to be’ woman especially to choose the right one for themselves and be the showstopper which they are, like always! Peep in some of the pleasing maang tikas down here;

Multi Stranded Side Tikkaimage001

This tikka is good to go with your outfit for sure, and these are something that is trending nowadays so it is a must have for you functions.

Tiara Maang Tikkaimage002

This tiara maang tikka looks effortlessly beautiful, wear it for a get together and this alluring piece of jewelry will bring all the shine around you!

Pendant styleimage003

Pleasing pendant style maang tikka looks amazing with you suits or saree, one team up this jewelry with any traditional wear.

Jhoomar or Passaimage004

This pleasing type of maang tikka is something which has to be in your bag for your wedding!

Drape Style Maatha Pathiimage005

Drape style maang tikka are so in trend nowadays, woman with v-shape face can look more pleasing while wearing one as it suits best to them.

Slanted Side Chains Maang Tikkaimage006

If you use this maang tikka the right way it will highlight your face and can make you look more attractive!

These are just a part of fashion jewelry which is a must for wedding season, and every girl should keep them in the pouch for the beginning of the season!

Reasons to wear Jewelry

Reasons to wear jewelry

Jewelry is no more an ignored fashion accessory. It is much more than that. Get how jewelry came into style and why you should wear it.

In earlier times, jewelry was worn mainly as a symbol of social status. Women wore jewelry to show their wealth and status in the society. Now jewelry is much more than just a symbol of social status. Even then and now, people passed on their jewelry to their daughters and granddaughters. These heirlooms hold sentiments, emotions and a lot of value. They are too precious and close to the heart. Here are a few other reasons why you should wear jewelry:

  • Self expression – Jewelry lets you express yourself. What you wear shows your personality and your taste. A bold statement necklace will show that you are not afraid of expressing yourself and are all about standing out in the crowd. You believe in wearing eccentric and offbeat designs. A sleek minimal piece of jewelry shows that you are a woman of understated style. You wear certain pieces so often, that it becomes your signature style.
  • Liven up an outfit – Jewelry can really brighten and liven up an outfit. It adds panache to any outfit.

A simple grey t-shirt outfit got all jazzed up by adding the bling necklace and the Shimmery Bracelet. Do you see how just by adding simple pieces of jewelry, the whole outfit went from a casual day outfit to a party outfit in an instant?

  • Exude style and confidence – Fashion is all about communicating without having to speak. Wearing jewelry shows that you are confident. You know what you are and know yourself as an individual. You are not only about following fashion trends but know what will suit you and your persona.
  • Expression of love – Jewelry is a perfect gift to give to someone. It is a symbol of love. Best friends wear matching bracelets or couples wear locket pendants with pictures of each other as an expression of love. Jewelry has the power to add a little something to your look. Jewelry is an all event appropriate gift too. There is a wide variety of jewelry available and one can choose according to their taste. Fine jewelry can be given when the occasion is formal or you are gifting someone special. Fashion Jewelry is perfect for college goers as they are all about following the current trend. Fashion jewelry costs less than fine jewelry as it is made using inexpensive gemstones, crystals and metals. Beaded jewelry is very popular among men too. Beaded bracelets and Bone Beaded Pendants are a preferred choice among men.

Jewelry – Handmade or Machine made?

Handmade jewelry has got its own charm and gleam.It shows concentration, time, skill, dedication and creativity. Handmade jewelry has that rawness about it. Machine made jewelry on the other hand looks uniform and identical because there is constant repetition of patterns and designs and every piece is too perfect. When machine made jewelry is manufactured, it is made with profit being the sole aim.

Handmade Necklace Jewellery online Store

When handmade jewelry is made, craftsmanship and details is its hallmark. Though Handmade Jewelry costs more than machine jewelry, be assured that it is value for money. Here is why- When you pay for jewelry made by hand, you only pay for the creativity and the craftsmanship. Whereas while buying machine made jewelry, you pay for a lot of other expenses as well. Those other expenses being the store’s rent, salary of the employees working there and of course the profit of the brand. So you decide, do you want to spend on these expenses or only for the artisan for his immense creativity?

More over, handmade jewelry makes you feel loved as the piece is wholly made for you. Machine made jewelry doesn’t have that exclusivity because it is produced in bulk and millions of people are wearing the same design. Whereas handmade jewelry is something that only you own. Even if there are ten Handmade Necklaces, every piece would have a touch of uniqueness.

When handmade jewelry is made the aim is not to produce certain quantities in a time frame and cost cutting but providing quality and only quality products. When an artisan makes a piece, he is not working for some brand or profit, rather he is working for his own name. So using inferior quality raw materials and cheap tools is out of question.

So next time when you are out shopping, decide for yourself whether you want to look exclusive or just like any other from the crowd?

