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Necklace with Earrings

Looking for Christmas gifts? 10 best suited accessories under Rs.300

Christmas is arriving, and basically this is festival where everyone’s excitement level is on the top. The only worry about the festival season is the gift or maybe the matching jewelry you want to team up with your attire by not spending much. The festival is full of red and green color basically as Santa’s costume is white and red and our Christmas tree is green in color. So, primarily these two colors are highlighted the most these days and people tend to dress up in these color dresses to celebrate the festival. read more

Jewelry – Handmade or Machine made?

Handmade jewelry has got its own charm and gleam.It shows concentration, time, skill, dedication and creativity. Handmade jewelry has that rawness about it. Machine made jewelry on the other hand looks uniform and identical because there is constant repetition of patterns and designs and every piece is too perfect. When machine made jewelry is manufactured, it is made with profit being the sole aim. read more

How to choose the right Necklace Length?

It becomes very important to the right length for your necklace as it frames your face and therefore, highlights some of your best features. A vital point to consider while you buy a necklace is where it falls on your body. It’s very important to buy the necklaces online according to the shape of your face, height, and body type. A necklace length that does not suit your frame can either make you look short or broad. The typical necklace lengths are between 10 to 48 inches. The following image shows some of the standard  necklace lengths: read more

What type of Jewellery you must own this summer?

Summer! A season full of vibrant colors and happy sunny days. If your wardrobe is oozing bright colors and flowy cotton dresses, you think you’re summer ready! Well, not exactly! Do you have the right pieces of jewellery to complement those outfits? No? Your wardrobe is certainly lacking. No outfit will ever be complete without the right piece of jewellery. We’re are here with  some quick fix solutions to the must have jewellery this summer. read more

5 DIY Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Don’t let your jewelry sit in boring boxes tucked away in your closet! Out of sight is out of mind. If you do not see your jewelry daily, then how are you going to wear it? It’s very important to organize your jewelry, so that you can wear it daily. read more

Indulge in Colors this Monsoon

With all those dull and cloudy days around, we all need a little bit of color in our wardrobes. What is a better and quicker option than colorful jewelry? Go for brighter colors and quirky designs. Monsoon is all about colors, ranging from tasty tangerine to blissful blue! The key lies in experimenting and having fun with the colors. read more