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Ravishing Bridal Kalire Designs that Every Bride can Flaunt on her Wedding Day!

Kalire hold a special place in every bride’s heart. These accessories have special significance in the attire of the bride. Traditionally it is supposed to be gifted to bride by her maternal relatives; the gorgeous long tassels that are attached to the bride’s bangles give her attire, a whole new dimension. It adds grace and glamour to her trousseau. The saying goes, that when the bride shakes her hands above her friends’ or unmarried relative women’s heads, whoever gets a bit of the kalire will get married next. The truth of that remains to be tested but it is a fun ritual for sure! When it comes to choosing kalire, though, the number of shapes, sizes and materials they are made up of can give one a headache! One tip to remember is that the kalire should enhance the lehanga or saree the bride is adorned in, so keep in mind the color scheme while going for kalire shopping. And if you are still confused about the design of the kalire, then look out for these beautiful options you might consider. Scroll it down for astounding designs!

•Chunky balls kalire, for the brides who want a little change to the basic ones, funky ball kalire can always help. They look stylish, contemporary and chic, and it does not matter what outfit you are wearing you can team it with all the designs or different color lehangas. Little balls dangling against your ensemble will create a magical look that will surely wow everyone. Also, its great way to add little quirkiness and theme into your look.

• Kalire with Kundan Embellishment, these will complement bridal outfits that are minimal, but can also go with the heavily-embroidered lehangas or saree. Kundan is a very versatile yet traditional kind of jewelry, and is the cherry to the cake when it comes to red or maroon bridal outfits. Check this one.

• Three layered Kalire, the brides who want something traditional and heavy for the styling, three-tier or layered kalire can be the ideal choice. Three-layered kalire completely transforms your look and make you go traditional with a twist. In short, this style is perfect for those who crave something with a little edge.

• Golden Kalire, These are the most traditionally elegant and eternal. You can just never go wrong with the pair of golden kalire. The glitzy golden kalire have a priceless charm that is difficult to ignore for any bride. You might have a plenty of options available with you in various designs, shapes and colors, but with a golden one, you can make the most subtle statement.

• Tassel Kalire, If highly embellished kalire are not your style, you can opt for rather cute looking tassel and ghungroo kalire. They are actually elegant and distinct kalire which can make your bridal attire look way more beautiful. The droopy tassels look flawless and go well with the whole attire of the bride. So, this one can be a good option too.

These are the few designs you might like and choose for your most supreme day, do not forget to look gorgeous like you always do and stay in stylish!

Facial Exercises to slim down your face!

All the chubby ones, including me are completely tired of seeing that extra fat on our faces. We never understand that what we need to do exactly in order to attain that perfect cheekbones. However, not all of us are blessed with naturally perfect cheekbones. And for many of us, even getting a plastic surgery done to artificially improve our features is also not an option. One of the simple options which you can opt for is Facial exercises. Here you can simply get a perfect cheekbone with these simple exercises with which you can not only enhance your face but also look stunning instantly.

So, get going with these exercises right away.

The Tongue Movement
This could be a good way of reducing fat from your face. This is quite simple just move your tongue because It involves sticking the tongue out and stretching it as if you were trying to touch the chin. Hold this pose for ten seconds, and feel the tension in your muscles. Repeat this ten times.

Lift up your cheek
Lift up your cheek seems no difficult task, simply lift up your cheek like you are laughing and tada! Your exercise is complete. Isn’t it simple? Well, it is quite simple.

Pouty Pout
To work on all the areas of the cheek simultaneously, making the fishy face is the best option for you. All you need to do is purse your lips while sucking in your cheeks to resemble the fish face. While in this position, try to push the outer corners of your lips up into a smile. Hold this position for ten seconds and relax for a while. This exercise will not only be beneficial for cheeks, but also for your jaw.

Let it go with a smile
Smile and everything seems amazing. Smiling can also prove to be an excellent exercise for your face. All you need to do is smile widely with your mouth closed. Remember, the lips should not be parted. After holding the smile for ten seconds, bring your face back to the relaxed position.

Get your facts right about Rose Gold Jewelry!

Rose gold is created when copper is alloyed with yellow gold. The yellow gold acquires a pinkish and warm color with the addition of copper. The rosy color is directly impacted by the addition of copper and more copper leads to a more intense and rosy color. Gold is a rather soft and delicate metal and must therefore be alloyed with some other metal to be fit to be used in making jewelry.

What is a karat?
A karat is the unit for the measurement of the purity of gold. If a piece of gold jewelry has 24K or 24 karats as its measure of purity, it is said that the jewelry is made of pure gold. One karat equals 4.16 percent gold. If a piece of jewelry contains 18k gold, it means it is made of 75 percent gold. The rest 25 percent is said to be made of some other metal or alloy. A piece of gold which has a gold content higher than 18k is considered to be too soft for making jewelry.

