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Versatile Color handbags that go well will everything you wear!

We keep thinking that a handbag which will match our outfit is “Black”; well I don’t think that anymore after going through these colors of bags. Trust me you can simply quite your practice of carrying a black bag everywhere! There are plenty of colors, you can play with. Black undoubtedly matches all our outfits but when we have so many different colors around us then why not make the best use of the colors and grab the handbags of different adorable colors! Not only this color but many other color handbags are quite versatile. We should be open for experimental things always. So, if you are the black lover then I am sure you need to go through the article and understand there are many other colors that are adaptable other than this! Always carrying a black outfit or handbag seems dull at times and creates monotonous. So, tie your hair and get going to buy some astounding colors mentioned below. I am sure you will definitely love the colors and I assure you this will be matching all your outfit, head out in style with fashionable color handbag! Check this out:

Tan Color

This Tan color is so versatile that it will look good on your outfit, no matter what and which color outfit you wear! This color is good to go for your day to day outfit. One can simply adorn this color handbag while carrying a chunky choker around her neck. This color basically falls in the category of dark colors; this will go best with your black or even white color outfits!

White Color

People might not consider white as any color, but let me tell you this color handbag matches all your outfit instantly because it has does not fall in the bright category of colors, this color is mostly known for its blending property. Even in clothing this color goes well with all other colors. So match this one with your any color outfit and look gorgeous in a jiffy!

Teal Color

This is a distinct color which looks good on every color clothes or every color skin tone, this color is attractive in itself. This looks so beautiful and charming instantly on anyone and everyone. This color basically belongs to green color family but this is slightly different as this is considered as universal flattering color, yes! Because of all skin tones also looks great with this color!

Metallic Color

Metallic color handbags also look very attractive and alluring. Not so bright yet elegant and classy. They can be in gold, silver or copper or any other metal. They will definitely match your outfit and make you look attractive instantly! You can dress up casually or even for your office outfit they are thumbs up, won’t look too gaudy adding they would give you a shiny scintillating effect instantly.

Wine Color

This is personally my favorite color too; looks good on every skin tone, will match all your outfits. What else done needs? This is definitely a thumb up when you are heading out for shopping. Pick one wine color handbag and it is good to go with all your outfits. This belongs to red color family and the color itself is so charming and attractive, so buy one of the same colors and wear with denim or formals looking classy!

Get ready for this summer’17 bag collection, Check out the latest ones here!

Every woman’s supreme accessory is a “bag”, this accessory should be the most stylish one also the one that is trending now a days! 2017 summer brings in some latest and new collection of design ranging in bags. A lot of designers showed their incredible variety, with a ton of different styles of bags that fit into a few different spring/ summer 2017 bag trends. There are tons of gorgeous print, innovative shapes, as well as some timeless classics and I have just gathered some of them for you here. I know we all want to grab a designer bag of our own, do not worry this summer you can own your designer and classy bag. No one can resist themselves from buying this amazing and shapely collection of bags. Pick the right one right now to flaunt this summer.

Teeny and tiny purses

These beautiful teeny tiny bags/purses for all the ladies who like it small! When you are going out on a beach or when you are just moving out in a party, you can surely carry this teeny bag with yourself and gets all the eyes rolling around you instantly. This new collection of summer’17 look fascinating and the most desirable. These new improved tiny bags are just on point for your hangouts!

Metallic and shiny bags

A metallic finish is a dangerous choice, because it is as iconic as 80s style. However, when blended with other fabrics and unique shapes it suddenly becomes modern and unique, so it is no surprise that we saw quite a few shiny bags as part of the spring 2017 bag trends. Grab this unique one and check out the difference in your personality with the overall look of the bag while matching with your outfit!

Floral print and embellished bags

A floral print done the wrong way can really age an outfit, but when it’s well planned with the outfit then the effect is perfectly fresh and springy. That is why floral prints made it to spring/ summer 2017 handbags list. These few floral prints are so classy that one carrying such bag would look effortlessly graceful instantly.

Animal print again

Animal prints are again back in trend and are going to be in trend for a while now it seems. Finally fur and animal print is back in trend again and many people love carrying such bag so they have finally made in to summer 2017.

Hippy Dippy Trippy Bag

A few designers this season wanted to create bags that would channel more than just the style of an older time, but would totally channel the experience. That is why we see a few bag designs that remind us of trippy night parties. These trippy bags are something best if carried out well with the outfit.