Everyday Fashion Jewelry

Is there anything more annoying than wasting precious minutes while getting ready in the morning, thinking over the perfect pair of earrings to wear when you’re already in a  rush.Why not make it simple? Create a separate wardrobe for simple, dainty and everyday earrings which you can simply grab, every time you’re in a rush. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to work or you’re out for a stroll or you’re going to meet a friend for a quick cup of coffee, look your best with the elegant and sophisticated everyday jewelry that you can pair with absolutely anything, anywhere! The understated colors and charm of everyday jewelry make it a perfect choice to complement any outfit you choose and blend in with anywhere you go.

Fashion Jewelry Online Shopping Store

Everyday fashion jewelry is jewelry that is worn with effortless styling, you can pair it with almost anything without thinking too much. Add a bit of glamour to your outfit everyday with subtle and dainty fashion jewelry. Knowing what to wear and how to wear is not enough, you also need to know how to buy the right piece of jewelry. Not much thinking is required when it comes to everyday fashion jewelry, but various Fashion Jewelry Online Store create a chic range of fashion jewelry which makes them a suitable source to buy wholesale fashion jewelry. Never be afraid to wear what your heart says, when it comes to fashion jewelry. Why always match the jewelry with your outfits? Wear them with contrasting colors to take the look one notch up.

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Following are some additional tips on incorporating everyday fashion jewelry into your outfits effortlessly:

  1. Do you wear the brooch occasionally on only your coats and jackets? You can wear them everyday by pinning them to your scarfs and hats. It lends a chic look to your ensemble yet keeping the whole look understated.
  2. Another creative way to wear the brooch is pin it to your plain and simple handbag for an instant uplift, it also adds a dash of sparkle and color to your old handbag.
  3. You can also wear the pins as necklaces by attaching them to chains or other simple necklaces. You can wear it long or short, depending upon the look you’re trying to create.
  4. Bored of wearing necklaces as just the necklace? Now, you can wear them as bracelets, wrap them twice or thrice around your wrist for a fascinating look. This trick will allow you to wear the necklace in more than one way.
  5. You can even wear the necklace as an anklet by wrapping the necklace around your ankle. If possible, opt for necklaces with charms as it will look more visually appealing.
  6. Do you have a fascinating collection of rings? Great! Wear your rings in a chain to form a unique and interesting necklace. Start by stringing your favorite rings to form an alluring and personalized necklace.
  7. Stacking your bracelets and bangles also provides a fun look for everyday wear. It’s a fun way to wear your bangles and bracelets in a new way every time. It gives you a great chance to achieve unique looks with the similar set of bangles and bracelets.

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Why Should You Wear Fashion Jewelry ?

Fashion jewelry is a kind of jewelry that is made from less expensive materials as compared to the fine jewelry or high-end jewelry. This does not imply that artificial jewelry is something that is cheap and only meant for your little daughter. It means with fashion jewelry you can have a lot of options when it comes to jewelry. You can have a different piece of jewelry with every dress and you can easily buy Artificial Jewelry Online.

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Are you still confused about it? Following are some more reasons for wearing fashion jewelry:

Have different pieces without spending too much: Don’t we all need a piece of matching jewelry with each of our dresses? Also, jewelry worn and seen once cannot be repeated till the time people forget that you wore it. It’s not possible for everyone to afford so many precious pieces, then what’s the solution? Simple, opt for bling Jewelry for Women, an inexpensive and stylish replacement for fine jewelry. I know you must love the diamonds and sapphires, but trust me similar look is achievable for less. You can utilize fashion jewelry to imitate that luxurious look you’ve been loving. No untrained eye can make out the difference between cubic zircons and diamonds.

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Update Your Wardrobe: Add vibrant pops of color to your wardrobe with fashion jewelry. Go for beads available in all those fascinating colors. Fashion jewelry can help you recycle your old favorites and add a whole new dimension to your outfits. Instead of shopping new clothes, shop some fashion jewelry and mix-n-match it with your clothes to create new looks every time.

Experiment with your Style: Fashion jewelry being inexpensive makes experimenting a lot easier. Even if the jewelry piece does not work for you, it will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket. Also, there’s a lot more variety when it comes to fashion jewelry in terms of material used.

What type of Jewellery you must own this summer?

Summer! A season full of vibrant colors and happy sunny days. If your wardrobe is oozing bright colors and flowy cotton dresses, you think you’re summer ready! Well, not exactly! Do you have the right pieces of jewellery to complement those outfits? No? Your wardrobe is certainly lacking. No outfit will ever be complete without the right piece of jewellery. We’re are here with  some quick fix solutions to the must have jewellery this summer.

