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Clothing that makes you look more attractive!

We all want to look attractive. Especially woman, they always want to be in trend and want to look stunning always. Our outside appearance is essentially a reflection of our beautiful personality on the inside and while we don’t necessarily need clothing to look better, the right pieces can boost our confidence and make us feel more attractive. You can simple look amazing if you wear the right piece of cloth. And it is not necessary to always buy expensive cloths to look attractive. You can slip into that perfect-fitting suit for an important meeting or go for that favorite dress that instantly amps up your vibe for a first date and look far more attractive! Whether you are fat or thin, there is always some perfect clothing which will suit you no matter what! There are always good cloths for people of every shape and size and every color. And those perfect clothing makes them look on point and beautiful like they always wanted to look. You can scroll more to find out the perfect clothing which can suit you and make you a Diva which you really are. Do not forget to keep them in your bag or slip in these cloths when you move out next time.

Let us begin with everyone’s favorite little black dress. This is something which can always make you look more attractive and you can never go wrong with the color “black”, as we all know already. So always remember if you are unable to find something good? You can always look out for black dress and look stunning and more attractive instantly.

Bodycon Dresses, this is a piece of clothing you can never go wrong with! This makes you feel more confident about yourself and makes you look attractive instantly, highlighting those amazing curves on your body! If confused? Go for these kinds of dresses.

Belts, yes! Belts can make you look more attractive by making you look slim and sleek. These can completely change the look of the outfit as well. f you’re self-conscious about your weight, a thin belt will help you feel more confident.

Chokers or princess necklace this jewelry can make anyone look more attractive! If you do not trust me? Try it once with the dress or outfit you are wearing, just slip in a beautiful choker or necklace and this would instantly rise up your outfit and make you look classier.

Leggings or tights! You can never ever go wrong with them. Wear a long top or short, these leggings or tights will highlight your legs and make your legs look sexy which will instantly make a lot of people notice you and you will look more attractive!

Sunglasses, now these are something which should be handy this summer season. There are varieties of designs in sunglasses and it is quite confusing which design would suit your face. But let me tell you which ever design you pick, these sunglasses definitely make you look classy at the end of day. And many people are sure to notice you!

So, get ready to look more attractive and gorgeous with these simple tricks and tips. I am sure by the end of the article you must be clear about the dresses or things which would make you look beautiful!

Things every shopaholic is secretly guilty about!

Women are peculiar creature on earth, not in a negative way! But yes, in all the positive ways, we love shopping, talking especially gossiping, wearing makeup, etc; primarily we love getting dressed with all the branded cloths and jewelry. No one would ever realize how happy she is, once she buys here favorite branded cloths or accessories. The fastest way to reach a woman’s heart is to take her for shopping or gift her, her favorite cloths, bags, makeup, shoes, ballerinas, etc. The list goes on and on, this list is never ending. It is always with a woman that whatever she has is never enough for her! She always wants to buy more and more. Moreover if she comes across “sale season”, then no one can stop her from buying something which she already might have but still she would buy the same things again because of the sale, and it is not always with woman even men do the same thing, people!

It is not that shopaholics never feel guilty about what they buy everytime, they do! But the only thing is they won’t accept it. Well who accepts his/her mistake? The things which a shopaholic is secretly guilty about but won’t admit are listed below. Scroll to find which one make you feel secretly guilty.
They would never want to buy the same thing as someone else’s. They always look out for different things, which is completely distinguish and unique from rest of the people. Even if they find that piece amazing and also if it is giving them a perfect fit but just because someone already have that, a shopaholic won’t buy that. Yes, we feel guilty about this!

They keep scrolling shopping apps more than there social media timeline. They want to be in trend always and do not want to get missed with the latest jewelry, cloths or shoes/sandals. They have all the shopping apps in their latest gadgets where they keep want to scroll more and more. Also they are always updated about the sales! Well, a true shopaholic but yes, this is something they feel guilty about at times.

When you want to buy something on which someone already has an eye on. If you belong to the tribe of shopaholics, you will know that buying an item someone else has their eye on is a sin of the highest degree and goes against our moral code.

We are always concerned about the sales season more than we are concerned about our deadlines at offices or anything else. So they often feel guilty about these things as they are always waiting for the season for shopping. Only a shopaholic would understand these things and how much these deadlines matter.

One might take a day off just for his/her shopping because the sale might end the next day and they badly want to go and gift themselves amazing clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry etc.
These are the few things only a person who is a shopaholic would understand and relate to better. We do feel guilty secretly but, wow! We have awesome collection in front of us, and after seeing such collection the secret guilt vanishes altogether.

Get ready for this summer’17 bag collection, Check out the latest ones here!

Every woman’s supreme accessory is a “bag”, this accessory should be the most stylish one also the one that is trending now a days! 2017 summer brings in some latest and new collection of design ranging in bags. A lot of designers showed their incredible variety, with a ton of different styles of bags that fit into a few different spring/ summer 2017 bag trends. There are tons of gorgeous print, innovative shapes, as well as some timeless classics and I have just gathered some of them for you here. I know we all want to grab a designer bag of our own, do not worry this summer you can own your designer and classy bag. No one can resist themselves from buying this amazing and shapely collection of bags. Pick the right one right now to flaunt this summer.