Tassel and Fringe bags
We saw many variations on tassels, when it comes to earrings, necklaces, bracelets or bangles. So now we see this variation in bags as well and no doubt this variation looks alluring and so desirable in the first look. It gives you an edgy look and makes you look classy and graceful.

These are just the few designs which we would be seeing in summer 2017. There are many more such design awaiting for us to have a look. Wait for summer/spring 2017 and check out the latest collection. I am sure you will end up buying one or maybe two of these collection.

Useful accessories for every Business woman!

blogA business woman also likes to dress up and look her best at any meeting or outing. There are different accessories woman carry with herself even if she is going for a meeting or going office like her daily routine, there are a lot of things she has to keep in mind because she cannot over do anything and at the same time look classy being simple. Here are some useful accessories every woman should carry to office or you can say can wear to office!
Scroll down to find out more;

WatchUseful accessories for every Business woman

Watch is the most important accessory for any woman and also it adds on a classy touch to your personality. This is a must for every woman!

Professional handbagUseful accessories for every Business woman

You cannot carry your party bag or fancy clutches to office, one has to be a professional and carry a nice and simple bag. That is not too fancy or bright!

Statement NecklaceUseful accessories for every Business woman

You do not have to dress up boring in the office, sometimes it is good to add some spunk to your attire but as I said earlier do not over do it.

Classic Stud EarringsUseful accessories for every Business woman

Pinch a touch of class to your look by wearing classy earring matching your outfit, or even if in a hurry you forget to match remember studs are something which look good with any dress you wear!

Smart FrameUseful accessories for every Business woman

Every business woman should have a smart frame; it gives her an elegant look and makes her look more professional and serious towards her work.

These are few accessories which are must for your office days and also ones which make you look more decent and elegant in the office I am sure it would be a good day at office if you look your best!

Basic Care For Leather Bags

Leather bags are a widely used fashion accessory. There is a wide variety of leather bags available in the market.
Leather handbag manufacturers and other handbag manufacturers use a variety of materials in making handbags. In order to ensure the leather bag lasts long, there are some factors that should be kept in mind. It is essential to understand the different types of leathers available in the market, their properties and the precautions that need to be taken to prevent the leather from deteriorating.

•The types of leather used in making bags are:

1.Cowhide leather

As the name suggest, cowhide leather originates from the skin of cows. This is considered to be the highest quality of leather available in the market. It is a favorite among many a handbag manufacturer and possesses a distinct luxurious appeal.

2. Faux Leather

This is not genuine leather but is often mistaken for it. Many leather bags that are considered to be manufactured with genuine leather are actually made of faux leather. It may seem just as high quality as cowhide leather. However, it is a very durable variety of leather. One way to identify faux leather is the absence of any deformities or creases.

Faux Leather bags

3. Lambskin Leather

As the name suggests, Lambskin leather is made of the skin of sheep. This leather is particularly liked for its soft texture. However, this type of leather may not be durable as it is likely to be deformed or torn easily. It is not a good choice for leather handbags manufacturers and handbag manufacturers and cowhide leather proves to be a much better alternative.

Lambskin leather bags

4. Patch Leather

This leather can be a mix of cowhide leather or lambskin leather. It is more economical than other types of leather available in the market. It can be as high quality as cowhide leather, however, leather hand bags manufacturers and other handbags manufacturer do not prefer this variety of leather.

leather patches

• Caring for Leather Handbags:

1.  It must be remembered that leather should never be place in direct sunlight. The effect of sunlight on leather can be adverse as it may lead to the drying up of the leather. It may also cause it to fade or crack.
2.  When cleaning the leather bag, avoid using colored or dyed sponges and go for a natural sponge as the dye or color may rub off the sponge.
3.  Exposing the leather bag to an atmosphere of excessive moisture may prove hazardous for the quality of the handbag as it may damage the skin of the handbag.
4.  Care must be observed to avoid the use of harsh or abrasive cleaners on the handbag as they may damage to the surface of the handbag.
5.   Avoid using any kind of oils on the surface of the leather bag. Oils or polishes like mink oil or other wax containing products may damage the leather or lend a sticky feel to it.
6.  It is not advisable to use alcohol, varnish, saddle soap or other ammonia based cleaners or bleach as they may be too harsh for the leather and may end up discoloring or damaging it.
7.  The use of baby wipes on the surface of the leather bag should be avoided at all costs as it may hamper the finish.
8.  Professional help should be sought in case of any ambiguity regarding the proper way and tools for cleaning the leather.