Following is a quick list of the jewellery you need to have this season:

Necklace : Ditch all those metal necklaces this summer. Metal jewellery in the heat is a complete no no. Instead, go for vibrant beaded ones that will add a fresh charm to your look. Beaded necklaces are not lightweight, they are also available in all the vibrant colors. You can opt for necklaces matching with your outfit  or you can even opt for necklaces in contrasting colors. You can wear the necklaces on their own or create a visual appeal by layering several pieces.

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Earrings : earrings are the best form of jewellery for summers. All those shoulder dusters and chandelier earrings look great, but they are not meant for the heat. Instead, opt for delicate little drops that add a glow to your face without weighing down your ears. In earrings, you can go for metal as well as the beaded ones. Just make sure they are light and easy on the ears.

Bracelets and Bangles : Go easy on the bracelet and bangles if your work requires you to be on the go. A bunch of bracelets or a stack of bangles can actually be an obstacle in your work. You can wear a sleek bracelet which adds just the right amount of color and finesse to your look. Don’t know where to buy them? You can easily Buy Fashion Jewellery Online.

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Rings : The days when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of jewellery due to the heat, rings are your secret weapon. They won’t disturb your work in any way. Just slip on a vibrant ring and let it do all the talking.

If you’re wondering where to buy all this stuff, you can definitely buy online jewellery.


Why should you buy Handmade Jewelry?

Nepali Handmade PendantOne of the most fascinating things about handmade jewelry is that it is made by the hand rather than machines, which makes it unique and a must have.Be it any product, handmade products have always been considered the most valuable as each product that is crafted by hand is unique. Today, almost everything is mass produced, it has become very tough to find products with fine craftsmanship. Modern wardrobes being neutral, jewelry has become a vital part of every wardrobe, and handmade jewelry is one of the best types of jewelry you can find. It has a lot of traditional and cultural value.

Although, you’ll find many reasons to add handmade jewelry to your existing collection, but one of the major reasons for buying handmade is that it will never go out of style. If you’re still not convinced, following are some more reasons to buy handmade jewelry:

Craftsmanship: Various handmade jewelry exporters usually employ local craftsmen who are highly skilled in their work. They create intricately crafted pieces to form a wearable piece of art. Owning such a piece of jewelry is a luxury in itself.

Handmade jewelry is Unique: There’s no doubt about that! The most fascinating thing about owning a handmade beauty is that it is one-of-a-kind. There are chances that no one else, except you, will have the same piece. That is what makes handmade jewelry much more desirable.

A wide range of materials: A wide variety of materials brings a lot of diversity in the designs when it comes to fashion jewelry. Whereas, most mass-produced fashion jewelry is usually made from materials like plastic which is cheap and undesirable.

You support Cultural Heritage: When you buy handmade jewelry, you encourage cultural heritage and traditions, that are sometimes, centuries old. All around the world, there are local jewelry forms and techniques for creating jewelry. Products that are handcrafted help preserve the traditions and cultures they come from.

There are eco-friendly options in handmade jewelry: Handmade jewelry is an easy way to go green. Handmade products use natural materials that eliminate the threat caused to our environment. Handcrafted jewelry pieces are usually made from recycled materials which also saves the environment in a lot of ways.

So, buy something that is exquisite, buy handmade. Handmade jewelry is a craft in itself that will add a lot to your current jewelry wardrobe. Handmade jewelry is the one that becomes you’re your go to piece for all the parties.

Handmade jewelry is so unique that you can effortlessly create outfits around it. Be it any type, from chunky beaded bracelet to a wire wrapped ring, the handmade jewelry is bound the center of attraction of your jewelry box.

Jewelry to know about : Traditional Tibetan Jewelry


Jewelry plays a very important role in the culture of Nepal and Tibet. Jewelry is a part of a dress, a symbol of spirituality, and a part of everyday life. Tibetans do not wear jewelry just to beautify themselves. Tibetans wear their jewelry as amulets or as a kind of the bank, which is always with them. In Tibet, jewelry is also an indicator of the social status.


Tibetan jewelry is majorly crafted using stones using Tibetan silver and stones like turquoise, coral and amber. It is among the most finely crafted jewelry in the world. Tibetan people believe that coral and turquoise stones symbolize health, luck, and fortune.

Artisans in Tibet are highly skilled and have utilized the same techniques for generations to create the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The art of crafting jewelry usually runs in the family. Tibetan artists incorporate Buddhist designs in their work.  Following is the picture of a Tibetan earring, you can Buy Earrings for Girls Online.


Ghau boxes, or prayer boxes are worn as amulets that provide protection for the wearer. The box usually contains a scroll that has been specifically prepared by the priest for the wearer. Sometimes, in place of the scroll, the box also contains a gemstone which bears protective powers or even a bag of healing herbs. Following is a picture of one such Ghau box:


Whether you’re a collector or just looking for the perfect statement piece of jewelry(Buy Pendants For Girls), you’re bound to appreciate the beauty and history of Tibetan jewelry.