Teeny and tiny purses

These beautiful teeny tiny bags/purses for all the ladies who like it small! When you are going out on a beach or when you are just moving out in a party, you can surely carry this teeny bag with yourself and gets all the eyes rolling around you instantly. This new collection of summer’17 look fascinating and the most desirable. These new improved tiny bags are just on point for your hangouts!

Metallic and shiny bags

A metallic finish is a dangerous choice, because it is as iconic as 80s style. However, when blended with other fabrics and unique shapes it suddenly becomes modern and unique, so it is no surprise that we saw quite a few shiny bags as part of the spring 2017 bag trends. Grab this unique one and check out the difference in your personality with the overall look of the bag while matching with your outfit!

Floral print and embellished bags

A floral print done the wrong way can really age an outfit, but when it’s well planned with the outfit then the effect is perfectly fresh and springy. That is why floral prints made it to spring/ summer 2017 handbags list. These few floral prints are so classy that one carrying such bag would look effortlessly graceful instantly.

Animal print again

Animal prints are again back in trend and are going to be in trend for a while now it seems. Finally fur and animal print is back in trend again and many people love carrying such bag so they have finally made in to summer 2017.

Hippy Dippy Trippy Bag

A few designers this season wanted to create bags that would channel more than just the style of an older time, but would totally channel the experience. That is why we see a few bag designs that remind us of trippy night parties. These trippy bags are something best if carried out well with the outfit.

Tassel and Fringe bags
We saw many variations on tassels, when it comes to earrings, necklaces, bracelets or bangles. So now we see this variation in bags as well and no doubt this variation looks alluring and so desirable in the first look. It gives you an edgy look and makes you look classy and graceful.

These are just the few designs which we would be seeing in summer 2017. There are many more such design awaiting for us to have a look. Wait for summer/spring 2017 and check out the latest collection. I am sure you will end up buying one or maybe two of these collection.

5 Sparkling Designs Kamarband Designs For any Occasion

kamarbandKamarband is tied around the waist with the ethnic wear and this is one of the stylish and exclusive accessories. Woman love to carry this alluring designs around there waist specially on their wedding day, tying a glamorous and  delicious Kamarband around the waists looks amazing and also gives a cheeky and charming look to your personality instantly. They are also known as saree belt or belly chains by different people. The best part is this can be matched with your ethnic attire and make it look different instantly.

Let us explore those different types of Kamarband which may help you to look flawless on your next function:

Pearl Kamarbandimage001


Pearl Kamarband looks elegant and classy at the same time, wearing one can make you look effortlessly beautiful!

Key Chain Designimage003


These alluring key chain designs can make you stand out in the crowd and pairing it with saree can make you look stunning!

Dangling Chain image005


These dangled chains on the side of your waist would highlight your figure and give you a slimmer.

Single Chain image007


Single chains designed Kamarband also looks alluring at times and gives you a classy look instantly.

Gold Kamarbandimage009


Gold Kamarband designs have always been a big factor for woman in flaunting there prides and royalty.

These few designs are good to go with you ethnic wear and you can pick the right one and match with your attire and look gorgeous at the same time because just like earrings, necklace or any other jewelry is important for a function. This is also one of the important accessories! So, don’t miss it.

Outfits for Short Girls to look tall with Right Accessories!

crop-topsMost of us are embarrassed of our body shape and size. Yes! We are but very few of us agree on that. We keep looking for tips on how we can look taller or slimmer; we ask people if we look fat or short in a particular outfit. Most of us, “Indian woman” fall under the petite group that is woman having height shorter than 5’4’’. The average height of a woman is 5’6” but most of us are fall under the same group and does not have that perfect height! But, I don’t think this is something we should be sad about.

There are some surprising fashion tips which will create an illusion of you being taller and you won’t be embarrassed anymore of your size. Also would look fashionable at the same time!

Scroll down to check these tips:
High Waist Flared Jeanimage002

Yes, these high waist bottoms looks stunning on woman and gives the viewer an illusion of long legs. If you are someone who goes for tights or jeggings, I would suggest you can pick one of these and notice the difference.

Turtle Neck Dressesimage004

These turtle neck dresses would instantly give you a longer frame , these type of turtle neck gives your overall silhouette look taller. Team up with a charming handmade fashion jewelry and you would be good to go for you day!

Small Sized Bagsimage006

Don’t go the huge size of the bag because they just hide your height from the onlookers. Small-sized cross-body bags and medium size bags can work well with your look.

Tight it upimage008

Wear tight cloths if you are losing up so that it gives an illusion of longer body frame. But remember do not over do it by wearing a really tight dress or top which does not look pleasing.

Light accessoriesimage009

Do not go for heavy jewelry, pick up a light weighted and always be careful about the design which you are choosing. A light weighted pendant or choker would be best for you ladies!

