Bracelets Styles For WOMAN

Bracelets have been around for more than a decade, but they are more fun and versatile than ever right now.  Indian Bracelets are common.  You can find designer bracelets everywhere from the mall jewelry shops e-commerce websites like BLING STATION.  These pretty bracelets are great for little girls, but, hey, we’re women. We need something that distinguishes us in our day to day lives. Here are 5 designer bracelets that will whoop your dreams into reality.


Shine in Bollywood Light

None other than bold fashion icon shows us how to rule the evening gown with bracelets. It is simple gold metallic design that empowers your look without going over the board blingiee.

Shine in Bollywood Light Kriti-Sanon-Bollywood-Actress-beautiful-red-dress-hd-pics-Bracelets Online Store

Match it with colors

Put your favorite color in your daily bracelet binge. To add a spice to it you can get a matching ring. It is a super glamorous everyday office look. And when somebody asks you about your little fashion secret don’t forget to point them to us.


Jewels-Match it with colors-Bracelets online Store India


Large Coral Bracelets

If you are one of those who are always on the look for some statement jewelry then this is the next piece you will shop for. It is pretty and bold at the same time. It gives the feminist vibes by its coral design and the giant wrap on represents your “I OWN YOU” attitude.  To buy such bracelets online you can surf on BLING STATION.



Own Neon like a Boss

There is no need to nod sheepishly if you wanted to wear neon in your next office event. NYC Fashion Week and no other than Dakota Johnson showed us how to put that neon on its place without looking like a straight out of hipster gang. So, you are all free to raid your collection with little neon colored bracelets.

Paris Fashion Week


You can go all the way with this look and still won’t look like a cheeky college girl. The secret is to keep the same tone of color. Nothing should be too bright or heavy. So the next time you are wearing a tank top on the beach and you don’t want to flash that bare wrist you know what bracelets to pick and go.

Save yourself the havoc of bargaining and traffic and try online shopping. We suggest BLING STATION to be your bracelet online store as they are punctual with their delivery and are a quality product provider.

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