Beauty Hacks for applying mascara!

Every woman loves long eye lashes, and also loves putting makeup on their face to look beautiful and attractive. But most importantly every woman loves to wear mascara on her lashes to make them look heavier. There are a lot of different things which you can experiment from these beauty products and apply it on your eyes which makes your eyes look more prominent. People often avoid using mascara’s at times but whether you feel the same love for mascara or not, you’ll want to check out these tricks for getting the most out of this beauty product. There’s more to applying and using mascara than just swiping it on your eyelashes.
Simple techniques which you can follow while using your mascaras are below to make your eyes look fuller and amazing! So, take your lash game to the next level with the eye opening mascara’s hack that I doubt you knew about.

•    Whenever you open your mascara tube remember to bend the mascara wand perpendicular to the stick and then start applying the mascara on the lashes to give it a fuller effect and make them look bigger instantly. Also a bent wand will allow you to have a greater control.

•    A simple swipe is not enough when you are applying mascara. Many women only coat the tips of their lashes which are not right this will make the tips of the lashes stick together. To avoid this, wiggle the brush at the base before extending to the ends, put layers one by one from the tip to the end of the mascara to get a heavier lash and big eyes    !

•    Who says that we have to just comb our hair! Wrong we need to comb our eye lashes as well, if you want fuller look of your eye then one should comb there lashes ones you put on your mascara and repeat the step twice or thrice.

•    If you want think eye leashes, then it is a must for you if you go for baby powder. Just before putting the mascara on your lashes take some amount of baby powder in your hand and dip the tip of mascara on it and then dab it on your eyelashes.

•    Also once you are done with applying you mascara, you can simply brush the lashes with a new brush. Always remember this will get rid of clumps. Do not forget to use a fresh and new brush to avoid any infection of eye disease. This will help your lashes look more natural!

•    Start curling up as you apply the mascara, take a curler and curl your lashes and instantly apply the mascara. Repeat the step twice or thrice and your lashes will be on point! Also this will ensure that the lashes are at optimal length and it would give a natural effect to your lashes.

•    When it comes to eye lashes curler, then I would suggest you to kindly heat your eyelash curler before using and heating means use a blow-dryer! So, before using your eyelash curler, heat it with the blow-dryer. Getting it hot will make sure your curl lasts longer when you use your eyelash curler. It’s like using a heat styling tool on your lashes just like you use pressing machine for your hair!

These are few hacks which you can follow to get a fuller and wider eye. Just by taking few right steps you can achieve lashes which you always wanted like a natural long eye lashes. So, this time put on the mascara like a pro!

By Blingstation Fashion Blog

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