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Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

It’s almost summer and we are shedding all those extra layers we’d thrown on for winter. With the Bling Station fashion tutorial in full swing, we’re totally gushing over the pretty drapes and fabulous silhouettes on the runways in 2016. This summer take some inspiration from the ramp and give your wardrobe a new twist. Here’s bringing you the 7 of the trendiest styles for the coming season.


The Cut-Out Dress

The Cut-Out Dress-Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

We’re happy to announce that cut-out dresses are still rocking the runway and make for great summer wear. Why? Well, who doesn’t like an aired out midriff or back when it’s scorching outside? This White themed body hugging gown will sure get temperatures soaring. Dress it up with heels or play the understated diva in plimsolls. Don’t forget to accessorize right. You can bay bangles online from Bling Station that add to that evening gown glitter.


The Cold Shoulder

The Cold Shoulder-Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

A little cold shoulder never hurt anybody. The coming of season sport cut-aways on your shoulders are the ultimate glam statement to your next office presentation. To keep things minimalistic, pair your cold-shoulder top with knee-length pencil skirt or a pair of high-waist trousers. You can carry a fabric handbags with it for more urban effect.


Flowy Silhouettes

Flowy Silhouettes-Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

It’s too hot to layer up during the summer, so opt for breezy dresses and tops that keep things light. When opted with Pastel summer colors flirty, feminine silhouettes are complete head-turners. Wear a zingy golden bracelet to add an extra oomph to your outfit. Buy bracelets online from Bling Station.


Capes To The Rescue!

Capes To The Rescue-Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

Capes refuse to die down and remained strong on the runway this season (partial blame goes to Ben “Batman” Affleck, who brought the caped crusader back into our lives). Pair yours with a pair of jeans for college or dress it up by wearing it over a dress for evenings out.


Belle With The Bells

Belle With The Bells-Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

2016 brought bell sleeves back with the hot weather and totally mesmerized us. Seen on international runways at the Milan and New York Fashion Weeks, bell sleeves look like they’re here to stay! Pair your bell-sleeved dress with a block heels for a 70’s vibe.


Culottes rule

Culottes rule-Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

Women’s knee or calf-length trousers cut with a wide leg are called culottes and were worn by gentlemen of the 15th and late 18th centuries. Back with a twist, the modern day culottes have wider hems (to resemble skirts) and are worn by women (men wouldn’t want to be caught dead in them anymore!). This can be your perfect office pants in the scorching heat because I am sure the sun won’t let you anywhere near your body hugging trouser pants or jeans for an instance. When paired with printed party wear tops, these trousers can give you a day-out look.


Straight-legged pants

Straight-legged pants-Summer 2016 Styles for Western Lovers

Time to get rid of those skinnies and opt for straight-legged pants this season. Pick them in cotton or linen fabrics to give your legs a breather from those tights and skinnies you’ve been squeezing them into. Pair them with sleek pumps and breezy tops and you are set to start some trends around you. Be careful while buying colors as they should go both with your skin tone and weather.

5 Amazing looks with Metal Bracelets by EMMA WATSON – Style Check

Dressing for different events comes with its own set of challenges for any woman, from intern to CEOYes, we totally get you! Just because we walk shoulder to shoulder with our male colleagues doesn’t mean we need to dress like them. So, for us, the eternal question is: “How do I look like our favorite celebrity?”

It’s actually quite simple. That’s why we’ve trawled the depths of the Internet to find you looks of EMMA WATSON that are simply perfect. Whether it is a high-powered NIGHT OUT or a casual Friday, with this fab list, we’ve got you covered!


A Hint of Peekaboo

A Hint of Peekaboo-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

A great pick, this one! With the dark tank top, and a puffy bun, you’re sure to look slimmer and taller. And did you notice the low cut along with the gold metal bracelet? We love a bit of peek-a-boo. The casual look is perfect when you don’t need to go through any big event… Understated yet modern and edgy, we likey!


Gothic in White

 Gothic in White-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com (2)

Bang on for casual Fridays, this white T-Shirt and leather blue jacket is chic, comfy and elegant. Add some subtle colors with metal bracelets. We’re totally digging this gothic hairstyle, minty blue at the mo! Cool as a cucumber this summer, eh?


