Beauty products you need to keep handy, even if you hate makeup!

Not every girl loves putting on different layers of makeup all the time, it is a myth that every girl loves makeup and like crafting on her face! Well, no there are plenty of woman which says makeup does not intrigue them. But even if you hate make up I am sure you like being hygienic? Who doesn’t? We all like being hygienic and we all are hygienic. But makeup is also a boon but also a bane for some of us. Some of us just completely love putting on those layers of makeup on our face and get dressed up like a little doll. Also, some of us are completely opposite and do not even want to put any kind of cream also onto our faces. But still somewhere down there are some products which are very major for every girl to keep handy in her bag.  I am sure even you will agree to me once I tell you about these products and I am also quite sure that some of us already keep these products handy with us. So, scroll down and check for these products and how many of you have these or will start keeping these products.

Lip Balm
Now this is something which you need to keep handy because whether you’re the kind of girl who rocks a bold lip or you prefer a nude look or no makeup look, lip balm is essential for keeping your pout moisturized because nobody likes dry lips. A lip balm with a slight SPF is perfect for the dry summer weather. And, you can even go in for a tinted lip balm, which will not only protect your lips, but also add colour to them.

This is also something that is for your own hygiene and obviously you want to maintain that hygiene and look stunning as well as smell sensual always. So, body odor is a strict no when it is sweating and hot outside. Apart from being a huge turnoff, it can also cause infections and make you fall sick. Therefore, to avoid this, always keep a bottle of perfume handy in your bag. Therefore, whenever you feel that you smell foul, just put some on and feel fresh again.

Wet Wipes
Instead of wiping your face with tissue paper that makes your face rough and dry, and also clogs the pores, use some light-scented and gentle wet wipes. They will never do any harm to your skin and gently wipe off all the sweat from your face, leaving behind a fragrant aroma.

Hair Pins
Those tiny and short little hair fringes that keep coming on your forehead and get stuck there because of all the sweat, are the most irritating thing during a workout. They make it difficult to concentrate on the workout. Keep these fringes of hair pinned up with hairpins save you a lot of hassle.

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