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Priyanka Chopra’s Fashion Accessory Hacks

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Our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra is making it grand all over the world. Her recent win at People’s Choice Awards for her American Series “Quantico” added a jewel in her crown of achievements. Priyanka is also known for her distinct style quota. Some of her accessories hacks swooned Indian women by their feet. Nevertheless she also taught the jewelry lovers new ways to wear the classic stuff. Let’s have a look at her amazing accessory hacks which you all lovely ladies should try this year.


Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are pieces of jewelry that are designed to hug the upper portion of the ear. An individual wearing them does not need to have pierced ears so all the young girls who lust for earrings but fear the pain; well this is your shortcut to good looks.

Priyanka-Chopras-Ear-Cuffs Online Shopping Store India

Hair Bands

Remember those 90’s Disco era where people used to wear those cool shiny things on their forehead. Well 90’s or not Priyanka taught us that if you have the attitude to pull it off, you have the power to bring in lost trends. Cool part about this accessory is, it automatically gives volume to your hair and saves you from the hard work of styling it into braids or any complicated hairstyle.

priyanka-chopra-nose-job-Hair-Bands-Online Shopping Store India

Nose Rings

It’s time to burst your bubble regarding nose piercing. It is way cooler than you take it for and it is not useful just for “Indian Outfits”. If still you are doubtful to get it done, then there is no pain way out here too for you. You can use the spring holder nose rings till you get the hang of it.

Priyanka-Chopras-Nose-Rings-Online Shopping Store India


Belly Buttons

If belly buttons weren’t sexier enough before then Priyanka just set them on fire. They are the coolest, sexiest and literally all rounder accessory. If you are a Saree lover, then you ought to try this now. You can pair this belly button with other accessories too like matching bangles and rings. Search for latest fashion jewelry on BLING STATION, an online fashion jewelry hub.

Priyanka-Chopras-Belly Buttons-Online Shopping Store India.jpg


Jingle like Christmas wherever you step. But don’t let the shopping ruin your pedicure,  for latest anklets online shopping try BLING STATION. You are gonna need those soft and supple feet if you are gonna flaunt that sexy anklet. Priyanka sure did…

Priyanka-Chopras-Anklets-Toe-Online Shopping Store India.jpg

Jewelry – Handmade or Machine made?

Handmade jewelry has got its own charm and gleam.It shows concentration, time, skill, dedication and creativity. Handmade jewelry has that rawness about it. Machine made jewelry on the other hand looks uniform and identical because there is constant repetition of patterns and designs and every piece is too perfect. When machine made jewelry is manufactured, it is made with profit being the sole aim.

Handmade Necklace Jewellery online Store

When handmade jewelry is made, craftsmanship and details is its hallmark. Though Handmade Jewelry costs more than machine jewelry, be assured that it is value for money. Here is why- When you pay for jewelry made by hand, you only pay for the creativity and the craftsmanship. Whereas while buying machine made jewelry, you pay for a lot of other expenses as well. Those other expenses being the store’s rent, salary of the employees working there and of course the profit of the brand. So you decide, do you want to spend on these expenses or only for the artisan for his immense creativity?

More over, handmade jewelry makes you feel loved as the piece is wholly made for you. Machine made jewelry doesn’t have that exclusivity because it is produced in bulk and millions of people are wearing the same design. Whereas handmade jewelry is something that only you own. Even if there are ten Handmade Necklaces, every piece would have a touch of uniqueness.

When handmade jewelry is made the aim is not to produce certain quantities in a time frame and cost cutting but providing quality and only quality products. When an artisan makes a piece, he is not working for some brand or profit, rather he is working for his own name. So using inferior quality raw materials and cheap tools is out of question.

So next time when you are out shopping, decide for yourself whether you want to look exclusive or just like any other from the crowd?

Anklets : Treat for your feet

anklets Online Store india

In India, wearing anklets was an imperative tradition. Anklets were usually worn by married women to indicate their marital status or wealth. In Tamil literature, an entire chapter is dedicated to this particular piece of jewelry. It tells about the story of an unfaithful husband who loses all his wealth in the love of a courtesan. When he returns, his wife gives him, her most prized possessions that were an anklet made with precious gems and stones. But he was accused by the royal family for stealing the anklet and was executed. The wife then burnt the whole city of Madurai to prove her husband’s innocence and injustice done to him.

So this fanciful story tells us about the history that anklets hold. In India, anklets are an important element of classical dances. Many classical forms like Kathakali, Bharatnatyam is incomplete without anklets or as they’re popularly called ghungroo in India. They generate a rhythmic tone when dancers dance. They have been around for thousands of years now and have evolved as a mini trend. Now girls and unmarried women sport this trend effortlessly. A dainty anklet like a ‘barely there chain’ is good for everyday wear. It brings out the elegance and feminity. If you are planning to go full traditional with lehengas and sarees, a thick anklet in gold with some kundan work is perfect.

Anklets Online Store india

Anklets are of different types- beaded and metal. is the best jewelry website from where you can buy designer jewelry and fashion accessories. Beaded Anklets are an instant upgrade if you want a spatter of color. They come in so many sizes and shapes that one can match with their outfit every day. This trend is perfect for spring summer. Summers are a time when hemlines go up and it’s time to flaunt those pedal pushers, dresses and ankle length pants. Toe Anklets are beach accessories and are so in right now. They look super pretty on pedicured feet. So next time you hit the beach, make sure you get a pair of these toe anklets! Metal anklets look ultra cool with cuffed up jeans. They look contemporary when paired with western clothing. One can make it more boho by adding little charms to it. At BlingStation, we give you a wide variety of anklets, designer, metal and beaded.

