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Priyanka Chopra’s Fashion Accessory Hacks

Our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra is making it grand all over the world. Her recent win at People’s Choice Awards for her American Series “Quantico” added a jewel in her crown of achievements. Priyanka is also known for her distinct style quota. Some of her accessories hacks swooned Indian women by their feet. Nevertheless she also taught the jewelry lovers new ways to wear the classic stuff. Let’s have a look at her amazing accessory hacks which you all lovely ladies should try this year. read more

Jewelry – Handmade or Machine made?

Handmade jewelry has got its own charm and gleam.It shows concentration, time, skill, dedication and creativity. Handmade jewelry has that rawness about it. Machine made jewelry on the other hand looks uniform and identical because there is constant repetition of patterns and designs and every piece is too perfect. When machine made jewelry is manufactured, it is made with profit being the sole aim. read more

Jewelry to know about | Body Jewelry

If you love body jewelry, then you don’t follow the crowd, nor does your fashion.Conventional jewelry designs are not something that is meant for you as they won’t show off your great abs or draw attention to your stunning smile, this is something only trendy body jewelry can do. That’s the reason why every free spirit needs body jewelry for self expression and add a personal touch to the regular fashion jewelry. Body piercing allows you to be creative with your body in your very own way. A sparkling piece of jewelry on your unconventional body parts will completely take your look to the next level. Well, there must be your own favorite places to buy your body jewelry, but various fashion jewelry supplier stock body jewelry that is fashion-forward and trendy. This body jewelry buying guide is specially designed to help you make a better decision while buying body jewelry for your collection. read more

Why aren’t You wearing : Wrap Bracelets?

Wear it one at a time or wear a stack full of these bracelets! Both will look equally fascinating. The wrap bracelets are a great choice since they give the look of a bangle stack but are much more comfortable and versatile. Due to its length, you can wrap it around your neck as a necklace or wear it as anklets. From tough and sturdy to girly and glam, there’s a wrap bracelet for everyone. read more