How to buy a Tibetan Cocktail Ring?

Gone are the days of modest, bare fingers. Large cocktail rings have become of-the-moment accessory. Flaunt your groomed fingers with a statement making cocktail ring. What is a better option than a handcrafted Tibetan ring, when it comes to cocktail rings.

Tibetan rings are handcrafted by native artisans of Nepal, which gives the them a raw and rustic appeal. They are crafted using Tibetan Silver, which is a white metal alloy, and precious stones, like turquoise and coral.


Following are some tips that will help you buy a better ring:

Shape of the Ring: The shape of the ring is an important aspect to keep in mind while shopping for rings. Tibetan rings usually come in rectangle, square, round and long (knuckle ring). You can select the shape of the ring depending upon the shape that looks best on your fingers.


Stones Used: Tibetan rings are typically made using turquoise and coral, but sometimes they also feature stones like amber, agate and lapis lazuli. You can select the stone depending upon the color you like or you can even consider the color that looks good against your skin tone.


How big is the Ring? : The size of the ring also matters. For example, people with long fingers can beautifully embrace round and wide rings while people with short fingers should stay away from such rings, as they will make the fingers look even shorter.


You can buy a cocktail ring from your favorite jewelry store or you can Buy Cocktail Rings For Girls Online.

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