7 ways to incorporate Fashion Jewelry into your Everyday Outfits

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is an easy way to stay updated with the latest trends without burning a hole in your pocket. As the trend changes, just buy a few statement pieces and you’ll be sorted. You don’t have to spend a bomb on building an all new wardrobe, every time. Jewelry has the power to lift up not only your outfit, but also your mood as nothing brings a smile to our face like a piece of beautiful jewelry does. Another major advantage of owning fashion jewelry is that you can wear a piece of jewelry in many different ways. For example, you can wear a necklace as a bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist or you can wear a brooch as pendant by pinning it to a chain.

Jewelry can be a fascinating addition to your everyday clothing, but as we know, following a habit, be it anything makes it boring. We will help you embrace your jewelry and wear it with your everyday outfits.

Following are some tips on how you can incorporate fashion jewelry into your daily outfit effortlessly:

  1. Do you wear the brooch occasionally on only your coats and jackets? You can wear them everyday by pinning them to your scarfs and hats. It lends a chic look to your ensemble yet keeping the whole look understated.
  2. Another creative way to wear the brooch is pin it to your plain and simple handbag for an instant uplift, it also adds a dash of sparkle and color to your old handbag.
  3. You can also wear the pins as necklaces by attaching them to chains or other simple necklaces. You can wear it long or short, depending upon the look you’re trying to create.
  4. Bored of wearing necklaces as just the necklace? Now, you can wear them as bracelets, wrap them twice or thrice around your wrist for a fascinating look. This trick will allow you to wear the necklace in more than one way.
  5. You can even wear the necklace as an anklets by wrapping the necklace around your ankle. If possible, opt for necklaces with charms as it will look more visually appealing.
  6. Do you have a fascinating collection of rings? Great! Wear your rings in a chain to form a unique and interesting necklace. Start by stringing your favorite rings to form an alluring and personalized necklace.
  7. Stacking your bracelets and bangles also provides a fun look for everyday wear. It’s a fun way to wear your bangles and bracelets in a new way every time. It gives you a great chance to achieve unique looks with the similar set of bangles and bracelets.

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Jewelry to know about | Body Jewelry

If you love body jewelry, then you don’t follow the crowd, nor does your fashion.Anklet Online Store IndiaConventional jewelry designs are not something that is meant for you as they won’t show off your great abs or draw attention to your stunning smile, this is something only trendy body jewelry can do. That’s the reason why every free spirit needs body jewelry for self expression and add a personal touch to the regular fashion jewelry. Body piercing allows you to be creative with your body in your very own way. A sparkling piece of jewelry on your unconventional body parts will completely take your look to the next level. Well, there must be your own favorite places to buy your body jewelry, but various fashion jewelry supplier stock body jewelry that is fashion-forward and trendy. This body jewelry buying guide is specially designed to help you make a better decision while buying body jewelry for your collection.

Following are some tips on buying body jewelry:
Got to flaunt those abs? Opt for belly button piercing because it is not only cute and flirty but also helps you flaunt those toned muscles. Navel piercing jewelry usually ranges from plain steel barbells to vibrant belly rings with dangling charms.

Nose piercing are not only trendy, but many cultures also have a tradition of nose piercing, usually the contemporary American culture fully embraced the practice. When you are shopping for nose rings, always keep in mind the comfort.

Nose studs and rings usually come in a lot of styles, including screws that twist into place, simple metal ring or even the diamante studded ones. Nose rings may clip or be secured with a small ball. Fashionable nose rings and studs are usually available in almost every color, shape and size; always choose a nose ring that you will be comfortable wearing.

Ears have been the most preferred part of the body for piercings. We all have our earlobes pierced, don’t we? But, if you haven’t had any more piercings than those earlobes, it’s time you pull your hair up and add some more.

Ankle Bracelets or anklets are just as pretty and varied as bracelets are for your wrists. They are usually sold in matching pairs. You can layer a couple of anklets on a single foot for a unique and visually appealing look.

Flaunt those perfect pedicures and beautiful summer sandals with some dainty toe rings. Toe rings are usually sold in matching pair, you can wear one each on both the feet or wear both of them on a single foot, it totally depends on your personal style. Toe rings are designed to adjust to clutch your toe for proper fit, therefore, one size fits all.

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Why aren’t You wearing : Wrap Bracelets?

Women's Fashion Anklet, Bracelet, Necklace, Bangles

Wear it one at a time or wear a stack full of these bracelets! Both will look equally fascinating. The wrap bracelets are a great choice since they give the look of a bangle stack but are much more comfortable and versatile. Due to its length, you can wrap it around your neck as a necklace or wear it as anklets. From tough and sturdy to girly and glam, there’s a wrap bracelet for everyone.

Mix and match wrap bracelets and your options are endless. You can wear these wraps as bracelets which is the classic way of wearing them. You can experiment and wear these as necklace, anklets and even belts, the options are endless.

The following is how you can wear these wraps in different ways:

Bracelet : A classic to wear wraps is to wear them as bracelets, they look as if you’re wearing a bangle stack but the wraps are much more comfortable sans the noise of the bangles.

Women's Fashion Anklets Bangels

Necklace : An interesting way to wear the wraps is to wear them as necklaces. Wrap them twice around your neck for a beautiful neck-piece of your wrap bracelet. You can even wear it unwrapped for a long necklace, as shown in the picture below:

Women's Fashion Necklaces

Anklet : If you thought wearing the wraps like a necklace was innovative then this takes the look to another level. Wear the wraps as anklet for a different look without buying a new piece. You can wear the same wrap as a bracelet, necklace or even an anklet, as shown in the picture below:

Women's Fashion Anklets