Do the Black

Do the Black-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

While this dress is particularly easy on the pocket, it’s so versatile and wearable that you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Wear it by itself, and add a belt, or a printed scarf, or a jacket, and you’ll have a whole new look each time. Plus don’t forget to put on that glamorous golden metal bracelet. For us, just that hue of black makes it worth the dough! We recommend pairing this stunner of a dress with black-and-white duo-tone heels and handbag – a slightly more fun take than plain black or safe-as-ever nude.


On DATE NIGHTS, We Wear Pink!

On DATE NIGHTS, We Wear Pink-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

As long as you’re in for frills and satin bows, pink is a great color for the date nights. Feminine and stylish, but not fussy and dramatic, this dress ticks all the boxes for a perfect date outfit. Team it with a golden metal bracelet online to set off the accent at the toned arms. Nude pumps and a textured leather sling bag complement the dress perfectly.


Wrap the BIG NIGHT

Wrap the BIG NIGHT-Emma-Watson-Fashyle Hack-Style Check-Metal Bracelets Online Shopping Store India BlingStation Com

Aah, well, what can we say about MEXI dresses? Incredibly flattering and supremely stylish, let’s just call this the Lady Di of dresses, shall we? This white beauty clings in the just right places and camouflages all the possible problem areas with ease. And you can take this dress from day to night in a jiffy with a quick change in accessories. Tan and black metal bracelets are just the thing to add some va-va-voom to the dress.

Bracelets Styles For WOMAN

Bracelets have been around for more than a decade, but they are more fun and versatile than ever right now.  Indian Bracelets are common.  You can find designer bracelets everywhere from the mall jewelry shops e-commerce websites like BLING STATION.  These pretty bracelets are great for little girls, but, hey, we’re women. We need something that distinguishes us in our day to day lives. Here are 5 designer bracelets that will whoop your dreams into reality.


Shine in Bollywood Light

None other than bold fashion icon shows us how to rule the evening gown with bracelets. It is simple gold metallic design that empowers your look without going over the board blingiee.

Shine in Bollywood Light Kriti-Sanon-Bollywood-Actress-beautiful-red-dress-hd-pics-Bracelets Online Store

Match it with colors

Put your favorite color in your daily bracelet binge. To add a spice to it you can get a matching ring. It is a super glamorous everyday office look. And when somebody asks you about your little fashion secret don’t forget to point them to us.


Jewels-Match it with colors-Bracelets online Store India


Large Coral Bracelets

If you are one of those who are always on the look for some statement jewelry then this is the next piece you will shop for. It is pretty and bold at the same time. It gives the feminist vibes by its coral design and the giant wrap on represents your “I OWN YOU” attitude.  To buy such bracelets online you can surf on BLING STATION.



Own Neon like a Boss

There is no need to nod sheepishly if you wanted to wear neon in your next office event. NYC Fashion Week and no other than Dakota Johnson showed us how to put that neon on its place without looking like a straight out of hipster gang. So, you are all free to raid your collection with little neon colored bracelets.

Paris Fashion Week


You can go all the way with this look and still won’t look like a cheeky college girl. The secret is to keep the same tone of color. Nothing should be too bright or heavy. So the next time you are wearing a tank top on the beach and you don’t want to flash that bare wrist you know what bracelets to pick and go.

Save yourself the havoc of bargaining and traffic and try online shopping. We suggest BLING STATION to be your bracelet online store as they are punctual with their delivery and are a quality product provider.

Style Guide For Different Types of Bracelets

Bracelets are accessories that bring the fun element to your outfit. They help you make a statement without putting in a lot of effort. There are different types of bracelets for every occasion. They vary dramatically in style and function.

Bangle Bracelets Online Store

Read on to know about the types of bracelets :

1.  Beaded Bracelets – Need to add a pop of color to your ordinary outfit? Then how about stacking some beaded bracelets? Mix different sized beaded bracelets. Combine bigger beaded bracelets with smaller ones. These bracelets are made using beads like seed beads, glass beads, acrylic and crystals woven together on stringy cords.