What makes rose gold rose?
The color of the Rose Gold Jewelry is directly dependent on the amount of copper used in making the gold jewelry. The most subtle rose color is found in pink gold. Pink gold gives off a radiance of gold more than pink. Rose gold is more intense in color than pink gold because of higher copper content in Red gold jewelry. The highest copper content happens to be in Red gold and it therefore has the deepest and the most intense color of all. However, it is not actually red. None of these above were actually red or pink in color.

There are a number of styles in jewelry that are perfect for using Rose gold. These are not restricted to merely women’s jewelry rather extent to men’s jewelry too. Its sophisticated and warm color makes it a perfect metal to be used in making watches. Other accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces etc are also widely made with the use of rose gold jewelry. Interlocking rings, Russian wedding rings, are popularly made with the use of white, yellow and rose gold. This gold is also widely used as an accent metal in many kinds of jewelry. It is a clear reflection of the ability of the metal to mix along well with other metals. As a setting for stones, rose gold works best with diamonds and earth tone-colored gemstones in shades of yellow, brown, orange, and red. The rich colors in Rose Gold complement Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Green Amethyst, Opal, Pearl, and Tanzanite especially well.


Make your Thighs looks slimmer instantaneously!

What if one day you wake up with a flat tummy and slimmer thighs? Like never before? Well, it will happen to you surely but before that what if we can style in and experiment some chic cloths on us and still look slim and sassy? Cryptic? Well, see here we have some amusing tricks for you to know and I am sure you will look beautiful and your thighs will look more sizzling with whilst looking slimmer. Specially people who are already blessed, unlike me! Will not have to worry but people like me and you can definitely jot down these tips and maybe this piece of information act as a boon to your closet problems. So get ready with a pen and paper and note down these points in order to get those things remembered and you might get the attention you always wanted:

Go for A-lines! Yes, A-lines skirts not only offer you a perky look but also make your thighs look much slimmer than it is. This can be your favorite outfit and you might look sizzling in these A-line skirts and will love it for sure!

Printed pant, well this is exactly what I was looking for. Isn’t it? Steer clear of big, bold patterns and go for small prints when it comes to pants. Wearing big prints will make your frame appear bulkier than it is. When opting for something printed, always choose smaller prints in dark colors – this styling tip will also make your legs look more toned!

Kurtas help give the perfect feminine vibe. Channel your inner desi diva and wear a pretty kurta with palazzo. It’ll accentuate your curves while hiding your problem areas like a pro!

Straight-fit and boot-cut jeans will always work in your favor. They’ll draw attention away from your thighs and make your body look balanced. With the 60s trends coming back, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with these styles. If you’d rather wear skinny jeans, pair them with asymmetrical tops!

Cloths Every Short Girl must own!

Girls having short height face a lot of difficulty in picking the right cloths for themselves. Well, this is a hard task though. Apparently NO! This ain’t a big task, we all have different shape and sizes and this is not something to be worried about or getting perplexed about the clothing. There are certain things which one can keep in mind but also beside that we love to keep up with all the latest trends. It’s time to start investing in some basics that you’ll wear over and will make getting dress a breeze. These wardrobe staples are the building blocks of every stylish girl’s wardrobe!

Check this video out for better understanding:

The beauty of wooden jewelry!

Jewelry is an important component of all our lives. It is something we all are fascinated towards and we require it on almost all occasions. With the evolution of the fashion scenario, Jewelry has become an obligation rather than an option. In our attempt to look fashion forward we have transcended all the preconceived limitations that surrounded the world of jewelry. Gone are the days when jewelry used to exist in the binaries of gold and silver. Today, there is a wide variety of jewelry that is available at our disposal which does not belong to the category of fine jewelry. Wooden jewelry is taking the world by a storm and is on par with the tribal jewelry trend.

History of wooden Jewelry
One such category of jewelry is wooden jewelry. Wood is one of the most basic substances available on Earth. It is both organic and environment friendly. As the name suggests, wooden jewelry is made of wood. This type of jewelry is beautiful, light and exquisite. Wooden Jewelry is not a part of fine jewelry and is not the kind of jewelry that can be considered a novelty. However, history has it that the concept of wooden jewelry is not a modern one rather it is an ancient concept. Wooden jewelry used to be made by ancient people with the use of bones, woods, shells, stones, etc. The trend of this has once again revived and is gaining prominence in the market.
There is a wide variety of jewelry that is manufactured with the use of wood. These include rings, pendants, necklaces, anklets, brooches, bracelets, hair accessories and more. Jewelry designing has played an important role in popularizing wooden jewelry. Wooden jewelry is available in a variety of designs and shapes. It is not only stylish and beautiful but also bio degradable. Using bio degradable object is the trend of this environmentally conscious age and jewelry seems to be catching on to this trend.

Styles and Designs
Wooden jewelry is available in multitudes of styles and designs that are inspired by both vintage and contemporary fashion trends. The trend of wearing wooden jewelry is more among youngsters who are more conscious of the rapidly changing and evolving fashion scenario. However, wearing vintage wooden jewelry is also a popular trend. In order to add some extra glamour and decoration to the jewelry, designers incorporate various pieces of metal, plastic beads and precious gemstones while jewelry designing.