These are few tips on how you can create an illusion to people about your personality without wearing heals.

Useful accessories for every Business woman!

blogA business woman also likes to dress up and look her best at any meeting or outing. There are different accessories woman carry with herself even if she is going for a meeting or going office like her daily routine, there are a lot of things she has to keep in mind because she cannot over do anything and at the same time look classy being simple. Here are some useful accessories every woman should carry to office or you can say can wear to office!
Scroll down to find out more;

WatchUseful accessories for every Business woman

Watch is the most important accessory for any woman and also it adds on a classy touch to your personality. This is a must for every woman!

Professional handbagUseful accessories for every Business woman

You cannot carry your party bag or fancy clutches to office, one has to be a professional and carry a nice and simple bag. That is not too fancy or bright!

Statement NecklaceUseful accessories for every Business woman

You do not have to dress up boring in the office, sometimes it is good to add some spunk to your attire but as I said earlier do not over do it.

Classic Stud EarringsUseful accessories for every Business woman

Pinch a touch of class to your look by wearing classy earring matching your outfit, or even if in a hurry you forget to match remember studs are something which look good with any dress you wear!

Smart FrameUseful accessories for every Business woman

Every business woman should have a smart frame; it gives her an elegant look and makes her look more professional and serious towards her work.

These are few accessories which are must for your office days and also ones which make you look more decent and elegant in the office I am sure it would be a good day at office if you look your best!

Reasons to wear Jewelry

Reasons to wear jewelry

Jewelry is no more an ignored fashion accessory. It is much more than that. Get how jewelry came into style and why you should wear it.

In earlier times, jewelry was worn mainly as a symbol of social status. Women wore jewelry to show their wealth and status in the society. Now jewelry is much more than just a symbol of social status. Even then and now, people passed on their jewelry to their daughters and granddaughters. These heirlooms hold sentiments, emotions and a lot of value. They are too precious and close to the heart. Here are a few other reasons why you should wear jewelry:

  • Self expression – Jewelry lets you express yourself. What you wear shows your personality and your taste. A bold statement necklace will show that you are not afraid of expressing yourself and are all about standing out in the crowd. You believe in wearing eccentric and offbeat designs. A sleek minimal piece of jewelry shows that you are a woman of understated style. You wear certain pieces so often, that it becomes your signature style.
  • Liven up an outfit – Jewelry can really brighten and liven up an outfit. It adds panache to any outfit.

A simple grey t-shirt outfit got all jazzed up by adding the bling necklace and the Shimmery Bracelet. Do you see how just by adding simple pieces of jewelry, the whole outfit went from a casual day outfit to a party outfit in an instant?

  • Exude style and confidence – Fashion is all about communicating without having to speak. Wearing jewelry shows that you are confident. You know what you are and know yourself as an individual. You are not only about following fashion trends but know what will suit you and your persona.
  • Expression of love – Jewelry is a perfect gift to give to someone. It is a symbol of love. Best friends wear matching bracelets or couples wear locket pendants with pictures of each other as an expression of love. Jewelry has the power to add a little something to your look. Jewelry is an all event appropriate gift too. There is a wide variety of jewelry available and one can choose according to their taste. Fine jewelry can be given when the occasion is formal or you are gifting someone special. Fashion Jewelry is perfect for college goers as they are all about following the current trend. Fashion jewelry costs less than fine jewelry as it is made using inexpensive gemstones, crystals and metals. Beaded jewelry is very popular among men too. Beaded bracelets and Bone Beaded Pendants are a preferred choice among men.

Style Check – Gingham

blingstation Style
– Retro and cute. I’d call it plaid’s country sister. When I was a novice to these horizontal and vertical lines, everything was check for me. Check is a collective name for plaid, hounds tooth and gingham.

Gingham is the most sorted print and is a combination of two colors, usually white and a bolder color. The thing I like about gingham is that it gives out a whole 50’s throwback feel.

Gingham, blue Fashion Accessories jewellery

Styling Gingham:

To avoid looking like you have wrapped yourself up in a picnic tablecloth, make sure you keep the moderation in mind.

Treat gingham like you would treat a plaid. Being a subtle print, it can be paired with some complementary print such as floral. Since one color is usually white, pairing it with white skinnies or a white top/tunic (if you are wearing gingham as bottoms) is a great and easy idea.

If you have decided to wear it head to toe, like a gingham jumpsuit, go for a well fitted piece. Another way to wear it is to wear a gingham midi skirt with a gingham blouse/shirt. Loosen up the buttons of your shirt and tie a knot. The midriff skin baring would bring an edgy twist to your look.

Here are some of the inspirations that I have clubbed together for you which will give you a clear idea of the outfits I was talking about.

Gingham blue Fashion Accessories jewellery

While styling a gingham can be a challenge to some, it is an easy trend to pull off for others. Gingham is everywhere- shorts, shirt dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, headbands, scarves, shoes, belts and even on accessories like phone cases and much more.

Talking about accessories, here you can find a wide variety of Fashion Jewelry and Fashion Accessories that you can incorporate in your style.