Colorful Beaded Bracelets Online Store in india


2.  Charm bracelets – Charm bracelets have been in fashion from a very long time. They were very popular when we were kids and are still popular. Nowadays women of every age are wearing charm bracelets. Either the charms are made with metal charms or with inexpensive metals. Silver playful charms on a silver chain looks perfect for a casual day out. They look appropriate at almost any occasion. Cutesy animal charms look good with casual outfits while dainty and feminine charms are great for dressy formal events. Charm bracelets are super casual accessories as they let the wearer to express their individuality freely.


Charm Bracelets Online Store in india


3.  Tennis Bracelets– Tennis bracelet is an easy way to look chic and sophisticated. But how did tennis bracelet get its name? During the U.S. championship, tennis player Chris Evert called a halt to an ongoing match when her bracelet fell off while playing a vigorous match. She asked for time to search for the missing bracelet on the court and resumed the game after finding it. Since then the term ‘tennis bracelet’ came into existence. They are usually made using diamonds or precious stones. Looks perfect on formal events. They are not very appropriate for busy moms with young children or housewives who are always on the run.

Tennis Bracelets Online Store in india


4.  Bangle Bracelets – These bracelets are a combination of different sized bangles stacked together. They do not come with a clasp and are worn by simply sliding one after another. Metallic ethnic bangles goes well with ethnic dresses while thread bangles or a combination of one thick and few thin bangles look modern and classic. You can find a wide variety of Bracelets Online at Shop for beaded bracelets, bangle bracelets and metal bracelets at great discounts from this Bracelets Online Store.

Reasons to wear Jewelry

Reasons to wear jewelry

Jewelry is no more an ignored fashion accessory. It is much more than that. Get how jewelry came into style and why you should wear it.

In earlier times, jewelry was worn mainly as a symbol of social status. Women wore jewelry to show their wealth and status in the society. Now jewelry is much more than just a symbol of social status. Even then and now, people passed on their jewelry to their daughters and granddaughters. These heirlooms hold sentiments, emotions and a lot of value. They are too precious and close to the heart. Here are a few other reasons why you should wear jewelry:

  • Self expression – Jewelry lets you express yourself. What you wear shows your personality and your taste. A bold statement necklace will show that you are not afraid of expressing yourself and are all about standing out in the crowd. You believe in wearing eccentric and offbeat designs. A sleek minimal piece of jewelry shows that you are a woman of understated style. You wear certain pieces so often, that it becomes your signature style.
  • Liven up an outfit – Jewelry can really brighten and liven up an outfit. It adds panache to any outfit.

A simple grey t-shirt outfit got all jazzed up by adding the bling necklace and the Shimmery Bracelet. Do you see how just by adding simple pieces of jewelry, the whole outfit went from a casual day outfit to a party outfit in an instant?

  • Exude style and confidence – Fashion is all about communicating without having to speak. Wearing jewelry shows that you are confident. You know what you are and know yourself as an individual. You are not only about following fashion trends but know what will suit you and your persona.
  • Expression of love – Jewelry is a perfect gift to give to someone. It is a symbol of love. Best friends wear matching bracelets or couples wear locket pendants with pictures of each other as an expression of love. Jewelry has the power to add a little something to your look. Jewelry is an all event appropriate gift too. There is a wide variety of jewelry available and one can choose according to their taste. Fine jewelry can be given when the occasion is formal or you are gifting someone special. Fashion Jewelry is perfect for college goers as they are all about following the current trend. Fashion jewelry costs less than fine jewelry as it is made using inexpensive gemstones, crystals and metals. Beaded jewelry is very popular among men too. Beaded bracelets and Bone Beaded Pendants are a preferred choice among men.

Jewelry – Handmade or Machine made?

Handmade jewelry has got its own charm and gleam.It shows concentration, time, skill, dedication and creativity. Handmade jewelry has that rawness about it. Machine made jewelry on the other hand looks uniform and identical because there is constant repetition of patterns and designs and every piece is too perfect. When machine made jewelry is manufactured, it is made with profit being the sole aim.

Handmade Necklace Jewellery online Store

When handmade jewelry is made, craftsmanship and details is its hallmark. Though Handmade Jewelry costs more than machine jewelry, be assured that it is value for money. Here is why- When you pay for jewelry made by hand, you only pay for the creativity and the craftsmanship. Whereas while buying machine made jewelry, you pay for a lot of other expenses as well. Those other expenses being the store’s rent, salary of the employees working there and of course the profit of the brand. So you decide, do you want to spend on these expenses or only for the artisan for his immense creativity?