Personalize it
For those looking to add some personal touch and a sense of individuality to the jewelry, wooden jewelry can also is customized. There are jewelers that help people achieving their desired jewelry goals by personalizing their jewelry according to their personal needs and preferences. The trend of designing your own wooden jewelry is also popular among youngsters. All you need is a certain creative streak and some basic know-how of jewelry making and jewelry designing.

Wearing wooden jewelry doesn’t only involve making a style statement but also focuses on reducing the carbon footprint in this environmentally conscious age. There are some people who wouldn’t like to wear plastic jewelry or expensive fine jewelry made of precious metals and stones, for such people this jewelry is the perfect alternative. It is both cost effective and environment friendly.

Always confused what to wear?

If you are always confused or not sure what to wear for the next board meeting or to the next party you plan on letting your hair down at? There’s always the fashionista to the rescue you immediately. This squad member is always up to date with the latest trends and she has the prettiest clothes. For her, faux leather is the perfect party number. Isn’t it? Check this out and you won’t be confused thereafter;

There’s always the Health Freak to Keep You in Check
Somehow your health freak bestie will always find you just when you’re about to bite into that juicy burger! Take note of what she says and follow her for your own good. With all the keeping away from junk food, who knows, you could end up pulling her looks off one day.

But The Squad’s Foodie Is Best to Cheat With
Every time the health freak in the group catches you dig into that burger, you can always depend on your foodie friend to come defend you from her wrath. She will have a number of valid excuses why cheese and chocolates are good for you. Also, if there’s a new restaurant in town, she is always game to try it out!

The Tomboy Protects You
She might have a tough exterior but if you dig a little deeper there’s a protective person in there who is full of emotions although she will deny this vehemently!. This girl is never going to let you get hurt because she always has a watchful eye over the squad. She needs something that provides ease of movement for her go-getter attitude.

The Lost One
She might be lost deep in thought most of the time, but the moment she gets back to reality; she’s got a brilliant idea. We all have one of those friends who have no idea what we’re saying, but then suddenly say something that is the EXACT solution you need! This girl is your philosopher and she needs an outfit that is as dreamy as her thoughts.

The Miss Know-It-All
This girl has the latest news in town and the lowdown on everyone’s life. She pays attention to the details and makes sure she does her research. She will claim her need to know everything is for pure knowledge purposes of course, nothing to do with how she can’t live without the gossip.

Types of Fabric Handbags

There is a huge variety of handbags available these days. The materials used, the styles, fashions, uses and needs are so varied so the numbers available are immense as well. From big to small to huge sizes, from shiny to matte finishes to embellishments it all there to choose from.
The variety starts from totes and over on to slings, satchels, clutches, wallets, beach bags and backpacks and what not
Fabric handbags are available in a wide variety of fabric and material. The difference of fabric leads to a difference of look, luster, feel and strength. The ability of a handbag to carry belongings gets hampered if the fabric being used is too delicate to support the contents of the handbags. Similarly if a rough and rugged fabric is used in the manufacturing of the handbag, the look of the handbag may get considerably hampered. There is a wide variety of fabrics that are used in the manufacturing of handbags. Some of the most commonly used fabrics are being discussed here in this article to aid the readers’ understanding of these handbags and to highlight the strengths, weaknesses and potentials of these handbags.
Depending upon the material used in manufacturing them, handbags can be divided into various categories.

  • Nylon Handbags
    A very durable material used in the manufacture of fabric handbags is Nylon. This is a man-made material and consists of synthetic polymers which tend to be both water-resistant and durable. Bags made with this fabric are available in a variety of colors and sizes and the price usually depends on the popularity of these bags. However, nylon is a good option for those who want to invest in a long lasting fabric bag.
  • Canvas Handbags
    High end designers such as Louis Vitton and Prada are famous for using canvas as a fabric in manufacturing their handbags. This fabric is usually made of strong and heavy duty thread and withstands continued daily use. This fabric tends to eventually get darker. Canvas handbags of lighter color may eventually darken with use. However, cleaning these fabric handbags is easy and it can be made to look new with a little effort.
  • Cotton Handbags
    Cotton is a cheap an easily available material used in the making of handbags. In order to create a unique bag design, cotton, unlike other fabrics, is widely printed with different patterns, colors and designs. A cheaper material used to make handbags is cotton. Unlike most other fabrics, cotton is often printed with many different colors and patterns for a bag with a unique design. Cotton handbags often feature stripes, floral patterns, or polka dots, and is found in a wide array of colors. Many cotton bags also feature embellishments, such as beads, studs, or rhinestones, which gives each bag a unique look.
  • Synthetic Handbags
    Apart from nylon, there is a wide array of synthetic bags such as polyester blends and polyester which are both affordable and easy to care for. Some of these synthetic bags are stain and water resistant. They can either be cleaned where they have been spotted or by throwing them in a washing machine. These are the most hard to maintain fabric handbags and live a smaller life than rest of them as they can easily get ruined.