Style Check – Gingham

blingstation Style
– Retro and cute. I’d call it plaid’s country sister. When I was a novice to these horizontal and vertical lines, everything was check for me. Check is a collective name for plaid, hounds tooth and gingham.

Gingham is the most sorted print and is a combination of two colors, usually white and a bolder color. The thing I like about gingham is that it gives out a whole 50’s throwback feel.

Gingham, blue Fashion Accessories jewellery

Styling Gingham:

To avoid looking like you have wrapped yourself up in a picnic tablecloth, make sure you keep the moderation in mind.

Treat gingham like you would treat a plaid. Being a subtle print, it can be paired with some complementary print such as floral. Since one color is usually white, pairing it with white skinnies or a white top/tunic (if you are wearing gingham as bottoms) is a great and easy idea.

If you have decided to wear it head to toe, like a gingham jumpsuit, go for a well fitted piece. Another way to wear it is to wear a gingham midi skirt with a gingham blouse/shirt. Loosen up the buttons of your shirt and tie a knot. The midriff skin baring would bring an edgy twist to your look.

Here are some of the inspirations that I have clubbed together for you which will give you a clear idea of the outfits I was talking about.

Gingham blue Fashion Accessories jewellery

While styling a gingham can be a challenge to some, it is an easy trend to pull off for others. Gingham is everywhere- shorts, shirt dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, headbands, scarves, shoes, belts and even on accessories like phone cases and much more.

Talking about accessories, here you can find a wide variety of Fashion Jewelry and Fashion Accessories that you can incorporate in your style.

The Future Trend : Jute

It’s so good to see that more and more people are becoming aware of the damage that we have been causing to the environment and are now making a conscious effort to protect it. One such way is using the products that don’t harm the environment. Opting for jute products is a step towards progress.

Jute is a biodegradable and a renewable resource. Being eco-friendly and 100% compostable, it can be used as planter bags. It does not disturb the roots and help in quick growth as they compost in the soil. The remains of jute after it is cultivated mix with the soil and act as manure. This improves the fertility and texture of the soil. Jute does not emit any harmful gases when burnt and is therefore known as ‘earthy fiber’. It has high tensile strength and low extensibility. Having so many features, jute is used to make garments, Bags, footwear, coasters, rugs, lamp shades and stationery items like folders and organizers. There are endless ways of how jute is innovatively used!  They have an aesthetic appeal and give a whole earthy feel.

Jute Bags Online Shopping Store in India

Bags made from jute are a huge hit! Many people are now seen sporting these bags with elan. Jute Bags can be easily dyed and printed. It can be personalized with mirrors and fancy motifs. Talking of how jute bags are in trend, you can find a plethora of jute products on

Sneak peek of our collection:

Jute Clutch Online Shopping Store in India

Wash care instructions:

To remove dirt from jute, sponge it gently and blot out the stains. If it gives out foul odour then immerse it in cold water and mild detergent for approximately 3-4 minutes. Don’t keep it dipped in water for long as it will cause the fabric to unravel. Always allow it to dry naturally. Also, keep it away from direct flame as it is a combustible product.

Jute has numerous benefits and is now seen as the ‘future fiber’. What is your take on that?

Do you pledge to go jute?

Product of the Week | Handcrafted Kutch Bags

Product of the Week Handcrafted Kutch Bags

Gujarat is typically famous for garba, exquisite mirror work and decorated camels. Additionally, it is famous for it’s exotic embroidery and patchwork. There are various types of embroideries which are done in Gujarat, each type belongs to a different community.

The women of kutch stitch their own garments and decorate them with embroideries. They mastered the skills of color and compositions.

Traditionally, embroideries were largely meant for personal use and gifts.

Women's Fashion patchwork bags pieces of exquisite vintage fabric

In the patchwork bags (like the one shown above), pieces of exquisite vintage fabric are hand sown on to a cotton base with cowrie shell embellishments to form a piece of wearable art.

I am sure you love your Guccis and Pradas way too much to ditch them for these handcrafted beauties, but give these a try and you’ll not regret your decision. You can wear these bags with maxi dresses and skirts for a boho chic look.

Have a look at our range of Women’s Fashion Bags

Product of the Week features a type of product that is trending at Blingstation, every week!

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