More over, handmade jewelry makes you feel loved as the piece is wholly made for you. Machine made jewelry doesn’t have that exclusivity because it is produced in bulk and millions of people are wearing the same design. Whereas handmade jewelry is something that only you own. Even if there are ten Handmade Necklaces, every piece would have a touch of uniqueness.

When handmade jewelry is made the aim is not to produce certain quantities in a time frame and cost cutting but providing quality and only quality products. When an artisan makes a piece, he is not working for some brand or profit, rather he is working for his own name. So using inferior quality raw materials and cheap tools is out of question.

So next time when you are out shopping, decide for yourself whether you want to look exclusive or just like any other from the crowd?

Pastel Perfection

Pastels were and still are a big thing. While most of the people associate pastels with summers, they have transcended into becoming a popular choice for winters as well.
Pastel Perfection Color jewellery

Here’s how you can wear your pastels :

With Neutrals/ Other Pastels- Neutrals like black, grey and white are great if you are a novice at this. Once you become fairly acquainted to it, you can start pairing them with secondary neutral shades like pale pink, chalky blue. If you pay attention, you can notice that these secondary neutrals that I just listed are pastels too. Most of the pastels work as neutrals. Wearing pastel on pastel is another way to rock this trend. But wearing the wrong hues can turn out to look a bit too overwhelming. Not too sure about how to style pastel colored pants? Don’t sweat and just team it up with its darker shade. Example with rosy pink, you can wear bright fuchsia pumps. You can never go wrong with this.

Accessorize – When wearing pastel colored shoes, you can add a little texture and roughness by opting for suede leather. You can wear accessories like Bracelets and Necklaces that has a little hint of metal and other elements. Frosty lavender necklace with suede leather entwined along its chain… You get the gist, right?

Pastels fuse with light skin tones and make the dark skin tones shine. They are best worn during the day as they replicate the sunlight. But at times, pastels can make your skin look washed out if you don’t pay attention to your hair and make up and yes Accessories. Wear bold lips and voluminous curls to enhance your entire look.

Amid all the neon and jewel tones, pastels are good way to tone down once in a while.

5 Rules for Mixing Metals

Mixing metals in jewelry

Gold and silver- ‘Never the twain shall meet’ is something that is long gone and a lot has changed in fashion since then. Mixing metals in jewelry means mixing two or more distinct and contrasting metals together. Here are a few guidelines that will help you mix metals:

  • Silver-gold combined jewelry – This is an easy way to start wearing mixed metals. Find a combination piece that has both gold and silver like the necklace in the picture below. You can then work around by either wearing a gold bracelet and a silver handbag.

Fashion jewelry Silver-gold combined jewelry Designer necklace

  • Start with delicate rings and necklaces- You are a novice at mixing metals but you really want to try this out. Then all you need to do is start with delicate rings. Stack your Rings – midi rings, above the knuckle rings in various tones and sport an edgy look. Another way is to layer Necklaces. Dainty necklaces of different lengths and metals when worn together simply looks high fashion.

delicate rings stacking rings

  • Keep the ratio in mind – Wearing a silver Bracelet and adding multiple gold bracelets will be of no use as the mess of gold will hide that dainty little bracelet. The ratio is important while stacking.
  • Texture and tones – A perfectly hammered gold bracelet with two or three twisted silver bracelets looks ultimately chic. In the picture given below, you can see how the wearer has mixed gold, silver and rose gold together. Since she has worn three different metals together, she has worn all the bracelets in one texture.

silver and gold bangles Texture and tones metal bangles

  • Have a type – When you are mixing metals, remember to have a type. If you are planning to go boho, then wearing a timeless bracelet would look out of place. Or wearing a classy watch and adding multiple hammered bracelets would just break the look. Stick to a type and accordingly select the pieces you want to mix.

rings Have a type stacking jewelry trend

Black outfit is a good option because black matches with both gold and silver. When you are wearing a gold necklace, black dress or pants and silver bracelet, both gold and silver looks fabulous with black. Black and gold is a classy combination in itself and silver and black is another great combination. You just mixed both the metals by bringing in a third color. No one has ever gone wrong with this.